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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TRADITION

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Astrology, 13:constituting in Lemurian days simply an ancient tradition, the moon appeared to be a living vitalAstrology, 364:of this sign, linking it again with the Masonic tradition and indicating also again the essentialAstrology, 643:one of the planets." (S.D. Vol. II, 27) 15. "The Tradition of the 70 planets that preside over theAutobiography, 67:never forgiven myself - but what could I do? Tradition, custom and the woman responsible for meAutobiography, 102:promotes the growth of a people, whilst the tradition, culture and noblesse oblige of theAutobiography, 229:interjected into the school life some of the old tradition and a strong sense of relationship withAutobiography, 292:place of birth and his national background and tradition. Churchmen of all denominations andBethlehem, 65:of the names we meet in the Bible and in tradition, we can throw much light on the episode itselfBethlehem, 87:Matt., III, 15.) Christ had reached maturity. Tradition tells us that He [88] was thirty years oldBethlehem, 118:itself. This is the "lost Word" of the Masonic tradition. Oriental philosophy refers frequently toBethlehem, 234:than His work, since God, as all their national tradition taught, is One. It interpreted for them,Bethlehem, 276:and nature; to base one's faith in survival upon tradition or even upon an innate sense ofDestiny, 10:at the back of his national and personal life or tradition and which would not suit him as anDiscipleship1, 59:narrow preconceived ideas, of all personality tradition, influence or background. It is the processDiscipleship1, 66:determinations (based upon your own background, tradition, social and racial status) , you willDiscipleship1, 470:unduly conditioned by environment, background, tradition and a myopic point of view. So, brother ofDiscipleship1, 709:of looking at life and people (based usually on tradition and circumstance) when they separate himDiscipleship2, 65:easy. They have been taught in terms of the old tradition, perpetuated and summarized by theDiscipleship2, 483:person and the man who is the product of tradition, of good heritage and generations of civilizedDiscipleship2, 690:(and it is not easy for you to break loose from tradition and background) crystallization is apt toDiscipleship2, 693:- imposed by one's background, one's tradition and one's social group - is a very difficult andEducation, vii:arts and philosophy were in tune with oriental tradition. When she adopted Western technology, sheEducation, 85:effort, the effects upon civilization of ancient tradition, good and evil happenings and theEducation, 99:conditioned by past history, by national tradition and by racial trends of thought. There is,Education, 130:based on class distinctions, inherited tradition, racial attitudes and national custom. FamiliesEducation, 130:and situation, right or wrong; family pride, tradition, pedigree are over-emphasized, leading toEducation, 135:and the fact that it has the endorsement of tradition and centuries of practice does not mitigateExternalisation, 116:results, based on differences of temperament, of tradition, of development and of training. ThisExternalisation, 132:its desire to retaliate, and its ignorance of tradition and of inherited procedures. A mostExternalisation, 135:wise men, according to our peculiar ideology, tradition, attitudes to our fellowmen and ourExternalisation, 370:Any adjustment made upon the basis of historical tradition or ancient boundaries will only serve toExternalisation, 374:ancient and modern, goes to prove. Their tradition, their resources, their national genius, theirExternalisation, 680:the aspirants and disciples and by personality tradition. Ponder on those last two words.Fire, 319:vision of the Masters who have attained." "The tradition is that there is a certain center of forceFire, 483:What I do believe in is: The unbroken oral tradition revealed by living divine men during theFire, 1166:Method - Fire of mind. "The significance of the tradition that Brahma is born from or in the lotus,Glamour, 129:are powerfully conditioned by their cast, their tradition and their background. They can be theGlamour, 129:they forget that that reaction is based on tradition, or upon national or internationalHealing, 61:do suffer from this latter inhibition and have a tradition or a marked tendency to greaterHealing, 315:Does the phenomenon evidence a family group tradition? Is there any clue in the fact that it firstHealing, 363:this form. But not in this solar system. The tradition of such appearances is purely symbolic,Hercules, 23:Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. Tradition tells us that he was physically bullnecked, as well asHercules, 65:of Masonry, and many believe that the Masonic tradition could, if we had the power to do so, beHercules, 