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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TRANSFERENCE

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Astrology, 95:Capricorn. It culminates in the achievement of transference from off the Fixed Cross on to theAstrology, 95:is, in its turn, the logical sequence of the transference from off the Mutable or Common Cross onAstrology, 119:a great process of polarization and a moment of transference, after which the influence of theAstrology, 125:the probationary path with the consequence that transference to the Fixed Cross (which is all thatAstrology, 139:moon brings about, but Uranus causes the great transference in the human consciousness fromAstrology, 397:will prove the sublimatory effect of the transference to higher use of the sex energy. The rightAstrology, 512:diaphragm. Above the diaphragm. In process of transference from the lower to the higher. The raysAstrology, 515:its energies upward into its higher point of transference, the heart center. In another, it may beAstrology, 516:and the methods of their [516] assimilation and transference or elimination. Unless, however, thereAstrology, 519:of upheaval, chaos and of difficulty. This transference out of the lower states of consciousness,Astrology, 520:is truly taking place in the world today is the transference of the energy of the planetary solarAstrology, 641:of a chain. Inter-sectional - affecting the transference of force between the kingdoms in nature.Bethlehem, 204:The key to psychological healing lies in the transference and there is the closest possibleDiscipleship1, 219:implications are to be found in the transference of the psychical energy you wield from the solarDiscipleship1, 455:matters not the name. For you, it is the steady transference out of the heart into the head andDiscipleship1, 580:second; thus, in this egoic shift, there is a transference of energy. You are passing through anDiscipleship1, 725:and trust, for without that there can be no true transference of thought. Where love and trust doDiscipleship2, 120:are completed, then comes a lengthy process of transference. The solar plexus is the clearing houseDiscipleship2, 120:and from thence to the head. In this triple transference of the lower energies to the solar plexus,Discipleship2, 121:the disciple of the interrelation and eventual transference of energy from the personalityDiscipleship2, 122:nature and the method of transition and of transference is dependent upon the ray quality. One newDiscipleship2, 152:I sought to help you set up a facility of transference which would be of primary importance to youDiscipleship2, 179:X - Meditation I Meditation I - Heart Control - Transference You have here a technique whereby youDiscipleship2, 180:many Ashrams. The exhaustion of emotion and its transference - as a force - into the heart, thereDiscipleship2, 185:not by indicating the modes and acceptances of transference, but by establishing a constant habitDiscipleship2, 365:established relationships. It concerns life-transference and has relation to the presentation ofDiscipleship2, 444:you seek to inspire, for this leads to direct transference of energy; develop divine indifferenceDiscipleship2, 462:Repeat this exercise three times and do this transference exercise three times a day. Do not lookEducation, 52:force. The antahkarana is the medium of light transference. The antahkarana concerns the continuityExternalisation, 171:been cured if a process of transmutation and of transference had been correctly carried forward,Externalisation, 221:cost to the hindering forms. It is against this transference of emphasis that the Forces ofExternalisation, 401:of mankind through the distribution and the transference of spiritual energy so that the rightFire, 119:subplanes of the mental are the group of transference from off the personality ray on to the egoic.Fire, 136:in detail. I would only point out that in the transference of the fire at the base of the spine andFire, 138:cycle of development, and the beginning of the transference of the whole work to a still higherFire, 203:the human body an interesting reflection of the transference of the polarization from theFire, 208:the coordination of the buddhic vehicle, and the transference of the lower polarization into theFire, 287:paralleled in the animal kingdom by the gradual transference of the zone of activity from the solarFire, 365:vibratory radiation. Second, through a direct transference of the units in incarnation in anyFire, 365:These two methods are the most usual. This transference will seem mysteriously impossible unlessFire, 365:the student is careful to realize that it is the transference of the individualized lives and notFire, 365:of the individualized lives and not the transference of the forms which they occupy. The wholeFire, 366:for another scheme. Fourth, the fourth method of transference of consciousness, and the bringing ofFire, 391:into temporary pralaya, preparatory to their transference to another scheme, as the Earth schemeFire, 445:the processes of: Transmutation Incarnation Transference. In these three words His life-work isFire, 445:an extra-systemic Being. In all periods of the transference of the life from System to system,Fire, 446:movement is in order of accomplishment, and a transference is in progress which calls for HisFire, 446:which calls for His particular type of energy. A transference is being effected of certain groupsFire, 446:and Human Factor During this same cycle, a