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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TOUCHES

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Bethlehem, 83:at the first initiation. This truth Dr. Inge touches upon in these words: "Macarius, followingBethlehem, 157:to which the intellect can carry him, sees and touches reality. It is love and intellect combined,Discipleship1, 440:and works your soul; the lower point or apex touches the top of your head. Then see, pouring down,Discipleship2, 525:all relations to glamor. You may declare that it touches you not, which assertion itself wouldDiscipleship2, 714:and back again, and over-organizes everything it touches. Secondly, the physical body under thisExternalisation, 512:religious means and ritual, as in the Church. It touches the masses and those in whom theExternalisation, 557:calls for sacrifice until it hurts, and where it touches you the most; it calls for a joyous senseFire, 22:held by a Lord of Flame. Three are the lesser touches; four [23] the divine assistance. At theFire, 48:of friction, under the law of Economy. H.P.B. touches on this in the Secret Doctrine. 14 The secondFire, 160:center to the periphery. At the point where it touches the periphery it contacts the influence ofFire, 198:heterogeneity. Under the Law of Attraction, man touches and makes contact with that which isFire, 201:of Creator, Preserver and Destroyer. [201] He touches or feels the vibration of the form orFire, 210:and holds it forth to the Lord of the World, Who touches it [211] with His own mighty Rod, causingFire, 236:shines forth cosmically; His magnetic radius touches the periphery of His cosmic opposite, and theFire, 254:This viewed from the limited human standpoint touches on realms unattainable by man's intellect asFire, 351:this evolutionary development the ONE Who hears, touches, and sees, persists and interpretsFire, 851:are the "custodians of the inner circle." This touches upon a mystery and deals with the coming-inGlamour, 63:his contact with his fellow disciples, he touches some idea of importance, perhaps, to the world.Healing, 329:concerns and deals only with effects and never touches causes. The disease can therefore be abated,Initiation, 113:aware of sound and turns his head; he feels and touches; finally, he consciously sees, and in theseInitiation, 114:right up to the door of initiation. The man touches at intervals that which is higher than himself;Initiation, 129:it forth to the Lord of the [129] World, who touches it with his own mighty Rod, causing a freshIntellect, 5:these hitherto discordant elements together, touches on this in the following extract from hisIntellect, 156:his flash of insight; he sees the Beloved; he touches heights of awareness, but his approach, inMagic, 157:thoughts - come into being. This fifth rule touches upon three factors which engage the attentionMagic, 349:expect to see your life spent for no reward that touches the personality. It is only as theMagic, 362:and recognizing any karma that still may cling, touches the center or centers which are in line forMeditation, 11:swinging and adjustment, is not the physical, touches not the emotional, contacts not the mentalMeditation, 79:and when kundalini in its sevenfold capacity touches each center, then even the causal body provesMeditation, 117:and casual friends, and the people he touches for a brief period and then sees no more. His workMeditation, 140:teacher gives an indication, drops a hint, and touches some high light. The pupil follows the pointMeditation, 150:realizations of the indwelling Fire till he touches the fire of the universe. The only form thatMeditation, 313:himself to expand his consciousness till it touches the periphery of the system macrocosmic, andPatanjali, 96:he penetrates still further inwards till he touches the cause, idea or divine thought (emanatingPatanjali, 107:becomes known to him and he hears, sees, touches, tastes and smells the things of the physicalPatanjali, 162:divine mind. Later, at a very advanced stage he touches the one Life which synthesizes the manyPatanjali, 316:of day. Ganganatha Jha in his brief commentary touches on all these three. He says: [317]Patanjali, 358:which is for Him possible, but the fourth book touches on the preparatory stages and hints atPsychology1, 63:Fierce are its rays. It burns all forms, yet touches not the life of God incarnate. From the OnePsychology1, 64:The Crystallizer of the Form The Power that touches and withdraws The Lord of the Burning GroundPsychology2, 103:like a quivering band of light, and momentarily touches the light that is the Self. Hence ecstasyPsychology2, 274:three great Approaches of the soul or the three Touches which are transforming or initiatingPsychology2, 274:union with the soul by three similar or related touches. It might be of interest if we were toPsychology2, 274:- after much struggle and effort - suddenly "touches", for one brief moment, the level of the soul,Psychology2, 278:a tiny scale) of the cosmic approaches, or the touches of divinity, dramatically engineered by thePsychology2, 372:not inclusive; forgetting that the vision touches but the outer fringe of mystery, and veils andPsychology2, 538:instincts in his consciousness. Else, as he touches the heights of spiritual contact and brings inRays, 637:of warring energies; the Principle of Conflict touches every life, is potent in the consciousnessRays, 673:words: "When the Rod of Initiation descends and touches the lower part of the spine, there is a
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