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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TRACED

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Astrology, 245:the golden thread of evolutionary progress be traced throughout the zodiacal path from sign toAstrology, 245:some later date, the same golden thread can be traced in connection with the other kingdoms inAstrology, 282:to which all disciples are subjected can be traced to the fact that the form life of the discipleAstrology, 400:of the form, ruled by the Moon, can be traced throughout the entire zodiac and provides in itselfAstrology, 486:been felt since 1835; the potency of Leo can be traced since then in the vast number of people whoAstrology, 665:the forces of light and of darkness...can be traced back to the moon." (C.F. 985, Note) [666] Atom, 24:Where man is concerned these stages can be traced in the human unit or in the race, and as theAtom, 41:select, and showed that natural selection can be traced in all forms of life, from the thenAtom, 46:idea which I have sought to emphasize can be traced all the way up, through the atom of the chemistAtom, 79:We pictured the human being as an atom, and traced the resemblance of man to an atom; we found thatAtom, 81:upon the different kingdoms of nature, and traced the development of the soul, or the psyche in allAtom, 156:you will find it suggested that it may be traced back to the star Electra, one of the sevenAutobiography, 29:that any achievement which I may have had can be traced back to her deeply spiritual influence.Autobiography, 208:correct clothes can bring could every year be traced to this friend and not to me. I find itBethlehem, 49:of the Plan and of the racial response can be traced quite clearly in the development of the GodBethlehem, 50:son of man. Again, the same unfoldment can be traced racially in the transition we have madeBethlehem, 181:pagan faiths. If the symbolism of the cross is traced far back, it will be found that it antedatesDiscipleship1, XIII:of the Creation. The same teaching can also be traced in the Holy Bible. Upon one or other of theseDiscipleship1, 109:consciousness which you feel can be definitely traced to these exercises. These effects should beExternalisation, 6:workers. [6] The difficulty can, in the main, be traced back to the over-stimulation and the undueExternalisation, 109:as far as present humanity is concerned - can be traced back to an ancient conflict upon oldExternalisation, 137:of the predisposing factors can be clearly traced in the exoteric records of all nations as well asExternalisation, 394:reasons for a measure of failure in 1936 can be traced to two sources. The work was relatively soExternalisation, 406:collective soul. These Great Approaches can be traced down the centuries, and each time one tookExternalisation, 408:and the thread of Their influence can be traced throughout history in great declarations andExternalisation, 504:work on the astral plane. To this fact can be traced the interest people are now showing inExternalisation, 543:ignored; the failure of Christianity can be traced to its Jewish background (emphasized by St.Externalisation, 561:At the same time, all that is happening can be traced to Shamballa, is inherent in divine purposeExternalisation, 672:in the past history of the race and can there be traced; a Plan which necessitated because of humanFire, 87:from the angle of correspondences, and have traced analogies in the system, the planet, and man. WeFire, 166:the will to incarnate; from thence they can be traced to the astral level, and eventually to theFire, 236:the three are blended into the one. This can be traced along the line of analogy as we consider theFire, 259:the conscious units in His body. Here we have traced very briefly some of the analogies between theFire, 379:to the difference between the two groups may be traced much of the world unrest. This differenceFire, 394:he works through seven centers. Thus we have traced the origin of manas as far as it is possible toFire, 406:to note that some correspondences can be traced as we study this fifth principle during the presentFire, 417:days, and during the present root race, can be traced back to the moon chain. We have here all thatFire, 483:three distinct steps, which can be seen and traced by means of the higher clairvoyance, and fromFire, 496:or certain basic forms and designs which can be traced in all countries where the race locates.Fire, 555:expansions of consciousness which can be traced through all kingdoms and all manifestations. InFire, 582:correspondence, and this disintegration, can be traced on each plane, till finally on the atmicFire, 583:In the third subrace a correspondence can be traced, though it is not yet apparent to theFire, 586:82 Note the correspondence that can be traced here. On the second plane we have the Law of CohesionFire, 673:only hinted at in the Secret Doctrine) 18 can be traced back to the condition of the deva substanceFire, 749:the same processes, and faint analogies can be traced among the reincarnating jivas. When a man hasFire, 798:average man in any way to comprehend, for, if traced back along its central root and its manyFire, 812:and illness, debility and disease, will be traced to their just cause, and will be treated throughFire, 835:moon will not be known nor the effects of this traced. Eventually our solar system will pass into aFire, 884:and secondary ray. A close connection can be traced here between the petals and the centers on theFire, 940:of a planet, or