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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TRAINING

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Astrology, 50:play as far as man is concerned whilst he is in training as a disciple and upon the Path odAstrology, 108:has guaranteed him, after a process of intensive training in one or other of the planetary schoolsAstrology, 219:group. That is one of the reasons why, when in training, disciples are absorbed into a Master'sAstrology, 237:in favor of religious, psychic and physical training and experiment, scientifically applied andAstrology, 384:divine mystery. For the sake of disciples in training, these four concepts have been briefly summedAstrology, 452:am not here writing a treatise on the individual training of the disciple but am attempting toAstrology, 613:that on the Path of Initiation, the whole training process is turned towards the evolution of theAtom, 31:particularly for those who have no scientific training of any kind, and to give them a generalAutobiography, 31:to be said for the intensive and individual training acquired if a child is taught by a good andAutobiography, 56:too much what people thought of me. My early training was receiving its first hard blow. I came toAutobiography, 58:Camp in central Ireland and there get some real training. It was lovely green country and I shallAutobiography, 109:leaving my husband to finish his theological training and get ordained. This was my last visit toAutobiography, 124:seminaries. I have taken a theological training and I know what I am talking about. IntelligentAutobiography, 147:fellowmen. As the result of my background and training I used to be very much afraid of what peopleAutobiography, 153:altered. The physical disciplines are a phase of training and when the lesson is learnt they are noAutobiography, 156:as he had crashed whilst piloting a plane, training army observers. I had been introduced to him,Autobiography, 166:He has never interfered with my personal work or training. In the spring of 1920 I entered into aAutobiography, 169:needs. New teaching, along the line of spiritual training and the preparation of aspirants forAutobiography, 194:voluntarily put themselves into your hands for training, and give them what is needed. None of thisAutobiography, 194:will still determine policies. The basic training given in the Arcane School is that which has beenAutobiography, 195:asked him why people who were ready for esoteric training should be kept waiting for two years inAutobiography, 196:membership [196] but that we were a school for training people to be "accepted disciples" - thatAutobiography, 196:a spiritually oriented human being requiring training and discipline. Autobiography, 219:so we gave up all idea of an academic college training for the girls and launched them into theAutobiography, 220:human values are emphasized I know no better training-ground for the youth of the world than aAutobiography, 229:focus and development, if the more advanced training of our senior degrees is to be given. As theAutobiography, 247:It is the first book ever given out upon the training and control of the astral or emotional body.Autobiography, 248:It also gives the Fourteen Rules which those in training for initiation have to master. (NOTE: ItAutobiography, 253:of Alice A. Bailey - Appendix - Personal Training Personal Training Paralleling these majorAutobiography, 253:Bailey - Appendix - Personal Training Personal Training Paralleling these major activities, I haveAutobiography, 253:activities, I have since the year 1931 been training a group of men and women, scattered all overAutobiography, 256:in the three worlds, are still in process of training and are preparing themselves (under theAutobiography, 263:the forming of the more advanced schools of training. These will lay the foundation of those futureAutobiography, 263:and thus vision clearly the goal of esoteric training. This they have not yet done. The disciplineAutobiography, 264:such as the Arcane School, are concerned with training disciples and preparing them to tread theAutobiography, 265:us to work as esotericists, taking the needed training and learning to tread the Way correctly.Autobiography, 266:he starts true esoteric work. This elementary training enables the neophyte to shift hisAutobiography, 267:their students and very different techniques of training. 1. An esoteric school is one in which theAutobiography, 268:new schools, now forming, are preoccupied with training men to meet world need and to serveAutobiography, 270:is no true esoteric school today which is giving training for initiation. Those who claim to do soAutobiography, 270:who claim to do so are deceiving the public. Training in the life of discipleship, academicallyAutobiography, 270:academically understood, can be given. Training in the life of the initiate has still to beAutobiography, 272:to the light which is in him and supervises the training given to the students. The more advancedAutobiography, 272:are, in the last analysis, exoteric; they give training, based upon what is already known and givenAutobiography, 273:the first, noisy group but he gives a sounder training and grounds beginners in the fundamentals ofAutobiography, 274:a long time, giving elementary instruction and training disciples in methods of work and how toAutobiography, 277:and known by those who undertake the necessary training and submit to discipline. This must beAutobiography, 280:human being. As you face this new life of training and of growth into a new and spiritualAutobiography, 280:teaching? What are the principles governing the training and the help given? To what am I committedAutobiography, 281:by decade - the techniques