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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TRAIN

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Astrology, 586:by responsive men and women of goodwill who can train themselves to be sensitive to this type ofAstrology, 694:work under the first logoic aspect and train those whose work is along the lines of the destroyer.Autobiography, 38:through the lives and testimonies of those They train. Another happening about the same timeAutobiography, 44:your hostess that you are leaving on the 10:30 train this morning; the dog-cart will be around inAutobiography, 66:not only my steamship ticket to Karachi, but get train tickets on the G.I.P. to Meerut. Like aAutobiography, 67:I wanted nothing to do with him. Waiting for the train that day in the big Bombay railroad station,Autobiography, 92:coach until I arrived where I could take the train to Delhi. New Delhi was not then in existence.Autobiography, 93:the tears dripping down my face. I cried on the train to Paris. I cried in the hotel there; I criedAutobiography, 93:I cried in the hotel there; I cried on the train to Calais and on the boat to England. I criedAutobiography, 93:at a little wayside station in France where the train stopped for ten minutes. [94] A lady in ourAutobiography, 94:[94] A lady in our compartment got off the train to go to the ladies' room. Trains were not asAutobiography, 94:room by the name W.C. She came back to the train doubled up with laughter and said to me, when sheAutobiography, 110:keep a restless baby quiet. As the time for the train arrived I wondered how I was to manage whenAutobiography, 110:said, "and I decided I had better put you on the train myself." Whereupon he took the baby, calledAutobiography, 110:established me as comfortably as possible on the train for California. The tourist sleepers inAutobiography, 198:we learned how to organize the work and how to train the staff and how to systematize the recordsAutobiography, 214:breakfast, ordering the groceries, catching the train for New York in order to be in my office byAutobiography, 222:Switzerland, which was as far as we could go by train and there Olga met us and took us to herAutobiography, 222:where we stayed for a number of weeks. This train trip was a marvelous thing to the girls but anAutobiography, 222:exhausting journey for me. We went on the "Blue train" through the Simplon and across the CentoAutobiography, 247:This book of mine, however, is intended to train the modern aspirant in the control of his astralAutobiography, 264:are responsible. The schools now forming to train disciples are intermediate in nature and areAutobiography, 266:are occupied with more esoteric values. They train the disciple to work as a soul in the threeAutobiography, 270:and never has been. It is attempting to train its students to make the preliminary contacts and toAutobiography, 282:Because the Arcane School is designed solely to train people to be conscious, working disciples,Autobiography, 285:its agent, the personality. It is our task to train him to know his own soul and to be obedient toBethlehem, 131:who were to work with Him, and whom He had to train to carry forward the mission of the kingdom,Bethlehem, 265:can those who have vision (and they are many) train themselves to aid in the right orientation ofBethlehem, 269:for which aspirants everywhere should begin to train themselves, and which must be attained in theDiscipleship1, 52:objective? The groups have not been formed to train individuals. They have been formed (each ofDiscipleship1, 54:powers to which I have referred above. Train the group members in that synthetic relation whichDiscipleship1, 104:in the group of disciples whom I am seeking to train needs release from something. For you, it isDiscipleship1, 110:Later, I will (if you progress in sensitivity) train you in the art of psychometric, but the timeDiscipleship1, 117:with my individual vibration. Disciples need to train themselves to distinguish: The vibration ofDiscipleship1, 125:is not time, such is the immediate urgency to train workers and it is surely needless with a groupDiscipleship1, 147:Group of World Servers, if given right training. Train yourself in that discriminative abilityDiscipleship1, 173:hope and joy, plus understanding, my brother. Train those who work with you with painstaking care,Discipleship1, 180:of your various bodies. You have, therefore, to train yourself in the art of differentiation soDiscipleship1, 187:First, that as you work and serve and strive to train yourself, you must learn to "go out" moreDiscipleship1, 247:salient points in the Plan; be not prolix and train yourself to a brevity which in no way negatesDiscipleship1, 247:several activities. This exercise should train you in this facility. I would remind you that thereDiscipleship1, 287:task. Those who, like you, are intuitive, must train themselves to be interpreters. The task of theDiscipleship1, 300:the group?" With most aspirants, the need is to train them to think and reflect, to ponder and toDiscipleship1, 312:deepen your power of expression and begin to train others through a more definite outer service.Discipleship1, 380:which you can learn to solve your problem is to train yourself to be - as are all true hierarchicalDiscipleship1, 383:steadfastness that it now becomes possible to train your intuition so that when again your path isDiscipleship1, 398:to my own joyfulness? Thus, my brother, you can train yourself to build in that quality of joyDiscipleship1, 407:and resent not what I say. My problem is to train each of you so that you serve the group withoutDiscipleship1, 418:Such times are growing times and serve to train the disciple. The deeper the capacity forDiscipleship1, 