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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TRANSCENDED

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Patanjali, 153:smell and the mind, and that these six must be transcended and known for what they are. The meansPatanjali, 165:of the three worlds are not superseded but are transcended, for the greater always includes thePatanjali, 176:is satisfied. The third modification is transcended. The stage wherein he can say with truth "IPatanjali, 257:knowledge was likewise recognized, later to be transcended and forgotten. Now comes the finalPatanjali, 340:sheaths or bodies. When they are transmuted and transcended the light of God (the second divinePsychology1, 43:the Plan appear, but until the consciousness has transcended all human limitations and has includedPsychology1, 43:cannot be understood until the consciousness has transcended even that of the superhuman man, andPsychology1, 363:people regard themselves as having outgrown and transcended ritual. They pride themselves on havingPsychology2, 102:the ability to register sensuous perception is transcended, and momentarily the man escapes on toPsychology2, 103:and ancient phrase). Then pain is steadily transcended, and the pairs of opposites - pleasure andPsychology2, 105:are learning to transcend all that, and may have transcended to a great degree, but their love forPsychology2, 189:rules [189] and methods whereby speech can be transcended may become known and the new way ofPsychology2, 256:initiates [256] who have, in their own lives, transcended the lower reflection of the dualities canPsychology2, 604:which should, in this life, be permanently transcended and outgrown, having served its usefulRays, 79:Themselves through human experiences, They have transcended all that man can know and all states ofRays, 82:and the five worlds of life expression are transcended; at the third initiation the initiate graspsRays, 107:he knows. He is learning that that too must be transcended and superseded by intelligent love (onlyRays, 225:identification with the purpose of deity has transcended illumination of the mind, and has alsoRays, 225:illumination of the mind, and has also transcended cooperation through pure love with the Plan.Rays, 278:the three personality vehicles are completely transcended; they have become simply forms throughRays, 282:consciousness (as we understand it) is being transcended, and a new aspect of universal sentiencyRays, 304:as far as possible as an initiate thinks who has transcended the concrete mind and thinks, orRays, 674:form. All the limits of the form nature are then transcended. It is the vision of thisRays, 693:the Path of Discipleship. On that Path - having transcended the world of phenomena and establishedRays, 699:no energy centers, and His consciousness is transcended and transformed into a type of awareness ofTelepathy, 6:enter into the divine Mind, owing to His having transcended human limitation; the thought-directed
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