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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TRAINED

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Hercules, 20:love and teach his fellowmen. So Hercules was trained in all accomplishments and could take hisHercules, 20:Having achieved his growth and having been trained in all that the world could give him, we areHercules, 74:medium of a well-developed, well-stocked, well-trained mind. The next stage of the search ofInitiation, 167:at the same time as the [167] initiate. Their trained intense mental concentration greatlyInitiation, 210:grasp and hold, ministering to the lower needs, trained thus through many aeons. Lo, when the handsIntellect, 8:is involved in Meditation and which must be trained to add to this first function of the mind anIntellect, 21:the priests. Now the vast body of teachers are trained by the state; any religious bias is ignoredIntellect, 23:Asia and Europe, up to the eighteenth century, trained and cultured the individual. An intensifiedIntellect, 30:of the intangible. They must be cultured and trained and given an education which will be adaptedIntellect, 43:him physically fit, mentally alert, to provide a trained memory, controlled reactions, and aIntellect, 45:save the world, two things are needed: - trained minds with wide general knowledge as a foundationIntellect, 57:purely selfish and personal nature; or it can be trained to react primarily to the mind, regardingIntellect, 126:becomes simply the tool or instrument of the trained instincts and of the controlled mind. ThisIntellect, 140:to record all outer information, but can be trained to be receptive towards the soul, and toIntellect, 143:a good mental apparatus will become apparent. A trained mind and a well-stocked memory and aIntellect, 143:a transmitting agent and the physical brain is trained to be responsive to that which isIntellect, 147:western intellectual, the mind processes can be trained to reach their highest point of developmentIntellect, 172:and intuition can be used at will by the trained and fully educated man, and the "light of theIntellect, 205:"Christ in me, the hope of glory." Through the trained and focused mind this indwelling Reality isIntellect, 208:it is far easier for an individual who has been trained in business methods and who has risen toIntellect, 208:hitherto done and more, and do it better. The trained executive, with a busy and full life, seemsIntellect, 216:we start in to practice concentration. If we are trained intellectuals, or have the focusedIntellect, 219:are the remains of a day when the race was being trained psychologically and emotionally, and muchIntellect, 239:that the aspirant should be possessed of a well trained and well-stocked mind, if he is toIntellect, 239:effort. God looks for those who have trained and highly developed minds, and fine brains (to act asIntellect, 257:rounded out development is needed always, and a trained mind should accompany growth in theMagic, 14:of trust in the writers and speakers, and in the trained intelligences of the workers in any of theMagic, 15:laws are ever active, but only as the mind is trained and developed, focused, and open-minded canMagic, 15:of the cycle and time. Those who have thus trained the mind in the art of clear thinking, theMagic, 54:who are seeking to measure up to the need for trained servers. I say not, you note, those whoMagic, 80:the concrete mental body - the lower bodies are trained in the art of distinguishing illusion fromMagic, 129:aspirants of strong heart, fervent devotion and trained minds, and that I am a disciple, as are allMagic, 174:very carefully, forcefully, yet strenuously trained. It is necessary that they should be enabled toMagic, 180:method of mental clairvoyance, and requires a trained interpreting mind, which is rare indeed toMagic, 182:be followed experimentally by those with acute trained minds, a high rate of vibration, and bodiesMagic, 303:between the soul and the brain, via the trained and controlled mind, that cause and effect will beMagic, 336:the use of words of power and the work of the trained magician. These trained workers in substance,Magic, 336:and the work of the trained magician. These trained workers in substance, understanding the natureMagic, 349:tide of sorrow? Picked and tried souls are being trained all over the world at the present time.Magic, 350:world more about the Masters and who are being trained to be focal points of contact are putMagic, 350:to attach no importance to recognition. They are trained not to judge from the appearance but fromMagic, 382:when passing out of the animal kingdom was trained and taught its functions and work by the IbezhanMagic, 429:of training will only be given to those who have trained the mind and learnt to control theMagic, 429:of true spiritual perception, and secondly, the trained utilization of the mind as an interpretingMagic, 459:development, on the part of the aspirant, of a trained intellect. The "rain cloud of knowableMagic, 515:is the high achievement of the initiates and trained workers of the race. Magic, 516:This of course delineates a mechanism, trained and adjusted and rightly responsive - a rare thingMagic, 519:Certain men, with potent wills and clear and trained minds, but animated by purely selfish purpose,Magic, 577:It is only wielded safely by those who have trained their arms to [578] wield the other swords andMagic, 584:turmoil of the world. He is one who has