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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TRAINING

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Magic, 551:activity by the power of thought and hence, in training them to be creators and in teaching them toMagic, 571:they really can apply themselves to the real training for discipleship. Grasping the relationMagic, 581:hours of the day. The field of our occult training is the field of the world and the world of ourMagic, 588:it has no bearing on the matter of personal training, that this method, first of a long period ofMagic, 607:established. That is why the emphasis is laid in training the members of this group in the newMagic, 609:We have seen that the objective of all inner training is to develop the esoteric sense, and toMagic, 632:Magic - Rule Fifteen - The New Age Groups and Training The New Age Groups and Training To those ofMagic, 632:Age Groups and Training The New Age Groups and Training To those of us who are working on the innerMagic, 634:Magic - Rule Fifteen - The New Age Groups and Training The second great test of the sensitiveMagic, 636:Magic - Rule Fifteen - The New Age Groups and Training It might be pointed out that there are threeMagic, 636:I am not here dealing with the individual training of the disciple but with his life of service,Magic, 636:help, and also his family background, his world training and his speech. The first point of dangerMagic, 638:Magic - Rule Fifteen - The New Age Groups and Training Where, however, there is steady growth, anMeditation, 43:for the development of that principle and the training of people in the helping of the world. TheMeditation, 69:deal with child culture, with the individual training of people, with the guidance of persons onMeditation, 69:groups or centers formed for definite occult training... Only those whose vibratory capacity isMeditation, 90:character to be lightly disposed of, and in the training of man along these lines only those areMeditation, 114:truth many avenues of knowledge. All occult training has this in view, - to give to the pupil someMeditation, 265:and cover the period wherein the man is under training until the time when he himself becomes anMeditation, 279:teaching) he is subjected to a more intensified training... The Master works in the earlier stagesMeditation, 297:letter I shall attempt somewhat to show how the training and development indicated in the otherMeditation, 298:sufficient barrier to any general acceptation of training, and of the scientific development of theMeditation, 298:- is far from being ready for occult training. Experiments are being made now, unknown oft to theMeditation, 301:as desired if each one who is now under occult training strains every nerve and bends every effortMeditation, 302:central office for the educational disciplinary training work of the Hierarchy. There will be foundMeditation, 303:and the line of safety to refrain from occult training in another school or under another Master."Meditation, 304:that are the result of the imparted training; these lead a man on from step to step till heMeditation, 306:only those nations which originally had a training school for the mysteries (with three exceptions)Meditation, 307:in either Scotland or Wales, a branch for occult training will be begun before so very long, whichMeditation, 307:years and has proved the effectiveness of its training, and after troubled Ireland has adjusted herMeditation, 309:obedience, which is an essential in all occult training, will be fostered and developed, being notMeditation, 312:development of the threefold lower man, and his training in service. The advanced school definitelyMeditation, 312:within, whilst the advanced school expands that training into one which includes the kingdom of GodMeditation, 313:lectures), for in the preparation of true occult training the astral and mental equipping of theMeditation, 313:sense. This necessitates, during the period of training, comparative seclusion, and this theMeditation, 316:these teachers will be devoted to the definite training and inner development of the threefold man.Meditation, 318:- sole judge and autocrat. The risks of occult training are too great to permit of trifling, andMeditation, 332:They see some who, with a certain amount of training, will fill the need fairly adequately. AsMeditation, 334:Letter X - The Purification of the Vehicles The Training of the Physical Body This involves certainMeditation, 337:by science, and definitely included in the training offered by the faculty of medicine. The studyMeditation, 347:prior [347] to entering the Hall of Wisdom. In training the mind body he seeks therefore orderlyPatanjali, 24:memory activity which is the result of mental training, the accumulation of acquired facts, thePatanjali, 52:soul to cosmic soul force. The intensive training given towards the climax by the occult HierarchyPatanjali, 54:consciousness are brought about through specific training. Patanjali, 125:by God, man or deva. One object of a disciple's training is to enable him to ascertain that whichPatanjali, 170:two parts: Discipleship itself or the steadfast training and discipline administered to thePatanjali, 284:has not passed through the long discipline and training involved in the work of gaining control ofPatanjali, 289:having for its objective the following: Training the aspirant so that he can enter into subtlerPatanjali, 384:specifically the life preparation for the true training in yoga practice, and when practiced, bringPatanjali, xiii:that the Essenes and other schools of mystical training and thought, closely