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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TRANSFERENCE

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Initiation, 179:plane, but only those initiations which mark his transference from a lower four into a higher threeInitiation, 190:via the deva evolution, which can be entered by transference to the fifth Path, the ray Path. OnInitiation, 204:the sex impulse, as usually understood, and the transference of the fire which now normallyIntellect, 79:in terms of transmutation as well as in those of transference of consciousness. Transmutation isMagic, 136:Words of Reconstruction" may come the ultimate transference of the forces of reconstruction toMagic, 139:which nature so wonderfully demonstrates. The transference of this law to the inner planes and itsMagic, 191:to be brought about in two ways. First, by the transference of the positive energy of the lowerMeditation, 8:It stabilizes vibration. It assists in a transference of polarization. [9] Let me this morning giveMeditation, 11:colossal. Then succeeding that, begins the transference to a higher vibration, the keying up to theMeditation, 11:dominant fifth of the Ego. 4. It assists in the transference of the polarization from one of theMeditation, 90:regularity and under correct instruction is the transference of the consciousness of the lower selfMeditation, 95:- it becomes the point of departure for the transference of the polarization into a higher body,Meditation, 99:sent down via the Ego, and a very dangerous transference of force to undesirable centers. This lackMeditation, 123:the emotional and later the mental, this act of transference of the vehicles will be more frequentMeditation, 223:In the stabilizing of the emotions, and in the transference of desire from that plane to theMeditation, 226:with that given in an earlier letter on the transference of polarization. There is a directMeditation, 267:ray of the Monad. You have here a cause of the transference of people from one ray to another. ItMeditation, 267:from one ray to another. It is only an apparent transference, even though it entails passing intoMeditation, 287:rays, and is one of great activity, of frequent transference, and of much mental display in thePatanjali, 41:but covers the point of realization and the transference of that realization to the brain where itPatanjali, 122:Bhakti Yoga resulted in their transmutation and transference into the two centers above thePatanjali, 234:weakening and by an understanding of the mode of transference (withdrawal or entrance), the mindPatanjali, 294:the awakening of his heart center and the transference of the fires of the solar plexus to thePatanjali, 309:and he can begin the great dual work of transference and transmutation. He has to transfer thePatanjali, 311:of the transmutative process and the transference which is effected in the solar plexus. The energyPatanjali, 327:and by an understanding of the mode of transference (withdrawal or entrance), the mind stuff (orPatanjali, 382:and states, higher or lower. The effect of the transference of our conscious thinking state from aPsychology1, 51:into a new sphere of awareness. This particular transference into higher forms of awareness tends,Psychology1, 76:connection with the fifth root-race and with the transference of the consciousness of humanity intoPsychology2, 437:or of livingness, of spiritual unity, of transference and of service, so that a new note will enterPsychology2, 497:by certain of them under the method of "transference") and in his desire to produce what hePsychology2, 514:- that master gland which is related to the transference of the various forces (found in the body)Psychology2, 514:centers definitely connected with the fact of transference: The solar plexus center which is thePsychology2, 522:is, as you can see, one of development, use and transference, as is the case in all evolutionaryPsychology2, 523:the following three [523] points, related to the transference of energy, must be borne in mind: 1.Psychology2, 523:must be borne in mind: 1. That there is a transference to be made from all the lower centers toPsychology2, 523:that this is usually done in two stages. This transference, carried on within the personality, isPsychology2, 523:on within the personality, is paralleled by the transference of spiritual energy from thatPsychology2, 523:becomes possible as the man makes the needed transference within himself. These transferences canPsychology2, 524:to mental impacts. A period wherein the first transference is being made. This can last a long timePsychology2, 525:the Probationary Path. A period wherein the transference is continued. The sacral forces arePsychology2, 525:forces are carried to the heart. The latter transference is as yet of so small a measure that thePsychology2, 525:yet of so small a measure that the effect of the transference is almost negligible. This period isPsychology2, 525:He is becoming the mystic. A second period of transference ensues and the ajna center, whichPsychology2, 527:of love and will. Then takes place the final