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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TRAINING

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Hercules, 14:the other is a son of God." "What of your training, Hercules, my son? What can you do and how haveHercules, 100:demonstrated that he was ready for testing and training. This is one of the most interesting laborsHercules, 102:sign wherein the self-conscious man begins his training for initiation. It is in this sign that weHercules, 102:path. When the labor of this sign ends, definite training for initiation in Capricorn is begun.Hercules, 184:and that by subjecting himself to certain training he could find a larger self; and so he passed onHercules, 185:and societies, brotherhoods that are happy training grounds for ambitious people. I do not mean toHercules, 202:he will work through his own; that he [202] is training people now so that the day will come whenHercules, 208:which portray, for all time, the nature of the training and the attainments which shouldInitiation, 37:Hierarchy who were willing to undergo a specific training and expansion of consciousness. In turnInitiation, 60:future, may be in place here. First, the work of training their pupils and disciples to fit them toInitiation, 61:of this present century, and the other, the training of them to be of use in the founding of theInitiation, 66:initiation, but a beginning is made early in the training. Initiation, 69:policy is being pursued. An intensified training is being given to some disciples by some MastersInitiation, 80:disciple carried forward, and his testing and training carried out. Thus is he brought - throughInitiation, 89:fourth initiation can be taken, the work of [89] training is intensified, and the hastening andInitiation, 166:to do in three ways: First, by a long prior training in observation; this can be begun here and nowInitiation, 187:significance of this expression. 3. The Path of Training for Planetary Logoi This Path is troddenInitiation, 187:the divine psychologists, and therefore in the training for this post psychology is the basicIntellect, 3:supplant the present methods of memory training, and prove a potent factor in modern educationalIntellect, 4:the Eastern and the Western techniques of mental training. This has already proceeded apace andIntellect, 7:Chapter One - Introductory Thoughts It is in the training of the mind that the crux of theIntellect, 22:be possible to people with an adequate system of training. We are smugly satisfied with our growthIntellect, 22:and with the gifted man or woman. Our mode of training our youth is standing decidedly before theIntellect, 23:and cultured the individual. An intensified training was given to the so-called upper classes, andIntellect, 24:to revert to the ancient method of specialized training for the special individual - a reversionIntellect, 24:this presentation deals primarily with memory training, with the impartation of so-called facts,Intellect, 25:and capacities, especially through vocational training, in order that they may be economicallyIntellect, 25:teach them the real meaning of intellection as a training whereby the intuition is released. WeIntellect, 28:inferior and the backward must also have special training in order that they may come up to theIntellect, 28:education has for its great end, therefore, the training and development of the individual forIntellect, 29:up to the soaring demand of the human soul. A training that stops short with the intellect, andIntellect, 30:us, lies outside the realm of scientific [30] training altogether. - Wiggam, Albert Edward, The NewIntellect, 30:opened for those who can go beyond the academic training of the mind with relation to physicalIntellect, 32:itself with the technique by which a specialized training and self-culture can be applied by everyIntellect, 35:the human race, who added to their equipment and training a specialized culture which enabled themIntellect, 39:contemplation. From being a process of memory training, and the development of a quick handling ofIntellect, 40:just as the human type is the product of mass training and instinct and has been tremendouslyIntellect, 40:type is the product of a new method of mental training, imposed on the individual by his soul, andIntellect, 41:The result of this intensive and individual training has been spectacular in the extreme. TheIntellect, 42:be seen in the great organized religions. In the training of the highly developed individuals,Intellect, 43:as a storehouse for imparted facts and the training given every child is intended to make him aIntellect, 43:tens of thousands of men, standardizing them and training them so that we turn out a human product,Intellect, 44:Uniqueness Mass Education Specialized Training Science Religion Memory Training MeditationIntellect, 44:Specialized Training Science Religion Memory Training Meditation Investigation Reflection Yet theIntellect, 87:sound methods of exoteric education and of training; the second is made possible throughIntellect, 96:no easy thing to do, but it is possible through training in spiritual reading. Intellect, 129:experience, the old education with its memory training, its books and lectures and itsIntellect, 135:type, some serious, persistent, intellectual training (designed to create mental alertness andIntellect, 153:forward his education from the stage of memory training and the grasping of information to that ofIntellect, 