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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TRAINED

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Problems, 119:know that a spirit of goodwill, particularly if trained and implemented by knowledge, can produceProblems, 159:to the Most High. Then, lastly, there are the trained disciples and aspirants of the world who useProblems, 159:work of the masses of the people, everywhere trained by the spiritually minded people of the worldProblems, 159:through Christ and His spiritual Hierarchy, and trained also to voice their demand for light,Problems, 159:of invocation as practiced by those who have trained their minds through right meditation, who knowProblems, 161:- must now be added conscious Invocation, plus a trained expectancy of a reciprocal Evocation. Problems, 179:for the formation of a group of people who are trained in goodwill and who possess clear insightProblems, 181:and meet the need of the world situation. The trained use of power on the side of goodwill and onProblems, 181:or wealthy group, but through the weight of a trained public opinion - an opinion which will bePsychology1, xvii:and development of a band of pledged aspirants, trained to work together and to respond in unisonPsychology1, 5:it here. The indebtedness of the world to the trained psychologists cannot be estimated, but unlessPsychology1, 52:initiates, for they add to the mystical vision a trained mental apprehension. The sixth Ray ofPsychology1, 82:all its branches, aided on the mental plane by trained thinkers, so that there may be rightPsychology1, 105:of the soul force and soul powers, and in the trained control of the mechanism, that evidence soPsychology1, 114:of the group entity as a whole. The members are trained in the group, and the group is trained as aPsychology1, 114:are trained in the group, and the group is trained as a whole, with no emphasis upon the individualPsychology1, 117:the communicators, they are slowly and gradually trained by senior disciples, working from thePsychology1, 119:and complexes which tax the ingenuity of trained psychologists to solve. The initiate Paul referredPsychology1, 161:exhibitionism. Where the equipment is fine and trained, you will have a brilliant worker in thePsychology1, 175:the nation, and cutting deep down, through the trained minds in the government, to the very rootsPsychology1, 181:until the time may come when we shall have our trained intuitive and thinkers who will be able toPsychology1, 251:to be seen through the medium of the tamed, the trained and the domestic animals. Results: In thePsychology1, 251:appearance of the power to be domesticated and trained, which is, in the last analysis, the powerPsychology1, 255:is expressed. The domestic animals have to be trained to participate in the action of applied will.Psychology1, 363:of occult motive and in the methods of the trained magician will increasingly find themselvesPsychology1, 365:of the world in preparation for the New Age were trained and prepared for their task by thePsychology1, 426:to be seen through the medium of the tamed, the trained and the domestic animals. Results: In thePsychology1, 426:appearance of the power to be domesticated and trained which is, in the last analysis, the power toPsychology2, 11:peace which will bring about the opportunity for trained and carefully cultured growth. ThePsychology2, 55:they indicate two basic ideas with which these trained initiates work. The idea of patterns and thePsychology2, 72:(but not aspirational) meditation. It requires a trained intelligence, so that the line ofPsychology2, 73:immediate purpose and duty is distinctive of the trained disciple. Those who know far more of thePsychology2, 140:Life Ray I Servers on this ray, if they are trained disciples, work through what might be calledPsychology2, 164:and as they can be understood by the trained disciple or initiate. 1. The five Commandments ThePsychology2, 204:sense of time or of purpose; they can seldom be trained along any mental line, and they very rarelyPsychology2, 204:equipment is there and some of them can be trained to use it, the preponderance of the lifePsychology2, 205:human beings, capable of mental application, if trained, and showing that they can think when needPsychology2, 216:scheme. However - owing to the lack of trained understanding - we shall have to confine ourselvesPsychology2, 281:that the New Group of World Servers is being trained to assist Him. Thus an aspect of the first rayPsychology2, 334:majority, the expert assistance of the modern trained educator and psychologist, the churchman orPsychology2, 394:working out His Plans and Purposes. Just as the trained physician, who is also a trainedPsychology2, 394:Just as the trained physician, who is also a trained psychologist (a rare thing to find) views thePsychology2, 404:and efforts, we shall then have men and women trained and developed in all parts of their natures.Psychology2, 416:aware will be bridged and ended when the mind is trained to control and to dominate within thePsychology2, 426:yet needs the understanding help of a trained psychologist or of his own soul before fusion can bePsychology2, 427:accepted by the man who, without the aid of a trained psychologist, manages to train himself and toPsychology2, 447:to the lower, with a view to their unification. Trained as an occultist and brought mentally toPsychology2, 465:dire results may be produced, and with these the trained psychologist must be prepared to deal.Psychology2, 482:indications which that attentive