transference of all the bodily and psychic energiesPsychology2, 527:of the centers and, secondly, the period of the transference of energy from the solar plexus to thePsychology2, 527:attendant tests and trials: The stage wherein transference is made of all the lower [528] energiesPsychology2, 528:This stage covers not only the process of transference but also that of focusing the forces in thePsychology2, 528:Purification and control. The stage wherein transference is made into the ajna center and thePsychology2, 530:You have to note consequently, the series of - transference, psychological difficulty andPsychology2, 530:through it. This is followed by a period of transference wherein the physical pull of sex and thePsychology2, 531:The cause of all this lies in the stage of transference. The lower energies are subject, as you canPsychology2, 531:are subject, as you can see, to two stages of transference: first, into the solar plexus and fromPsychology2, 540:of that "which is lower" and their necessary transference into that which is higher. A neededPsychology2, 542:of Disciples and Mystics 3. In the period of transference wherein the forces of the body are in aPsychology2, 542:and how serious can be the results of any transference which is forced into effect instead ofPsychology2, 542:are constituting the experimental ground for the transference of the energy of the sacral center toPsychology2, 545:everywhere at this time is caused by a mass transference which is steadily going forward in thePsychology2, 545:steadily going forward in the race. Through this transference, the solar plexus center is thrownPsychology2, 546:brought about in many cases by the processes of transference which are going on. One of thePsychology2, 546:above and away from the region where the transference is going on, except in those cases wherePsychology2, 549:and a removal of energy. When the science of the transference of energy from a lower center to aPsychology2, 549:centers in the head. The three major points of transference: - the solar plexus, the throat centerPsychology2, 549:center and the highest head center, as points of transference, only concern the initiate. ThePsychology2, 549:produced by the processes of awakening, transference and the focusing of the energy in the higherPsychology2, 550:well as physiological reactions. Today, the mass transference of the forces of the sacral centerPsychology2, 551:the human frame altogether. 2. In all cases of transference, the intense activity produced willPsychology2, 551:center at this time, which is a result of this transference, produces the abnormal tension whichPsychology2, 586:which has made these powers available. By the transference of the attention to the mystical lifePsychology2, 591:centers The opening of the higher centers The transference of force from one center to another.Rays, 5:plexus, and the part it plays as an organ of transference of energy from the three great centersRays, 217:a closely knit unit - it can move forward. This transference of the life or of the fire has to beRays, 218:realized higher levels, carried on until the transference is completed. All the time that this isRays, 219:the Ashram on buddhic levels, the technique of transference will not be committed to the group byRays, 219:carry out that task. What is this technique of transference? It falls into three stages, each oneRays, 220:vibratory activity all through the process of transference. I would remind you that the outstandingRays, 221:all in the Master's Ashram. The result of this transference is twofold: The outer group dies,Rays, 221:not upon contact with the soul. The goal will be transference and not union. Aspirants andRays, 221:which we are considering - the stage of the transference of the life from the outer form into theRays, 221:at least theoretically. The problem of life transference from the highest point of presentRays, 222:group enters upon its major test in this work of transference. The group members have unitedlyRays, 222:now, in the final stages of the great work of transference, the group has to arrive at a new pointRays, 224:lays a sound foundation for the final great transference, based upon the renunciation of that whichRays, 324:Mysteries and towards the activity of spiritual transference, which is one of the names given byRays, 422:this Path via the angel or deva evolution and by transference then to the fifth or ray Path.Rays, 559:(as I prefer to call it) always precedes this transference. This ray experience covers a vastSoul, 126:thus be termed clairaudient? And is not thought transference (which even the most skeptical mustSoul, 139:The second effect claimed by this group is the transference of the force below the diaphragm to theTelepathy, 161:of buddhic energy can enter and the process of transference of the higher ethers and theirTelepathy, 168:Path of Initiation. This interesting process of transference of energies is called by severalTelepathy, 170:of the centers below the diaphragm, or upon the transference of the energies of these centers into
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