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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TRAINING

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Discipleship2, 301:that you have placed yourselves in my Ashram for training in the most difficult period in theDiscipleship2, 302:it again indicates the distinction between the training being given now and that which was given inDiscipleship2, 306:is), it is of major importance to disciples in training for initiation, because it will steadilyDiscipleship2, 306:summarize a most definite technique in the training of disciples for initiation. All life isDiscipleship2, 308:cooperates intelligently in the new systems of training. You will note the relation (if you call itDiscipleship2, 310:period. You should realize that all phases of training - those that are associated with life itselfDiscipleship2, 310:associated with life itself and that specialized training which is given to initiates - areDiscipleship2, 310:- are interlocking and interdependent. It is training, brother of mine, not strictly education.Discipleship2, 311:biology or history. But in initiate [311] training, where the objective is wisdom and (above allDiscipleship2, 311:is closely related to another of our themes: Training in Telepathy or the Science of Impression.Discipleship2, 311:than does the man who is taking the training which makes him sensitive to Impression. He knows theDiscipleship2, 311:dealing with here, in connection with initiate training, is the impending realization for which anyDiscipleship2, 319:and this change constitutes one of the modes of training the disciples of the New Age. The modernDiscipleship2, 319:and right thinking - is a part of the training of the initiate, and many thus in training delayDiscipleship2, 319:the training of the initiate, and many thus in training delay their progress by not recognizing theDiscipleship2, 334:governs the Masters when they are choosing and training a group for initiation. The Master is notDiscipleship2, 335:emphases, these people were and are ready for training. Their failings and faults will disappearDiscipleship2, 343:orientation. [343] Do I recognize in the life-training which I am receiving preparatory steps forDiscipleship2, 343:intended for the guidance of the disciple in training; the formulas are of wider connotation andDiscipleship2, 343:of life. The synthesis of the teaching or of the training given is something which you should notDiscipleship2, 348:Points of Revelation; they are aspects of the training given to the initiate. They are also - on aDiscipleship2, 354:the apparent significance is applicable to the training and the unfoldment of the individualDiscipleship2, 359:in both cases is dependent upon his background, training, circumstances and prejudices, plus hisDiscipleship2, 363:indicate a phase of hierarchical working and of training in a certain definite esoteric techniqueDiscipleship2, 366:think out for yourselves, and thus acquire the training which will enable you to see life in theDiscipleship2, 368:and are available as a result of ashramic training and of hierarchical initiation. I would remindDiscipleship2, 382:blending always more closely with the group in training, and is becoming an integral part of itDiscipleship2, 383:for the second initiation; others may be in training for the third initiation, and a few may beDiscipleship2, 383:members of his Ashram remained for tuition and training in service under that Master who took hisDiscipleship2, 388:orientation and right thinking - is part of the training of the initiate. Many thus in trainingDiscipleship2, 388:of the training of the initiate. Many thus in training delay their progress by not recognizing theDiscipleship2, 389:[389] which will be in order for the disciple in training; through hints he sows the seed ofDiscipleship2, 401:third initiation this third eye is subjected to training and begins to function in the twoDiscipleship2, 410:drastic changes in the presentation of the training to be given to aspirants and disciples. PeopleDiscipleship2, 413:Hierarchy, and in line, therefore, for ashramic training, was recognized as being now basicallyDiscipleship2, 414:of initiation. It is at this point that the new training in this new era of hierarchical activityDiscipleship2, 434:use of energy, and covers the entire period of training for energy distribution. Initiation is inDiscipleship2, 485:of understanding how you, as a disciple in training, can set up those relationships which willDiscipleship2, 485:is indicating to you the field of your future training - a training which will engross theDiscipleship2, 485:to you the field of your future training - a training which will engross the remainder of yourDiscipleship2, 485:will engross the remainder of your life. This training must be self-initiated and it must ever beDiscipleship2, 488:in the Arcane School and elsewhere, are in training for work in the New Age and in the next lifeDiscipleship2, 492:establishing of the gained soul contact and the training of the inner attentive man to catch theDiscipleship2, 510:strength and comfort. There comes a time in the training of any disciple when he must stand aloneDiscipleship2, 534:possible. You underwent a period of much training and inner adjustment. Is this not so, my brother?Discipleship2, 548:yourselves were primarily concerned with the training of the threefold personality and with anDiscipleship2, 548:with a specific emphasis laid upon the required training for initiation. It was not so much theDiscipleship2, 548:training for initiation. It was not so much the training of the personality which was underDiscipleship2, 549:of [549] life, but to governing principles in training. These three are: Occult Obedience. GroupDiscipleship2, 549:forms of obedience to the Master who