connected with theProblems, 18:and attention must be paid to the careful training of the individual to think and act for himselfProblems, 33:living and the newer aspects of mental training; no scientific bridging has been done and littleProblems, 33:vision will take his place, thus providing a training which will enable the youth of any nation toProblems, 50:in the West. In Asia we have had the intensive training, down the centuries, of certain carefullyProblems, 50:groups, giving them a carefully planned cultural training but teaching only the necessary rudimentsProblems, 51:to the demands of the times. Education is the training, intelligently given, which will enable theProblems, 53:are the natural results. This also involves training for specialized activities, based upon innateProblems, 53:in its relation to other nations. This covers training for citizenship, for parenthood, and forProblems, 53:an understanding of humanity. When this type of training is given, we shall develop men and womenProblems, 54:When made more scientific it opens the door for training in the sciences; it gives significance andProblems, 54:of facts and the crude process of memory training which has been distinctive of past methods. Problems, 56:(when true religion is again restored) that this training will be fundamentally spiritual, usingProblems, 58:- as is now usually the case - with the training of the memory and the parrot like recording ofProblems, 60:will be broken down, prejudices removed and a training given to the developing child which willProblems, 61:care will have to be given in picking and training the teachers of the future and particularlyProblems, 63:hand but as yet the emphasis is not laid in training teachers or influencing parents. Much, veryProblems, 127:that theological seminaries must begin to teach, training their men to think for themselves and toProblems, 158:proved. Scientifically applied discipline and training will enable mankind to function under theProblems, 158:inner divinity, or interior spiritual man; this training will also reveal to them the fact of GodPsychology1, xvii:line of instruction will carry forward their training with the most speed? - for speed is anPsychology1, xviii:to those of us who are responsible for the training and for the preparation of the group of worldPsychology1, xviii:will be held over for later unfoldment. We are training men and women everywhere so that they canPsychology1, xviii:of minor importance. It is for the purpose of training aspirants so that group awareness may bePsychology1, xviii:which indicate soul growth. For this, the training school of the world itself suffices. TherePsychology1, 41:or appearances: Aspirants who are studying and training themselves to live the life of servicePsychology1, 85:Magic is an attempt to lay down the rules for training and for work which will make it possible forPsychology1, 100:and its definite and specialized cultivation. Training in creative work and a study of thePsychology1, 100:a study of the difference between this kind of training and training for vocational work. CreativePsychology1, 100:the difference between this kind of training and training for vocational work. Creative work provesPsychology1, 100:work proves the fact of the soul; vocational training demonstrates the type of the personality.Psychology1, 100:phenomena in a new light. The scientific training of clairvoyants and the intelligent developmentPsychology1, 105:a fruitful field of [105] activity lies. In the training of the higher types of men in the use ofPsychology1, 106:of Them has a few, a very few, probationers in training, to take the place of chelas who pass on toPsychology1, 107:seen much teaching given out and much esoteric training given to the world and available now to allPsychology1, 111:which I may impart are of moment to you. The training [112] of the intuition to recognize spiritualPsychology1, 112:in group teaching and in group endeavor. We are training men to live as souls and not as childrenPsychology1, 113:and disciples being subjected to definite training. But it must be remembered (in spite of allPsychology1, 113:devotees of the world to the contrary) that no training is given in these cases as to the handlingPsychology1, 113:to reassure or satisfy the unstable personality. Training aspirants as to the technique ofPsychology1, 114:groups, the suggestions made, the experiments in training to be attempted, and the techniquePsychology1, 115:and the group development which count with the training staff of workers, and the individual isPsychology1, 115:important to remember that the attitude of the training initiate or teacher is one of completePsychology1, 115:the aspirant on the physical plane, nor to the training of his emotional nature and his astralPsychology1, 117:working from the subjective side of life. This training is never organized and arranged for on thePsychology1, 117:- working on the physical plane - engaged in training groups of communicators to be employed laterPsychology1, 120:the coming new approach to the correct method of training and developing the human family. ModernPsychology1, 153:of the disciples and initiates under training), can and does lead them into a measured sequence ofPsychology1, 172:Plan automatically brought about an augmented training of those men and women who showed signs ofPsychology1, 181:among all nations. But today there is no training given upon the process of contacting the world ofPsychology1, 183:to which I refer, and in their hands lies the training of humanity so that men may use that true
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