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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TRANSCENDENTAL

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Astrology, 444:of "solar fire" - as it shows itself in a transcendental idealism and radiance - by theAstrology, 558:minds will get a general picture or vision of transcendental possibilities which will aid them toBethlehem, 138:reach and the constant pull of the world of transcendental values have produced an acute problemBethlehem, 138:problem for the world. The primitive and the transcendental; the outer conscious man and the innerBethlehem, 158:the world of mundane living into the world of transcendental realities, the true subjective valuesDiscipleship1, 34:or by letters. Only those who possess certain transcendental senses can take initiation and shouldDiscipleship2, 380:the unavoidable imposition of the will of a transcendental Deity, and leads inevitably (thoughExternalisation, 55:aspect of the emerging truth might be called Transcendental Mysticism. The fact of the divineExternalisation, 55:for divine purposes by man. This might be called Transcendental Occultism. [56] The fact, impliedExternalisation, 56:group form, to each other. This might be called Transcendental Religion. More than this I will notFire, 287:play. Little by little the intuition, or the transcendental mind, begins to function, andHealing, 684:whatsoever of the form nature, even so high or transcendental a form as the soul in its ownHercules, 227:This is a physical plane happening as well as a transcendental one, as we find when we study theIntellect, 66:personality desires, or for those heavenly and transcendental possessions which the soul craves.Intellect, 131:now have reached brings us to the verge of the transcendental. We proceed upon hypothesis. TheIntellect, 132:of the spirit and the bonds of love' to real and transcendental things, constitutes in theIntellect, 137:The world of the soul is seen as a reality; the transcendental things are known to be facts inIntellect, 155:through it. And still, throughout all this transcendental process, the mind has been held steady inIntellect, 159:Leaving the subject of Union and the growth of transcendental powers for later consideration, weIntellect, 178:direct experience of divine realities, of transcendental truths and of the supernatural world.Intellect, 185:glowing love, together with the acquisition of transcendental powers and virtues, became aIntellect, 189:reality. He finds, when ignorance gives place to transcendental awareness, that he is identifiedMagic, 250:is the place of meeting, and there the work of transcendental magic becomes possible. This meetingPatanjali, 148:cannot think except in terms of form, however, transcendental those forms may be. Only those soulsSoul, 27:lies back of the form. It is spiritual and transcendental. It assumes a soul and a spirit and all
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