has him in training, but to refrain from a complete surrenderDiscipleship2, 560:to that of the Ashram. There, the intensified training he receives makes him still more spirituallyDiscipleship2, 563:of manifestation. In the case of a disciple in training, true samadhi is not possible. The cyclesDiscipleship2, 564:stated periods, and one of the goals of our training is to move steadily forward into a closerDiscipleship2, 575:you can frequently attain. Temperament and training have developed it in you. The second rayDiscipleship2, 575:This makes for difficulty for it involves that training in paradoxes which is the secret ofDiscipleship2, 575:awakened consciousness which is the goal of all training for initiation and of this the training ofDiscipleship2, 575:of all training for initiation and of this the training of children to develop an awakenedDiscipleship2, 576:evidence that they are ready for this advanced training and for this you, as a group, must beDiscipleship2, 576:of the race of men and because - owing to your training and the field of your daily work - you areDiscipleship2, 586:know, is not the case in any true hierarchical training. Obedience, for the disciple, is a quickDiscipleship2, 588:of Master have - at some definite stage of their training - to make this attempt. A line of contactDiscipleship2, 594:years since you passed into my Ashram to get the training which will enable you later to take aDiscipleship2, 598:the Arcane School; it gave her much needed training and experience and enabled her to demonstrateDiscipleship2, 604:of force. If this can be grasped, disciples in training, will not over-emphasize the system ofDiscipleship2, 607:stored up by your soul through many lives of training; this knowledge, rapidly being transmuted byDiscipleship2, 616:made. Your present work in... provides a fine training ground for this future work, provided thatDiscipleship2, 618:bringing to your notice. Your work lies in training the senior students and for this you are wellDiscipleship2, 628:means to the Master who has a disciple under training and guidance. [629] It means that oneDiscipleship2, 629:here I would remind you that all the teaching, training and experience which you have undergone hasDiscipleship2, 659:some of the most promising material for training that we possess) are apt to be hard and unyieldingDiscipleship2, 665:Regard all that has happened to you as special training, what might be called "basic training," inDiscipleship2, 665:as special training, what might be called "basic training," in order that your future initiateDiscipleship2, 666:as are all in my group - accepted disciples in training - I will suggest the following lines ofDiscipleship2, 668:of this contact or designated service. By the training given, these disciples of high or low degreeDiscipleship2, 668:particular disciples are selected to take this training because of their interest in esotericDiscipleship2, 668:is not for me to say. It is connected with the training to be given neophytes and aspirants in theDiscipleship2, 669:Of these, you can be one. The first phase of the training given is to impose at least one life ofDiscipleship2, 669:stability is assured and immovable. Much further training necessarily is demanded, but there isDiscipleship2, 670:group is called, and are upon a peculiar path of training. Step by step, the nature of this PathDiscipleship2, 671:to which those who are to undergo a special training to fit them to form the special group of theDiscipleship2, 671:present task to aid you on this way of peculiar training. Have you ever thought, my brother, thatDiscipleship2, 676:An Ashram exists for work and not primarily for training disciples. That training is necessarilyDiscipleship2, 676:and not primarily for training disciples. That training is necessarily given, but the prime objectDiscipleship2, 676:its members of all degrees - the disciples in training for some initiation or another. To insureDiscipleship2, 676:the individual disciple or initiate receives training, injunctions as to character development andDiscipleship2, 691:beloved brother, that what I am really doing is training you for a special piece of service - theDiscipleship2, 692:reconcile yourself. Because of this planned training - planned with the consent of your soul and ofDiscipleship2, 693:in connection with the world of thought. The training given to a disciple when he enters theDiscipleship2, 704:to [704] several things: First, that you are in training for leadership, and leaders have to learnDiscipleship2, 704:the less is a lesson which all leaders in training have to grasp; the reverse, my brother, is notDiscipleship2, 727:nowhere. Why? Because you had neither the training nor the capacity to do the work. It will beDiscipleship2, 731:combination of three and one. For this the training, discipline and discoveries of the presentDiscipleship2, 735:provides the battleground for the disciple in training. Twelve of the group members have the fourthDiscipleship2, 742:But I look for more than that from those in training and in preparation for initiation. You are inDiscipleship2, 746:to lift off the shoulders of the Masters the training of aspirants for discipleship and thus toDiscipleship2, 746:an embryonic manner; more difficult and specific training should be given to the few who areDiscipleship2, 756:convey to you the attitude of all disciples in training for initiation. This attitude is one ofDiscipleship2, 761:and that this urgency warrants an intensified training given disciples such as you. The contactEducation, 3:III. Education to date has been largely memory training, though there is now emerging theEducation, 4:human aura. IV. Education is more than memory training and more than informing a child or student
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