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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TRANSCENDENCE

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Astrology, 144:selflessness. The Cardinal Cross - The Cross of Transcendence. Personality life and form life andAstrology, 385:by physical means or rituals. It is a transcendence in consciousness. The esoteric ruler of TaurusAstrology, 422:of these mysteries become possible, and this transcendence is something you have not yetAstrology, 626:transfigured before them." The entire process of transcendence, resulting in transfiguration, isBethlehem, 34:divine Immanence, to perceive more of the divine Transcendence, and to register with anBethlehem, 139:Dr. Bosanquet says that: "...his innate self-transcendence, his ineradicable passion for the whole,Discipleship2, 216:reflection of humanity upon the fact of divine Transcendence and divine Immanence. It isDiscipleship2, 224:has to learn. Worship, or recognition of divine Transcendence and divine Immanence underlies allDiscipleship2, 657:first steps that the disciple takes towards the transcendence of the astral plane. I would pointExternalisation, 290:of the possible, the ideal and the divine. Transcendence. This means the innate capacity to passExternalisation, 290:is ever taking place and this process of transcendence will call forth increasing recognition. ItExternalisation, 290:have for so long held him to earth. Of this transcendence the present mastery over the air is theExternalisation, 291:now emerges: What, my brothers, next? Another transcendence lies ahead. It is one of the thingsFire, 723:achieved all that man can conceive of as the transcendence of will, of love and of intelligence,Fire, 1079:a "cycle of the second order" or of a period of transcendence of a still greater activity than inFire, 1246:within the monadic consciousness after the transcendence of the atmic sheath. These fourGlamour, 136:are [136] revealed; through the intuition, the transcendence and the immanence of God isIntellect, 194:goal: Unification with Deity; there is the same transcendence of the senses, the same focusing ofMagic, 110:accept his present limitation while seeking such transcendence as is his by the Divine Law ofMagic, 121:be taken nor that wisdom cometh. It is by the transcendence of the two, by the blending of painRays, 674:are then transcended. It is the vision of this transcendence which is communicated at the time ofRays, 761:may be taken or that wisdom comes. It is by the transcendence of the two, by the blending of pain
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