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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TRAINING

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Discipleship1, 122:of a physical plane fact requires no such training in sensitivity. The recognition of spiritualDiscipleship1, 123:of spiritual [123] realities requires both training and formulated definite expression. The pastDiscipleship1, 123:Do you know the occasions when this happened? Training in the registering of offered and acceptedDiscipleship1, 128:There is a proffering of new opportunity for training to those who are upon the Path ofDiscipleship1, 129:understanding behind my proposed technique of training. Will you, therefore, be willing to try outDiscipleship1, 134:have waived all the initial work and preliminary training in your case. You are starting in at theDiscipleship1, 135:have you ponder on this. For many disciples in training at this time, the present crisis presents aDiscipleship1, 136:which will enable me to give these disciples in training some definite task to perform - work whichDiscipleship1, 136:working under the Masters, who have been in training for years, fitting themselves for the task toDiscipleship1, 137:equal readiness. Among those whom I have been training for some time there is no attempt to hideDiscipleship1, 144:I foretold would help your endeavor. You are in training as wielder of men and a guide of aspirantsDiscipleship1, 147:the New Group of World Servers, if given right training. Train yourself in that discriminativeDiscipleship1, 148:For you, this present life is primarily one of training and of unfoldments in connection with theDiscipleship1, 153:but you are only at the beginning of your training. Always has your problem been that of the trueDiscipleship1, 154:and the lesser teachers. We confine ourselves to training those stronger souls, those more potentDiscipleship1, 161:It will also involve the finding and the training of those who can cooperate. Workers increasinglyDiscipleship1, 162:As regards your personal development and training, brother of old, I can but enjoin upon you aDiscipleship1, 168:is the major task of the initiate or of those in training for initiation. Viewing you, therefore,Discipleship1, 183:In teaching you, I seek to do three things: Give training in the initial steps of technicalDiscipleship1, 185:of a trained poise. Much you already have as training, but much will be demanded of you in [186]Discipleship1, 206:else. Doors open and close and the disciple in training has to cultivate that spiritual,Discipleship1, 212:(which is the problem of all disciples in training) your physical condition will be alleviated. OneDiscipleship1, 232:part of your life is pronouncedly preparatory training for creative group achievement in your nextDiscipleship1, 235:my group of disciples for a certain specific training and in that word "training," you have theDiscipleship1, 235:a certain specific training and in that word "training," you have the keynote of your intendedDiscipleship1, 235:the keynote of your intended accomplishment. The training to be given calls for no enforcedDiscipleship1, 235:which have carried you forward into definite training for initiation. In a certain sense,Discipleship1, 237:old, I say to you (as I say to all aspirants in training for discipleship): Learn that occultDiscipleship1, 239:nature, to emphasize your development, your training, your work, your need and what is thought ofDiscipleship1, 239:it do, and my group is not one wherein personal training is given in order to bring about personalDiscipleship1, 239:me emphasize this again, my brother. I am not training you so that you can grow. I am training aDiscipleship1, 239:I am not training you so that you can grow. I am training a group of disciples so that they mayDiscipleship1, 244:You see, my brother, I am seeking to begin your training as a worker; hence my emphasis upon thisDiscipleship1, 249:the time of the full moon this year one cycle of training and of integration closed and a new oneDiscipleship1, 251:for me. The focus of your attention on your training and your life demonstration is: How far am I,Discipleship1, 252:with brevity, for you need not, after all your training, that I should elucidate: The focusing ofDiscipleship1, 261:your eyes to the need for further and constant training. The disciple oft becomes absorbed in theDiscipleship1, 264:fellowmen. Your work is, therefore, the work of training people to be workers and so fit them to beDiscipleship1, 264:will be those whom you know and feel require training and help. They have to be taught to workDiscipleship1, 266:willing service. Given a little more personal training, the result may be out of all proportion toDiscipleship1, 268:this particular group of disciples, all are in training for greatly extended service and thatDiscipleship1, 275:more outgoing (as a part of your self-initiated training) to those, for instance, with whom yourDiscipleship1, 278:spiritual life is not, for you, easy. Your life training as an artist in your own field has taughtDiscipleship1, 278:not with the sole intent of giving them esoteric training, but also for what they can bring to eachDiscipleship1, 279:intense love of beauty have been the principal training elements in your life. Oft you have beenDiscipleship1, 285:world illusion. This requires the most careful training of the group members, and if all of youDiscipleship1, 285:and if all of you submit intelligently to this training and discipline, it will be possible, later,Discipleship1, 289:demanded because the steady discipline of occult training frets a temperament still essentiallyDiscipleship1, 291:render in the world. Yet these two are one. The training of the New Age, and the coming techniqueDiscipleship1, 292:The lesson of your interlude of deepened quiet training