178:lacks the needed open-mindedness, the definite training and the equipment. Second: AnotherIntellect, 216:or have the focused attentiveness that business training confers, we need only to reorient the mindIntellect, 223:for this form of tuition, and it was added to a training which had produced a certain measure ofIntellect, 244:are too busy with group activities and with the training of the advanced thinkers and leaders ofIntellect, 255:and not to meditate, at this stage of his training. So he suffers, and has a nervous breakdown, orMagic, 14:accepts them, lacking as he does the necessary training and equipment. The dicta of science, theMagic, 16:found. The minds of the race are in process of training and many are hovering on the borders of aMagic, 25:and meaning to experts in the subject owing to training and mental development, so there are thoseMagic, 32:we have submitted ourselves [32] to the needed training we are in no position to deny or affirmMagic, 54:application to the magical work itself as in training the magician, and in developing him from [55]Magic, 55:and can be trusted to carry forward the training of the man to fruition, unhampered (as youMagic, 127:whilst later it is sounded inaudibly. This training in the sound of the AUM is an unconsciousMagic, 152:of, and through, the medium of the form. In the training of the occidental student, blindMagic, 153:the physical plane will be imparted, but in the training of the new type of disciple during theMagic, 153:are urged to go forward during their period of training with courage and with joy, knowing thatMagic, 158:disciple and his work, and will deal with his training in the magical work of the ego, as that egoMagic, 158:to be practical; they will emphasize the training and discipline of the disciple, and, scatteredMagic, 163:will be seen why, in all systems of true occult training, the emphasis is laid on right thinking,Magic, 165:are submitting themselves to a discipline and a training which will make its use a demonstratedMagic, 166:to all true and earnest aspirants that, in the training to be given during the next few decades,Magic, 167:ascertained by the probationer. A great deal of training is given to a probationer without hisMagic, 187:and not because a man is to receive a cultural training which will make him an adept some day.Magic, 190:part of the purposed intent of the aspirant's training. It is easy to generalize. It is difficultMagic, 194:of the Path of Discipleship. The emphasis, for training purposes, is laid upon only three of them.Magic, 200:will not be considered at this stage of our training. The reason is obvious. Most aspirants are atMagic, 200:piece of information given in the course of the training, and making it a fact in your experience,Magic, 200:into which the initiate enters," and it is the training he receives as an aspirant that makes suchMagic, 252:emphasis laid in all true schools of esoteric training upon a focused mind, a capacity toMagic, 259:step towards its overcoming. These groups are in training and this must be borne in mind or elseMagic, 267:the distinction become apparent, and hence the training of the aspirant in right motive as aMagic, 323:sagacity and thus find a helper. All occult training has in view the development of the aspirant soMagic, 323:be remembered, however, that under the law, this training will be cyclic, and will have its ebb andMagic, 348:Those who, with open eyes, enter on occult training need indeed to count the cost. The reward atMagic, 362:of aspirants will follow in your footsteps. The training of the mental body has a value, and manyMagic, 375:and of the disciple, up to the time of his training for the third initiation. He begins with aMagic, 379:within, and little attention was paid (in Their training of Their disciples) to the bringing aboutMagic, 383:They kept Their mental force in abeyance when training the initiates until the time the thirdMagic, 398:devotion" or bhakti yoga was initiated for the training of the aspirants at that time. A physicalMagic, 398:hierarchical work on earth and thus constitute a training [399] school for those who later would beMagic, 404:bring this about has been the objective of all training given during the past 400 years, and fromMagic, 429:in time develop its own "yoga" and school of training which will gradually supersede that of theMagic, 429:raja yoga and bhakti yoga schools. The method of training will only be given to those who haveMagic, 429:the key to what is now going on. The mode of training will be no easy short cut to the goal. OnlyMagic, 476:by the advertising agencies and the constant training given to salesmen in the use of the spokenMagic, 476:soul in all fields of creative enterprise? The training of public opinion, the utilization of catchMagic, 493:have dealt primarily with the nature and mode of training of the astral body. Later on in thisMagic, 502:is that there can be a technique of dying and a training given during life which will lead up toMagic, 502:utilization of that technique. As regards the training to which a man can submit himself I willMagic, 503:life, this unification is proceeding and in the training now suggested to earnest and sincereMagic, 523:generally useful. It deals primarily with the training of the aspirant so that he can, in his turn,Magic, 523:in the materializing of the plans of God. The training of the aspirant, the indicating to him of
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