the eye trained to see beyond the fogs and miasmas of theMagic, 584:presides over all earth's happenings, and that trained attentive ear which (having caught a whisperMagic, 604:might well be regarded in its outer ranks as a trained body of organized observers. I would divideMagic, 607:death as we know it will be abolished and a trained universal continuity of consciousness beMagic, 609:through developing the power to be a trained Observer. I commend these words to all aspirants. ItMagic, 609:he aspirant joining that intermediate group of trained communicators who stand between theMagic, 623:Great Ones, which is to seek out those who have trained themselves somewhat in sensitive responseMagic, 631:and by love; their minds are characterized by a trained spiritual perception and that spiritualMagic, 632:who has not yet the fuller vision of a more trained worker and who is only just learning the ABC ofMagic, 636:will overtake the probationary disciple and the trained worker should he give way to the glamor andMeditation, 47:This is necessarily so, for the dearth of trained teachers in the physical bodies is so insuperableMeditation, 69:(through graduation and karmic right) will be trained for discipleship and for the firstMeditation, 76:the fire can be circulated until such time as trained teachers with expert knowledge andMeditation, 104:and by remembering that the body must ever be trained gradually and be built slowly. In the schemeMeditation, 112:The oriental is philosophical, naturally dreamy, trained through centuries to think in abstractMeditation, 140:and reaction therefore the occult student is trained by the occultist. In studying the topic, "TheMeditation, 315:and able to teach and to compete with the trained teachers of the world universities. [316] InMeditation, 316:[316] In every college the work of these trained seven men will be aided by that of three womenMeditation, 330:pass into the advanced school, where he will be trained in using the knowledge already acquired,Meditation, 330:psychic of the mental type, where he will be trained to contact and control the lesser evolutionsPatanjaliof the prana or life breath. 35. The mind can be trained to steadiness through those forms ofPatanjali, 60:are stimulated thereby, The brain which can be trained to recognize that sound and vibrate inPatanjali, 64:equipped and actively used can more quickly be trained in this sacred science. For the majority ofPatanjali, 78:1 - The Problem of Union 35. The mind can be trained to steadiness through those forms ofPatanjali, 81:35. Center between the eyebrows. The mind can be trained to steadiness through those forms ofPatanjali, 96:is understood, for the perceiver (who is trained in these differentiations) can enter into thePatanjali, 109:with the physical brain, The brain is trained to serve only as a delicate receiver of truthPatanjali, 221:rules, practices and methods which enable the trained disciple to bring his dense physical vehiclePatanjali, 276:lies the great deception of the records. Only a trained occultist can distinguish between actualPatanjali, 276:which are to be found in its environment. The trained seer has learnt to dissociate that whichPatanjali, 279:[279] scientific process, known only to the trained occultist. Patanjali, 279:the eight means of yoga is to produce a yogi or trained knower. He is, therefore, one who concernsPatanjali, 279:their being en rapport. This faculty of the trained seer is more in the nature of an act of thePatanjali, 279:a dangerous one to use and is only permitted to trained disciples. [280] Patanjali, 281:"where a man thinketh there is he." At will the trained seer can withdraw his consciousness fromPatanjali, 287:In that, the nature of the aspirant is being trained to harmonious peaceful with allPatanjali, 292:neither of them are entirely right, for to the trained adept the "central organ" is the causalPatanjali, 294:knowledge and conscious power of the trained occultist and yogi. From the point of power in thePatanjali, 394:about, and by these the soul is taught and trained. Just as the dynamic mind-images of desire ripenPatanjali, xiii:the same system and that their teachers were trained in the great Trans-Himalayan School. It shouldProblems, 6:hate and initiating the new technique of trained, imaginative, creative and practical goodwill. [7]Problems, 14:gain are emphasized and one in which people are trained in right national citizenship upon the oneProblems, 19:must look forward towards that which they can be trained to become. Practically speaking, they canProblems, 37:nationalistic and, therefore, separative. It has trained the child to regard the material values asProblems, 57:an individual, will be developed and equipped, trained and motivated and [58] then taught hisProblems, 61:educator of the future will need to be more of a trained psychologist than he is today. BesidesProblems, 63:no matter what their initial capacity, can be trained in the Science of Right Human Relations, andProblems, 108:their own destiny; they must be given a sense of trained responsibility; they must be taught toProblems, 109:that wonderful continent, and contribute their trained skill, their proved commercial benefits andProblems, 110:the highest mental development when taught and trained - as capable as is the white man; this hasProblems, 119:every city and village, men of goodwill - with trained understanding, practical common sense, a
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