was detachment and the unfoldment of rightDiscipleship1, 301:can be rendered to you. But the group and the training to which it subjects itself can give youDiscipleship1, 302:growth which from time to time is part of the training of the disciple upon the Path. Now the fruitDiscipleship1, 305:symbols which I seek to have you contact as a training in inner sensitivity. See if you can contactDiscipleship1, 306:finally for the group of students which you are training for me. Realize that as you do this twoDiscipleship1, 311:thought. It is good exercise for the disciple in training. Let your influence, welling forth from aDiscipleship1, 312:of thought control, plus (in this life) academic training. For the rest of your life seek to becomeDiscipleship1, 312:form of written help. I am seeking your help in training aspirants to become conscious disciples.Discipleship1, 333:to differentiate more accurately in the year of training which lies ahead: That of your own soul atDiscipleship1, 344:This must be guarded against; for disciples in training, fanaticism is not desirable. In this briefDiscipleship1, 347:except tell you to wait with patience? In occult training, the old adage remains profoundly trueDiscipleship1, 348:particularly in your own department of life and training. The significance of patient waiting, bothDiscipleship1, 380:work, offering them their needed opportunity and training, but in complete self-forgetfulness. ToDiscipleship1, 387:But for you, as a soul and as a disciple under training, there need be no arresting of the processDiscipleship1, 388:for inspiration. As I told you earlier in your training, spiritual effectiveness is your goal andDiscipleship1, 388:of selection which is your main and self-chosen training ground. I seek today to change yourDiscipleship1, 406:the right to a more specialized and individual training. Secondly, you possess a definite gift ofDiscipleship1, 408:enter into their consciousness will give you the training which you need and will enable you laterDiscipleship1, 408:and not simply undertaking a mode of personal training... The individual angle of this work is ofDiscipleship1, 438:so many disciples upon the second ray who are in training for future world salvaging. Like ourDiscipleship1, 441:This has involved, in your case, the careful training of yourself in selfless service, and theDiscipleship1, 442:be an interpreter is an important part of your training; for this purpose your soul has brought youDiscipleship1, 446:you, as with my other disciples in preliminary training, I would like to indicate the conditioningDiscipleship1, 453:and what should develop in that field of training. What are the needs of the coming generation? TheDiscipleship1, 458:life with its similarity of inner activity and training. The emerging fact that none of you isDiscipleship1, 458:your outer circumstances may differ but the training and the objective are one. Loneliness will endDiscipleship1, 475:nature is better purified and cleansed. I am training this group of disciples, affiliated with myDiscipleship1, 484:Forget not, however, that the purpose of all training which I have given you and all my disciplesDiscipleship1, 511:are no exception, being a disciple in definite training. Disciples who live on mental levels areDiscipleship1, 511:to enter: First of all, the glamor of special training wherein the disciple over-estimates hisDiscipleship1, 531:me to offer you this opportunity for specialized training. You have been puzzled over this choice,Discipleship1, 532:the expected progress, I will start the occult training which you so much desire. One thing I willDiscipleship1, 545:are entering now upon a few years of intensified training. For this you must be prepared. Are youDiscipleship1, 550:acquired much of it and for him there comes the training (again in the quiet of his room) to use itDiscipleship1, 553:you the way of release. Like all disciples, in training on the Path of Accepted Discipleship orDiscipleship1, 561:You are naturally a teacher, and a teacher in training; you can teach and should teach. Seize everyDiscipleship1, 561:my brother, what is my objective in this initial training to which I ask you to subject yourself.Discipleship1, 569:to you why I have stressed this aspect of training in your life and work. Discipleship1, 595:days of world agony, to give to the particular training of any of you. I only offer opportunity.Discipleship1, 624:Hilarion is lifting a good deal of the work of training sixth ray disciples off the shoulders ofDiscipleship1, 626:deeply loved by you and fostered by early training and present circumstance which militates againstDiscipleship1, 628:It will also enable me to give you some training as a practical psychologist - never an easy thingDiscipleship1, 634:[634] Have you ever noticed that I am training you to come out of your tower of isolation, and yetDiscipleship1, 634:of isolation, and yet at the same time I am training C. D. P. to stay up on the summit of herDiscipleship1, 634:true direction. If you will look back upon the training which I have given you during the past fewDiscipleship1, 638:and good psychologist, not only from academic training but from a full experience in other livesDiscipleship1, 645:I welcome you into this group for special training with the view of special service. It is no easyDiscipleship1, 651:present sphere of service will provide a fine training ground in the matter. Then your power toDiscipleship1, 660:you when you entered this group of disciples in training - the word restfulness. Do not work soDiscipleship1, 665:a possible line of action. I suggest a mode of training and of meditation and then leave each ofDiscipleship1, 683:This involves, as I have pointed out, their training in adaptation, in the recognition of true
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