66:and wisdom. So we have in the Masonic tradition the search of the human family typified, the searchHercules, 86:stories, Hamsa, the bird of the Hindu tradition, "the bird out of time and space", stands equallyHercules, 91:portrayed for us also in the Masonic tradition. In Kircher's Egyptian Planisphere, Argo isHercules, 109:what is the spiritual teaching underlying the tradition that he there slew the lion with his bareHercules, 165:equipment, different heredity, different tradition and background, different racial tendencies. WeHercules, 176:down the ages has been a custodian of this tradition. First there is the raising of matter intoHercules, 205:is enforced through authoritarianism and ancient tradition; for truth, as Bernard Shaw tells us, isHercules, 215:to ascertain whether, in our western Christian tradition, there are indications of the influence ofHercules, 220:factors have set their mark upon our Christian tradition and upon our Church usage. It isMagic, 327:have we? A breaking away from old established tradition, a revolt from authority, whether of theMagic, 330:eagerness for knowledge. They despise the tradition of the past; they reject the old formulationsMagic, 330:1. That emanating from the holders with the old tradition, who, emphasizing the forms and the pastMagic, 331:to be made clear to those who, rejecting the old tradition, and refusing recognition to the mystic,Magic, 464:are swayed by mass ideas, molded unthinkingly by tradition and public opinion, are frankly immersedMagic, 593:throne of consciousness in the head. The Masonic tradition has the teaching clearly held in itsMagic, 608:which the inherited tendencies of humanity or tradition may choose to call them. They themselvesPatanjali, 50:the position of a knower, "One who has heard the tradition, experienced the dissolution of thatPatanjali, 50:that which is hidden from those who abide by the tradition, substituted that which is newly seen,Patanjali, 65:from all outer imposed authority and from all tradition and from the imposition of everyProblems, 58:effort, the effects upon civilization of ancient tradition, good and evil happenings and theProblems, 91:and all possessing an historical past and local tradition which condition their thinking; all haveProblems, 126:human mind - interpreted in terms of his period, tradition and background - about what God said inProblems, 139:crisis. Catholicism is founded in ancient tradition, is assertive of ecclesiastical authority, isPsychology1, xxii:its existence, this expression of its laws and tradition, its nature, origin and [xxiii]Psychology1, 93:was improved; as the heritage of history, of tradition and of the arts grew richer and made itsPsychology1, 273:rightful method, according to the location, the tradition, training and attitude of the men whoPsychology1, 397:and a desire to hold safe their gains. Ancient tradition, as taught by the teachers of the past,Psychology1, 398:to take, were the originators of the Masonic tradition. Their history (and incidentally the historyPsychology1, 399:death of earth into the life of light, the great tradition of the mysteries was started by them.Psychology1, 401:upon the above, and if you study the Masonic tradition with care, much will become clarified inPsychology2, 113:union of the scriptures or of the mystical tradition. It is not alignment and union with a Master'sPsychology2, 438:in background, ray type, point in evolution, and tradition and heredity. He becomes a source ofPsychology2, 658:regard it from the peculiar angle of their own tradition and schooling is also inevitable butPsychology2, 666:resent the fact that others of different race, tradition and religious sentiment may be as close toPsychology2, 697:union of the scriptures or of the mystical tradition. It is not alignment and union with a Master'sRays, 51:The soundest approach is that of the Masonic tradition, because it deals primarily with the worldRays, 53:sought after it; the Masons have preserved the tradition of its existence; the disciples andRays, 330:landmarks so earnestly preserved by the Masonic tradition and which have been securely embalmed inRays, 418:with the fourth Path. Down the ages, the Masonic tradition has been preserved, changing itsRays, 526:thereby remembered, and to this, monuments and tradition constantly testify; greater Sons of GodRays, 626:internal conflict, conditioned by its historical tradition, its national emphases, and itsRays, 744:automatically - according to their background, tradition, training and place of birth - they regardReappearance, 91:his racial and national background, his tradition and his religious and civilized reactions. TheseReappearance, 144:to his mental or emotional bent, racial tradition and heritage, for it cannot be defined orReappearance, 166:and based on material greed, on ancient tradition and national prejudices). They must then employ
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