433:foresight required in meeting business needs. Train others to do the detailed work and workDiscipleship1, 476:and then to give them of your [476] supply. Train yourself to recognize need during the next fewDiscipleship1, 483:diary will reveal to you what you lack; it will train you in the objective and subjectiveDiscipleship1, 484:Keep it in fuller detail; not only will it train you in the recognition of the essentials of theDiscipleship1, 519:deepened and more realized knowledge if you can train yourself in detachment from personalityDiscipleship1, 545:of my words and suggestions. I seek to train conscious, responsible souls who will duly weighDiscipleship1, 552:where and when needed. In the one case, you train yourself to be a "point of contact" for theDiscipleship1, 552:healing forces of the planet. In the other, you train yourself to be a "channel of distribution."Discipleship1, 556:presents you with your major problem. As we train disciples, we seek to develop in the occultistDiscipleship1, 587:first ray personality and mind. Let this end. Train your emotions, [588] to respond to your secondDiscipleship1, 590:understand what should be done? 5. Can you train yourself to overcome a critical spirit? I wouldDiscipleship1, 598:desire nothing for the separated self; if you train yourself to see things and, above all, peopleDiscipleship1, 617:of myself, the Master... your major duty is to train yourself in the needed sensitivity of responseDiscipleship1, 691:independently responsible. The Master does not train a group of men and women to be good andDiscipleship1, 718:I would remind you that though I am seeking to train many at this time for further expansions ofDiscipleship1, 742:a phase of extreme sensitivity. Disciples must train themselves to help. The shift of theDiscipleship1, 779:This book of mine, however, is intended to train the modern aspirant in the control of his astralDiscipleship2, 4:the New Age methods and technique and to train groups (for it [5] is a group age) which can expressDiscipleship2, 8:group can be that, and the Master will seek to train him still more along these two lines. What isDiscipleship2, 10:power to grasp the needed lessons and learn to train your minds to think in ever wider and moreDiscipleship2, 27:for it is a preparatory exercise in order to train you all in esoteric participation. Make aDiscipleship2, 101:work in collaboration with the Christ. It was to train her and thus enable her to do this that sheDiscipleship2, 106:and limitations to the group as a whole was to train you in the light of pure perception whichDiscipleship2, 108:position? We cannot. All we can do is to train aspirants in recognized group requirements. We mustDiscipleship2, 143:The basic intention of the meditation is to train you to be intelligently aware of what PatanjaliDiscipleship2, 161:direct action of the Hierarchy, as its Members train their disciples to tap this source ofDiscipleship2, 186:of error. Part of my task within my Ashram is to train disciples to recognize the new, emergingDiscipleship2, 295:century was to take emotional aspirants and train them in the technique of mental polarization,Discipleship2, 327:thousand years [327] his system will be used to train disciples in mind control. They will, throughDiscipleship2, 334:and evocation) - and the Master can begin to train a group. This is necessarily a slow process,Discipleship2, 343:seven hints to your daily life of service will train you in the techniques of my Ashram. Discipleship2, 383:the fifth initiation) have been chosen to train and instruct aspirants on all the rays until afterDiscipleship2, 400:considered and reflected upon) will begin to train your perception and develop the third eye,Discipleship2, 497:Stay close. Learn to use others in your work and train them so that they too may serve theirDiscipleship2, 598:work in collaboration with the Christ. It was to train her and thus enable her to do this that sheDiscipleship2, 602:before I communicated to them my intention to train them. This inner direction definitelyDiscipleship2, 607:your personality to use as it seeks to help and train other personalities to become soul conscious.Discipleship2, 616:arises. When A.A.B. expressed the wish that you train for her work (to be taken up by you inDiscipleship2, 669:be the focus or place of growth, and those who train disciples will work from the plane of atma orDiscipleship2, 702:Forget not that by means of this exercise you train the will, and you likewise bring spiritualDiscipleship2, 708:in touch with you with constancy, and you must train yourself to an increased sensitivity to myDiscipleship2, 746:time; I would ask you also to permit A.A.B. to train you more specifically for this work, and to doEducation, 7:function of all educators is twofold: 1. To train the brain to respond intelligently to impressionsEducation, 7:about the outer tangible world. 2. To train the mind so that it can fulfil three duties: DealEducation, 22:mind. [22] The true work of education is to train the lower man in right discrimination and trueEducation, 22:levels. The first thing that must be done is to train the child in the correct use of theEducation, 25:element. One of the major functions of those who train the infant minds of the race will be toEducation, 26:thirty years, is preparing us. Students should train themselves to distinguish between the sutratmaEducation, 48:some understanding of art. They should begin to train the boy or girl for that future profession orEducation, 50:of education to civilize the child will be to train and rightly direct his instincts. The secondEducation, 58:the mind. Correlate the past with the present. Train citizens in the rights and nature of
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