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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TRAIL

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Bethlehem, 220:through this experience that Christ blazed the trail to the very heart of God Himself. Only whenBethlehem, 265:have been given them. Christ blazed the trail and is still waiting for us to follow, not one byBethlehem, 280:struggle arrived at illumination, and blazed the trail for humanity up to and through the portal ofDiscipleship1, 282:suffers. Your work for the group is to blaze the trail to the high places and to keep it open. Discipleship2, 466:or presented by others), and also to blaze a trail straight from your heart into the heart ofDiscipleship2, 768:Great is the mystery of those who blaze the trail back to the Father's Home! The word goes forth toGlamour, 70:with the surrounding glamor, following a trail blazed by those who have liberated themselves fromHercules, 40:bull upon the Way, throwing the light upon the trail which led from Crete unto the Temple of theHercules, 97:yet unafraid; alone, yet not alone, for on the trail he followed others stood, and followed himProblems, 106:many attendant evils which follow ever on the trail of the exploiting white man, the impact of thePsychology2, 421:to accept unusual hypotheses, along a trail which may lead them into the valley of understanding.Psychology2, 601:down the ages who have blazed the mystical trail, who have used the same terminology and employedRays, 523:the first of our planetary humanity to blaze the trail (is not that a phrase much used?) to the
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