and the methods of training offered by the Arcane School will change inAutobiography, 281:are as follows: The Arcane School is a training school for disciples. It is not a school forAutobiography, 282:of the Arcane School I. The Arcane School is a Training School for Disciples At the close of theAutobiography, 282:not taught to be clairvoyant or clairaudient; no training is given in magic or in the use ofAutobiography, 283:who enter the School and face the new cycle of training find us saying to them: Study, think andAutobiography, 284:It means that the aspirant to discipleship is training himself to become sensitive to impressionsAutobiography, 287:Wisdom is assumed to exist and the elementary training for discipleship is begun. By that time,Autobiography, 288:the opportunity offered, they either accept the training or drop out of the life of the ArcaneAutobiography, 300:could find the people and give the preliminary training which would help in this problem ofAutobiography, 301:idealism of the earlier stages of spiritual training which was basically more emotional and oftenAutobiography, 302:of the Arcane School was in fact a part of the training of A.A.B. for the job for which she hasBethlehem, 44:that he walks in a world of illusion, but is training himself whilst doing this to walk in theBethlehem, 249:the earth provides adequate facilities for the training and developing processes, and that againDestiny, 28:only be used under direction, after careful training and only twice a year at the May and June FullDestiny, 110:the old and the new ways of discipline and of training, of attribute and quality, and of method andDestiny, 117:stage there should be definite preparation and training. The powers of the magical age are many andDestiny, 121:of all the effect of the ray upon the work and training, the life and the plans of the disciple,Destiny, 128:disciple and in the preliminary stage of his training, this involves the constant investigation ofDestiny, 133:[133] indication and adequate protection. The training of the disciple in the future will differ inDiscipleship1fresh and often different interpretations. The training to be given during the coming New Age willDiscipleship1, X:and that there is a definitely planned system of training offered by them which can lead a man outDiscipleship1, X:the successes and failures he encounters in his training and learn the intended lessons; he findsDiscipleship1, X:who take pupils and who, whilst giving them the training needed to enable them to take initiationDiscipleship1, XI:focused and attuned, are eligible for the training offered by the Hierarchy. Devotion, emotionalDiscipleship1, XI:reactions and sentiment are not enough. Esoteric training is also an impersonal matter; it isDiscipleship1, 4:of you is beginning this definite enterprise of training for initiation with certain defects whichDiscipleship1, 6:undergone a preliminary tuning-up process and a training in receptivity during an earlierDiscipleship1, 13:the interior spiritual life of neophytes in training for the various stages of discipleship. Let meDiscipleship1, 17:of the New Age as regards group work, and the training of disciples and their preparation forDiscipleship1, 29:simply a question of time. One of the steps in training which lies ahead of you is the establishingDiscipleship1, 43:characterize the disciples to be chosen for training. These were: Sensitivity, Impersonality,Discipleship1, 47:and submit yourselves to the discipline and the training which will make greatly increasedDiscipleship1, 48:the disciple - during the process of his early training - to hold earnestly to his own ideals andDiscipleship1, 49:of the disciple. It is for this reason that I am training you to utilize the Full Moon contact.Discipleship1, 51:this? If you are impersonal is it the result of training or is it natural to you? Is it simpleDiscipleship1, 52:the opportunity to practice early in your training this "distressing revelation" which will laterDiscipleship1, 58:a concept to the aspirant and the disciple under training as is the teaching which I seek to giveDiscipleship1, 58:opportunity which I would have you seize. The training, hitherto carried forward upon the innerDiscipleship1, 67:individual assistance and unfoldment but your training in certain group alignments and activitiesDiscipleship1, 75:as units in the group which I am preparing and training for definite service in future lives evenDiscipleship1, 76:particular group of disciples for preparatory training for initiation. I am entering upon anDiscipleship1, 83:one who has been accepted by a Master for training. This is the distortion of a true idea which, inDiscipleship1, 93:are practically all that is given and all the training offered was of an exoteric nature. You canDiscipleship1, 93:that it was preparatory in nature and that the training for initiation was so deeply hidden in theDiscipleship1, 94:first of all applies to the Master for the training needed prior to initiation, what would you sayDiscipleship1, 99:minds. One of the first lessons which those in training for initiation have to master is thatDiscipleship1, 99:spiritual life, with service and with the training, given in preparation for initiation. As timeDiscipleship1, 99:the old techniques and the newer modes of training by using a part of the ancient techniques - nowDiscipleship1, 106:all beings. Later I will outline for you that training and that breathing exercise which seems toDiscipleship1, 106:I believe see now the reason for my method of training you. The love aspect of your soul has beenDiscipleship1, 122:and subjective facts - is part of the needed training of all disciples; the recognition of a
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