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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TRANSFER

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Astrology, 18:personality." This is a phrase indicating the transfer of the focus for the distribution of energyAstrology, 121:is clear in the mind of the man and before transfer is made on to the [122] Fixed Cross. It isAstrology, 127:man's consciousness when he is preparing to transfer off the Mutable Cross and mount the FixedAstrology, 446:and final evacuation of the Moon and the transfer of its life to our planet. Such a transfer is notAstrology, 446:the transfer of its life to our planet. Such a transfer is not necessary today as the consciousnessAutobiography, 92:of a Colonel Leslie who superintended my transfer from Ranikhet down to the plains. I had to go byAutobiography, 162:and chorales with an inner ear and then transfer it into musical notation. From whence do ourAutobiography, 280:means the learning of the rules which govern the transfer of your life effort out of the fourth orBethlehem, 157:feeling nature through divine expression, and to transfer the [158] consciousness away from theDestiny, 47:of divinity upon the planet and in the transfer of the human consciousness from the world ofDiscipleship1, 19:nature of the soul is love and the will-to-good. Transfer the energy, now turned to the vitalizingDiscipleship1, 127:producing a period of real difficulty. t will transfer the energy of the soul and the force of theDiscipleship1, 216:of energies from the soul plane will produce the transfer of energies, gathered up and pouredDiscipleship1, 572:attention upon your soul problem which is to transfer your consciousness off the sixth [573] ray onDiscipleship1, 573:and hence your soul, being on a minor ray, must transfer to that line. As you know, the sequence ofDiscipleship1, 573:you know, the sequence of activity is ever the transfer of the fourth and sixth rays on to theDiscipleship1, 574:specifically with your physical condition. The transfer of your focus out of the head into theDiscipleship2, 151:The first meditation was concerned with the transfer of energy from the solar plexus center to theDiscipleship2, 153:in the ability of these centers to register and transfer energies which enter into the lowerDiscipleship2, 206:One who dwells in the highest plane." They then transfer the focused received energies - after dueDiscipleship2, 359:nearly as I can translate it for you, or rather, transfer into words what were originally wordDiscipleship2, 364:soul and the egoic lotus. It is related to the transfer of soul energy into the antahkarana,Discipleship2, 460:life has been the same as that of A.A.B. - the transfer of energy from the solar plexus to theDiscipleship2, 461:there must be a change of life focus and a transfer of energy from the astral body into the mentalDiscipleship2, 517:entailed in a transitional life wherein a major transfer must be effected. To all this again mustDiscipleship2, 517:of your second ray soul, and thus facilitate the transfer of your egoic consciousness off the sixthDiscipleship2, 563:if you profit by the presented opportunity) for transfer into the Ashram of the Master K.H. As youDiscipleship2, 563:Master K.H. or the Master M. so that they could transfer out of my Ashram into theirs; among theseDiscipleship2, 563:has been that you also brought about a great transfer of energy from the sacral center to theDiscipleship2, 563:condition, but only one of them, my brother. A transfer and centralization of the lower fires intoDiscipleship2, 565:and powerful understanding, prior to transfer into the Ashram of K.H. This transfer will eventuallyDiscipleship2, 565:prior to transfer into the Ashram of K.H. This transfer will eventually take place, but you are notDiscipleship2, 584:thought of blessing has in it the idea of the transfer of spiritual energy. Discipleship2, 616:not her work in direct relation with K.H.) the transfer was made. Your present work in... providesDiscipleship2, 701:past achievement of a high order, for the transfer from a minor ray is involved, and this is everDiscipleship2, 748:therefore needed who can absorb, transmute and transfer light. For this task you are peculiarlyFire, 176:seven. Second. Many of the guides of the race transfer from one ray to another as They are needed,Fire, 446:are taking advantage of this cosmic influence to transfer their activity to another system, givingFire, 484:energizing power when it becomes necessary to transfer the life of the Son from an old form into aFire, 726:things: first with the superintendence of the transfer of force units or egoic groups from oneFire, 726:into three groups: Those effecting the transfer from the minor schemes or Ray manifestations on toFire, 727:major Rays. Those producing the final systemic transfer at the end of the age. Secondly, certainFire, 859:should receive consideration. His work is to transfer the force or energy out of the two lower -Fire, 863:the lower force into the higher, of how to transfer his consciousness into the higher vehicles, andFire, 909:in the work of effecting the very necessary transfer of force from a lower to a higher center, andFire, 1077:ability to transcend their normal motion and to transfer themselves into some greater sphere in dueGlamour, 143:- which is the line of least resistance. Then transfer the light of the soul and the innate lightGlamour, 150:centers under the inspiration of the soul. To transfer or transmute the forces of the lowerGlamour, 225:factors which enables the sixth ray aspirant to transfer off the minor sixth ray and find his placeHealing, 