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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TRAINING

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Rays, 292:This might be called the "introverted stage" of training because it brings the would-be disciple toRays, 297:at the same time subjecting himself to the training required in order to enable him to take hisRays, 301:though it has its due place in the process of training and perfecting." There is an old catechismRays, 312:indicated has nothing whatever to do with the training and the discipline to which he willRays, 316:the relation of the man "under discipline and in training" is only a tendency; there is only aRays, 323:as a basis for the instruction of disciples in training for an initiation. In Discipleship in theRays, 324:and from the point of view of the esoteric training of the accepted aspirant or disciple. (TheseRays, 332:changes wrought in the awareness and in the training of those who work through and in these twoRays, 343:by a Master on the same ray, for group training. Opportunity is given to such people to contact onRays, 343:information. As long as a disciple in training is focused in his personality, group initiation willRays, 343:initiation cannot be achieved by a group in training until the members, as a group, have developedRays, 345:the emphasis was still (during the training period) upon individual attainment and achievement.Rays, 346:have large groups undergoing their preparatory training for some one initiation. This groupRays, 382:enlightenment" could receive the needed training. The process of creation had reached theRays, 384:possibility then emerged; man could, through training [385] and the use of the mind, make contactRays, 391:He will find Himself, as a result of the new training and field of experience, able to work on anyRays, 391:by the Master enables Him to take the required training to enter His chosen Path, and this trainingRays, 391:training to enter His chosen Path, and this training is taken entirely upon cosmic etheric levels -Rays, 392:the [392] standpoint of Those responsible for training the Master and the higher Initiate. It isRays, 393:and has no relation to the mind nature. This training in decision is given by forcing the Master toRays, 395:the Ashram, surrounded by all those who are in training and who are the agents of His will. ThroughRays, 396:Service. The Path of Magnetic Work. The Path of Training for Planetary Logoi. The Path to Sirius.Rays, 398:The Hierarchy, as we have seen, gives the needed training for that wider service, and the theme ofRays, 399:to the cosmic astral plane. Path 3. The Path for Training for Planetary Logoi leads to the higherRays, 404:only Those upon the fifth ray) receive careful training in the manipulation of energies, and henceRays, 405:and the Mysteries of Initiation 3. The Path of Training for Planetary Logoi It is obviouslyRays, 405:it find Their way to the various schools for the training of planetary Logoi which are found withinRays, 405:Earth's Alter-Ego, and there They complete Their training, as far as our solar system can give it,Rays, 406:planetary Logos. The Masters taking this training are not occupied with individual states ofRays, 406:of the Lord of the World, and proceed - as Their training produces the desired capabilities - withRays, 406:Beyond that we need not proceed. Their whole training is concerned with the planetary, systemic andRays, 406:systemic life. The work of the Masters in training from our planet is, among other [407] things, toRays, 407:seldom attained by any other group of Masters in training. It must be realized that the Buddhas ofRays, 407:Path will, therefore, some day complete Their training for planetary Logoi by attaining the statusRays, 407:guidance of Their Own body of manifestation. The training of these Masters on the third Path mightRays, 408:the three major centers. The Masters thus in training gain experience of the methods used by theRays, 408:Logoi of all the seven sacred planets, and the training is therefore an exceedingly lengthy one. ItRays, 408:in particular, and upon other planets, as Their training is perfected. It is the impulsiveRays, 408:on this Path is, as I said, not large; the training is peculiarly arduous and is followed, whenRays, 412:to them, but all of them, if given the right training. This the premature discovery of the releaseRays, 413:decisions. He begins to take also the particular training, and to this the teaching in A TreatiseRays, 415:though the Masters use this energy whilst training disciples for the second, the fourth and theRays, 420:599-601.) which form the elementary basis of the training given on this fifth Path. Souls fromRays, 420:and value of differentiation. This period of training is followed by a mysterious process calledRays, 420:which describes the objective of the Master's training on this Path. The exclusive has to becomeRays, 421:sixth initiation has to learn to comprehend. The training given Him ends in another tremendousRays, 421:Those Masters Who decided to tread the Path of training for planetary Logoi. It is therefore farRays, 421:is trodden by Those Great Beings Who are in training for Solar Logoi. Of These, Sanat Kumara [422]Rays, 422:This sixth Path is one on which the Masters in training have to work with the devas who are soRays, 422:upon this Path, eventually and as part of