transference of units from out of the animal kingdomFire, 446:Transferrer is being called into activity by the transference during this cycle of a special groupFire, 447:souls found therein, it produces facility in the transference of atoms. So far-reaching are theFire, 450:blending of form and consciousness. Third. The transference of the conscious, sentient life fromFire, 487:processes of the third order, or with the transference of life into the animal forms. Only when theFire, 488:of substance, the resolution of the life, or the transference of energy into different forms. Fire, 491:Factor We have seen how in this question of the transference of the life from form to form, theFire, 495:forms of activity which are connected with the transference of life from graded form to form willFire, 496:his attention on this higher form of life transference and Through knowledge of the devas, ThroughFire, 500:from that of animal man. It concerns also the transference of the life on to manasic levels. II. OnFire, 501:working out in every life. The transmutation or transference into the Triad of the life of the EgoFire, 502:in the work of evolution, and in the gradual transference of His own life, and the life of HisFire, 526:human kingdom on the three lower planes. At his transference into the spiritual kingdom, theseFire, 644:the process of the initiation of man, and of his transference from the fourth kingdom into theFire, 727:schemes until but one is left; and then with the transference of the life and quality of thisFire, 727:one on to the third Ray. Those dealing with the transference and interaction of the life forcesFire, 727:physical appearance, and has relation to the transference of deva impulse from one scheme toFire, 733:a pralaya may be considered merely as a transference of force from one direction into another.Fire, 743:of abstraction of the seeds of all life, and its transference from one sphere to another. The seedFire, 810:at this time. It will further produce the transference of the race consciousness from the physicalFire, 845:4. The informing Life of a kingdom in nature. Transference in one of three directions: To the lineFire, 851:the object is sensation, and the method is force transference. Exactly the same understanding liesFire, 852:entire groups. A third factor has to do with the transference of Egos or lotuses from one sphere ofFire, 852:good on any plane. This whole question of the transference of egoic lotuses from any one scheme toFire, 864:centers. Roughly speaking, this period of the transference of the heat or energy of the lowerFire, 864:by the aspirant himself during the process of transference. [865] The second stage is that in whichFire, 1029:of the chains. Inter-sectional, or affecting the transference of force between the five kingdoms ofFire, 1031:interplay and inter-communication, and of force transference, and will bring out the concept thatFire, 1044:affinity," the "Marriage in the Heavens," the transference of the germs of life from the maleFire, 1067:are passed through; in every case transmutation, transference, or radiation takes place, and theFire, 1104:of the entire sheath. This means a more rapid transference of the atoms of low vibration out of theFire, 1137:of the astral plane that it is possible for transference eventually to be made out of that kingdomFire, 1145:concerns the planetary Logos, and deals with the transference of energy from the moon chain. ItFire, 1265:via the deva evolution, which can be entered by transference to the fifth, or Ray Path. On thisGlamour, 152:will end the disease of imperil and aid in the transference of the forces of the solar plexus intoGlamour, 180:phenomenal appearances. This is, therefore, the transference of the mystical vision to the higherHealing, 118:of a great reality. This leads to the transference of the attention of the one under the care ofHealing, 120:liver and respiratory troubles accompany this transference. Healing, 127:the world disciple, have mastered the process of transference in this respect, we shall see the newHealing, 171:them and refining them to the point where transference into the heart center becomes possible. MuchHealing, 174:the higher way. It should be noted here that the transference of solar plexus energy per se is theHealing, 175:will be obvious to you, for instance, that the transference of all the accumulated energies in theHealing, 175:difficulty and oft of tragedy. Similarly, the transference of the energies of the five centers upHealing, 177:we shall be reaching the point where a great transference can take place into the higher center ofHealing, 309:the patient is aware. This is called "occult transference" and should only be employed by those whoHealing, 367:self-effort, through decentralization, transference of interest, and unselfishness. NeurasthenicHealing, 555:There is apt to occur what we might call "transference." The healer takes on or takes over theHealing, 556:patient. Modes of protecting himself from any transference brought about through this rapport. TheHealing, 679:and in the type of death (called at this stage "transference") the fact of the Hierarchy and ofHercules, 89:gate of Cancer is entered through the process of transference out of the animal state ofInitiation, 138:casket which has so long shielded it, and its transference to "the crown," as it is occultlyInitiation, 139:a coordination of the buddhic vehicle, and the transference of the lower polarization into the
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