of a solar system. This can be traced all the way from the nebulous and chaoticFire, 947:distressing nature in the world can be directly traced to the wrong manipulation of mental matterFire, 1024:undergone by would-be workers in magic is to be traced to the fact that they themselves are notFire, 1033:(as far as our solar system is concerned) can be traced to the sun Sirius. These impulses findFire, 1037:scientific discoveries which can be traced down the centuries, such as the formulation of the LawFire, 1038:the Manu, or those of the first Ray, are easily traced when the races are considered, and this hasFire, 1057:for varying and diverse influences which may be traced over vast periods by those with the "seeingFire, 1135:with the three Triangles made with the lines traced by the Point, thus yields the divine Tetraktys,Fire, 1221:distorted. Not all the astrological signs can be traced to the symbols, for only a few can beFire, 1221:be traced to the symbols, for only a few can be traced back as far as the Master's ashram. Law 4.Glamour, 240:carried a consecutive theme steadily and have traced the threefold aspect of the world illusion asHealing, 9:true point of view of earlier centuries which traced disease back of the "evil humors" bred andHealing, 49:and aspirants of the world. These can be traced in every case to the pouring in of energy throughHealing, 74:the lungs which - though it may be exoterically traced to certain and definite physical causes - isHealing, 74:some kind. Every outer congestion can always be traced to these two causes - an inner and an outerHealing, 76:A. Congestion Much real difficulty can be traced to congestion or to the lack of the free play ofHealing, 118:today. These conditioning factors can usually be traced back to the subconscious by the process ofHealing, 176:to birth, and in its right understanding can be traced and expanded the whole story of conception,Healing, 199:differing aspects of ill health can be directly traced to the condition of the centers, as theyHealing, 208:of the Wisdom can consequently be directly traced to His full control of the centers, to theirHealing, 217:in a large number of physical ills can be traced to the condition of the centers, to theirHealing, 217:easy prey to the infectious diseases can also be traced to the same quiescence. As the emotionalHealing, 241:epidemics - can in the last analysis be [241] traced to some condition of the centers, andHealing, 243:psychological in nature and therefore cannot be traced to any activity of the centers. TheyHealing, 252:of millions; even though these diseases can be traced to certain great racial periods, they are nowHealing, 262:religious convictions and tendencies can all be traced to originating causes - some of them mostHealing, 274:me: That disease, in its immediate cause, can be traced to the individual etheric body when theHealing, 369:unseen particles of substance which can only be traced through their effects and throughHealing, 480:as a whole, and also in our planet. I have traced the psychological basis of disease and haveHealing, 499:development, in these two processes. We have traced the withdrawal of the life principle, plus theHealing, 694:in the healer. None of these healings can be traced esoterically to the scientific methods ofHercules, 44:to recall that the bull's-eye lantern can be traced back to the bull's eve in Taurus, and theHercules, 65:could, if we had the power to do so, be traced back to that period, antedating the Taurian age,Hercules, 82:arc, and a similar sequence of unfoldment can be traced. The soul achieves individuality in Leo,Hercules, 184:in incarnation. There you have the story. Having traced that wonderful, idealistic, evolutionaryInitiation, 199:of the spoken word will be studied, and be traced back to those originating impulses which, inIntellect, 165:the telepathic and inspired communicators can be traced the best that man now knows, the origin ofIntellect, 238:its quality and purpose, and all can in time be traced back to an idea, and all true ideas emanateIntellect, 241:into the dense minds of men, and to it can be traced all the forward movements of the present time,Magic, 296:enters the River of Life, its passage can be traced for a short moment and then is lost. When theMagic, 410:and their place in the plan can quite easily be traced. The point to be emphasized is that theyMagic, 554:a group to which he belongs. This concept can be traced back all the way from a family group to theMeditation, 323:shrine will have a pavement whereon will be traced the triangle, and within the triangle the groupPatanjali, 87:with it, its own powerful appeal. In it can be traced the various stages of acquirement - desire,Problems, 87:the entire problem we are considering can be traced back to the outstanding human weakness, theProblems, 149:consciousness. These great Approaches can be traced down the centuries; each time one took place,Psychology1, xviii:published three basic lines of teaching can be traced: First, a relatively new technique has beenPsychology2, 27:The thread of the unfolding consciousness can be traced with clarity in all. Forms are built, usedPsychology2, 53:the ages, but these major five crises can be traced with clarity from the standpoint of the higherPsychology2, 95:of Sacrifice and the impulse to give can also be traced throughout every kingdom in nature. It isPsychology2, 416:and between religion and religion, and can be traced back to the fundamental condition of
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