62:to employ it. They can, with relative ease, transfer the sex impulse to the throat center, and thusHealing, 138:the aspirant or the probationary disciple is to transfer the forces from the centers below theHealing, 539:to affect definitely the man, superintending the transfer of energy from the soul to the mind, andHealing, 539:cooperate with the effort of his soul to transfer energy; the activity of his astral body isHealing, 592:this heading also, but these are confined to the transfer of energies (under soul impact) from theInitiation, 144:force thus liberated the initiate is enabled to transfer his consciousness more easily away fromInitiation, 201:physical plane. In illustration: Man can then transfer consciously the creative fire and energyInitiation, 204:- Rules for Applicants Rule 11 Let the disciple transfer the fire from the lower triangle to theIntellect, 41:This final emancipation, and consequent transfer of the center of consciousness from the human toIntellect, 77:This Patanjali emphasizes when he says: "The transfer of the consciousness from a lower vehicleIntellect, 79:of divine purpose, and the way by which the transfer of the human consciousness into that of soulMagic, 11:and utilize. He ceases to obstruct and begins to transfer. He brings to an end the cycle of theMagic, 198:is frequently prematurely awakened, through the transfer of energy from the sacral center. This isMeditation, 2:then the synthetic and abstract thinkers [2] can transfer their conceptions to the world of form.Meditation, 30:the Flame were called in and they effected the transfer of polarization from the lower atom of theMeditation, 146:can be dispensed with, and the man can at will transfer himself into his group, and laterMeditation, 259:Master of the Wisdom is One Who has effected the transfer of polarization from the three atoms ofMeditation, 274:bodies. He has to assist the pupil to effect the transfer of polarization from the lower threePatanjali, 41:the soul has [41] perceived, and the power to transfer that correct perception to the brain of thePatanjali, 212:man or soul on its own plane. The stages of this transfer might be stated to be as follows:Patanjali, 212:this transfer might be stated to be as follows: Transfer of the consciousness of the body, thePatanjali, 212:and its conscious definite centering there. Transfer of the consciousness out of the head or brainPatanjali, 212:or brain into the mind or mental body. In this transfer, the brain remains keenly alert and thePatanjali, 212:forward this abstracting or withdrawing process. Transfer of the consciousness from out of thePatanjali, 246:the aspirant gradually inwards and enable him to transfer his consciousness from the physical planePatanjali, 309:of transference and transmutation. He has to transfer the energy of the centers below the diaphragmPatanjali, 338:covers the ground beautifully as follows: "The transfer of a word by telepathy is the simplest andPatanjali, 369:power, intense desire or by meditation. 2. The transfer of the consciousness from a lower vehiclePatanjali, 369:and methods are not the true cause of the transfer of consciousness but they serve to removePatanjali, 381:of Patanjali - Book 4 - Illumination 2. The transfer of the consciousness from a lower vehicle intoPatanjali, 382:the process and the result. These words are, transfer, transmutation, and transformation. One ofPatanjali, 382:or new man, an "instrument meet for use." This transfer, transmutation and eventual transformationPatanjali, 383:and methods are not the true cause of the transfer of consciousness, but they serve to removePatanjali, 384:spiritual man, but are not the main cause of the transfer of his consciousness to the soul aspectPsychology1, 243:about an organizing of the animal brain, and the transfer of the power of the solar plexus centerPsychology1, 292:lower energies into the higher centers, and to transfer the focus of their attention from below toPsychology1, 380:of divinity in this world period, and in the transfer of the human consciousness from the world ofPsychology2, 51:permitted. These five points of crisis mark the transfer of soul life from one race to another.Psychology2, 122:humanity to focus intelligently in the mind. Transfer the energy of the solar plexus into thePsychology2, 522:and heart centers and are also beginning to transfer the forces which have been raised to the heartPsychology2, 544:elapse between the first effort to transmute and transfer the energies and that particular lifePsychology2, 587:is as a rule so undeveloped that the effort to transfer his consciousness into the higher levels ofRays, 22:Lord. Rule XI For Applicants: Let the disciple transfer the fire from the lower triangle to theRays, 359:mark or indication of the true initiate is the transfer of his life and his point of identificationRays, 587:initiate-workers. If they do not do this, they transfer into certain groups of workers who areRays, 678:centers into which all the lower energies must transfer. At the first initiation he was granted aRays, 693:in His place"; in the next solar system, He will transfer Himself to the Cardinal Cross, and fromSoul, 140:at each point. The psychological effects of this transfer of consciousness are interesting. WhenSoul, 157:light on this matter may appear. When the transfer is normal and not premature the outcome is alongTelepathy, 14:through which it is intended to convey the transfer of thought, of idea, of wish, of imprint, andTelepathy, 150:that the etheric body is the medium for the transfer of many types of energy. They forget the
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