Their training, enter the Council Chamber of some of theRays, 422:which are more advanced than ours; the Master in training then acts as the custodian of theseRays, 427:gained Electrical velocity PATH III. PATH OF TRAINING FOR PLANETARY LOGOS Attributes Cosmic vision,Rays, 428:constitutes a major problem for the disciple in training, and therefore our particular theme inRays, 432:and thus under the control of the disciple in training or in process of being prepared forRays, 434:the Path of Discipleship, the Path of Initiatory Training. They are now in a position to workRays, 435:becoming aware, building the antahkarana, training as a hierarchical worker within an Ashram,Rays, 437:for a constant emphasis, at this stage in the training of the average aspirant, on the need forRays, 467:granted by the Master Who has a disciple under training; their foundation and their recognition andRays, 470:word "alignment" is used much in modern esoteric training. I would point out that in making hisRays, 482:It has been known and followed by those who were training for affiliation with the Hierarchy, butRays, 522:as only preparatory in their nature. The training given in preparation for them, and the consequentRays, 534:it as a culminating ceremony of a period of training. The initiatory process is in reality theRays, 545:of their admission to the Ashram and of their training, have a potent effect upon those whom theyRays, 546:affairs are eliminated. Later on in his training, the Master may attempt to impress his mindRays, 549:the fourth and fifth initiations, and therefore training given to a Master. With it you have noRays, 625:process of pain, of [625] re-education and of training in right human relations, the German peopleRays, 653:he faces a period of intense preparation (not training, as that word is usually understood) for aRays, 663:their fellowmen. Those who have had the needed training and await the hour of initiation. As I haveRays, 691:are pledged and for which They are in constant training. As the evolutionary process proceeds, newRays, 712:I am of course referring here to the disciple in training and not to the Masters Themselves WhoRays, 744:- according to their background, tradition, training and place of birth - they regard some one ofReappearance, 97:Himself at this time to an unique process of training. Of this training, His thirty years of workReappearance, 97:time to an unique process of training. Of this training, His thirty years of work in theReappearance, 98:that it entails that He now subjects Himself to training. When this is completed, He can become inReappearance, 99:the centuries ahead of us. The lines which His training follows are known only to Christ, to theReappearance, 99:Avatar of Synthesis. All esoteric or spiritual training has to be self-applied; this is as true ofReappearance, 100:possible since. Hence the gathering out and the training of the New Group of World Servers. WhenReappearance, 142:These young men enter upon their religious training and preparation for the ministry with highReappearance, 156:in the cave of the heart, and indicate the training needed to bring about that great spiritualReappearance, 175:a question of right education and correct training in world citizenship - a thing that has not yetReappearance, 175:has not yet been undertaken. Who can give this training? Russia would gladly train the world in theReappearance, 180:of spiritual instinct, and of truly Christian training must do it. They must inaugurate the era ofReappearance, 181:Group of World Servers provides essentially a training ground and a field of experience for thoseSoul, 11:rich in suggestion for a more adequate training of the individual, but in a way that opens upSoul, 23:of other things that the behaviorist of strict training and rigid technology scorns, ignores andSoul, 28:study their methods and submit to their special training. In the sphere of the energizing Self, ofSoul, 71:process; it necessitates a specific technique of training." - Keyserling, Count Hermann, CreativeTelepathy, 22:In time, and as the result of technical training, the disciple can in this way reach the mind andTelepathy, 22:his own inner individual contacts and work and training. There is, however, a whole range ofTelepathy, 29:mind. However, a transmitter with more expert training can overcome this barrier. Much of theTelepathy, 58:IX. Expanding Areas of Conscious Interaction The training given by the Masters in Their Ashrams toTelepathy, 72:active use of the esoteric sense in the occult training offered to aspirants, disciples andTelepathy, 76:disciple on the inner planes to a disciple under training or who has just been admitted into anTelepathy, 85:some of Their plans and led Them to abandon the training of individual disciples in telepathicTelepathy, 85:of group initiation, thus shifting the area of training and the whole of the teaching process andTelepathy, 102:All disciples at some point or another of their training - have to work through this phase ofTelepathy, 115:it, pass through it or use it as a channel. This training is automatic; evidence of it can also beTelepathy, 128:essentially a blend of scientific and religious training; he has been reoriented to certain phasesTelepathy, 139:They will never regret it. Life itself, the training to be given in the future, the conclusions of
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