ear may be trained to register. The emotionally inclined people inPsychology2, 491:many people tune in on teaching being given by trained minds to disciples, or record telepathicallyPsychology2, 499:such today) where the mind can be reached and trained, and where the soul can consequently impressPsychology2, 510:in both cases (the mentally unbalanced and the trained disciple) that a similar condition exists;Psychology2, 511:teaching and its correct interpretation by the trained minds in the Occident. The East has had thisPsychology2, 637:such a nature that, given the assistance of the trained minds to be found in the third groupPsychology2, 644:task. These men of good will must be found and trained in the doctrine of non-separateness, andPsychology2, 665:the medium of the printed page and later, when trained people are available, through the medium ofPsychology2, 667:should be worked out in detail. People must be trained to work for the expansion of these ideas.Psychology2, 673:the cooperation of many types of mind and many trained executives. The men of good will in everyPsychology2, 674:their reaction to these ideals; they must be trained in the new policies, and educated in thePsychology2, 676:of people, gathered out of every nation, who are trained in the spirit of good will, and whoPsychology2, 676:By its means, men and women everywhere are to be trained to live as exponents of good will in everyPsychology2, 676:are ready today throughout the world to be so trained, and to be brought into cooperation with eachPsychology2, 683:will be apparent when the time comes. The trained use of power on the side of good will andPsychology2, 683:masses, - an opinion which will be based on a trained good will, the intelligent understanding ofPsychology2, 707:of values, are all problems confronting the trained thinker and psychologist. These conditioningRays, 30:The secret of the higher initiations lies in the trained use of the higher will. It does not lie inRays, 31:those qualities so glibly spoken of by the well-trained but dense esotericist - transmutation andRays, 66:instinctual understanding is distinctive of the trained initiate. He has no need to remember rules,Rays, 121:and neophytes, for it will be the people trained interiorly in these schools who will be theRays, 138:he only accepts them as existent in theory. The trained initiate knows that they have to become hisRays, 143:These are empty words as yet until we know, as trained initiates, that light is a symptom and anRays, 144:and who can bear the hierarchical light can be trained to enter into and form part of the light ofRays, 169:rays and who can continue with the work, being trained along peculiar and special lines. TheRays, 236:the Earth. Slowly down the ages, men have been trained and prepared for initiation; they have beenRays, 249:real significance will only be perceived by the trained initiate and that what I say here mustRays, 342:so correcting the erroneous teaching of those trained under orthodox (so called) schools ofRays, 343:should be remembered. Such people thus being trained and related are, from the angle of theRays, 421:planetary Logos. The goal which these initiates (trained on the ray Path) eventually reach is someRays, 437:brain to the desired point of contact. To this trained alignment must eventually be added theRays, 447:(but not aspirational) meditation. It requires a trained intelligence, so that the line ofRays, 477:in the art of living, and only the highly trained human enquirer can soundly and safely build theRays, 485:which is not usually apparent except to the trained disciple who has been taught to penetrate intoRays, 490:of the astral body. When the disciple has trained himself to be consciously aware of theRays, 514:The OM is useless to most people, even though trained students may now be deriving benefit from itsRays, 529:I have indicated the method whereby the mind, trained in meditation, and therefore soul-conscious,Rays, 530:into states of being unknown to all except trained disciples and initiates. It has been myRays, 557:and enables him to become increasingly a trained manipulator of those energies; each initiationRays, 560:This expressed itself in a mental focus, a trained mind capable of illumination, and great creativeRays, 591:which admits humanity (and particularly the trained disciple or initiate) into the mysteries of theRays, 616:activities: The work and the teaching of the trained disciples and initiates, as each of them, inRays, 641:be made abundantly clear. Only the voice of a trained public opinion and the intelligent demand ofRays, 642:years will see a demonstrable orientation of trained disciples towards the higher perception. YouRays, 668:discover those aspirants who can be helped and trained. Rays, 678:demonstration of a wide usefulness and of a trained intelligent capacity. This may not be the caseRays, 711:the heritage of the race of men. The better trained and the more controlled the mind, the easier itRays, 733:directing creative Agents but work through Their trained and developed Representatives. [734] Reappearance, 55:and watched over humanity and where [55] He has trained His disciples, initiates and the New GroupReappearance, 56:be taken by the One Whom He has prepared and trained. But before all this can happen, He must againReappearance, 59:of daily life; these are the people who must be trained in the divine recognitions which areReappearance, 87:era. In the first two initiations, aspirants (trained by senior disciples) find their way to
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