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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TRANSFIGURATION

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Astrology, 84:Crisis of Initiation - The Cardinal Cross The Transfiguration - The Life of the SpiritAstrology, 167:once that summit has been reached. It is at the Transfiguration initiation that this vision appearsAstrology, 167:words "a karmic clearing house." The Mount of Transfiguration in the New Testament is Venus inAstrology, 315:of the Cardinal Cross, because the light of the Transfiguration (undergone in Capricorn) revealedAstrology, 330:clears the way to the mountain top, and produces transfiguration, thus revealing the rising sun.Astrology, 506:and macrocosmic - this fusion produces Transfiguration, the third initiation. The Logos of a sacredAstrology, 618:It knows Itself as the transfiguring will. This transfiguration is the fulfilment of purpose andAstrology, 618:do well to shift their eyes off the goal of transfiguration (achieved at the third initiation andAstrology, 618:- equally expectant - they should believe in the transfiguration of those lives in line with theAstrology, 619:ray is the second and that eventually brings transfiguration through the medium of the third and inAstrology, 626:as the will which transfigures. It was this transfiguration which Christ manifested when He emergedAstrology, 626:entire process of transcendence, resulting in transfiguration, is worked out in relation to theAutobiography, 238:in the life of the Christ - the birth, baptism, transfiguration, crucifixion and resurrection - andBethlehem, 9:Birth at Bethlehem. The Baptism in Jordan. The Transfiguration on Mount Carmel. The Crucifixion onBethlehem, 22:to us by Christ. (St. Matt., III, 11.) The Transfiguration. There perfection is for the first timeBethlehem, 23:soul. The initiates of the world are facing the Transfiguration initiation. Mind control and rightBethlehem, that i:the baptism of spirit and of fire, and the transfiguration of the nature can deliverance be found,Bethlehem, 42:Christ stand!" After the third initiation, the Transfiguration, when the personality has beenBethlehem, 43:initiation, the Birth; the third initiation, the Transfiguration; and the fifth, the Resurrection.Bethlehem, 48:followed by dedication to that Plan. After the Transfiguration He entered into a full realizationBethlehem, 60:John, X, 10.) took place in [60] a cave. The Transfiguration and the Crucifixion were enacted onBethlehem, 96:and His power. The third initiation, that of the Transfiguration, testified to the fact of theBethlehem, 105:and power at the Baptism. He demonstrates at the Transfiguration as the full-grown man, and, on theBethlehem, 106:as Man. Standing upon the top of the Mount of Transfiguration, He faced the World as God. But inBethlehem, 110:to pass on to His world service and the Mount of Transfiguration. One of the finest thinkers in theBethlehem, 132:must precede the next initiation, that of the Transfiguration. Bethlehem, 132:- Chapter Four - The Third Initiation - The Transfiguration CHAPTER FOUR The Third Initiation - TheBethlehem, 132:CHAPTER FOUR The Third Initiation - The Transfiguration on a High Mountain KEY THOUGHT Arjuna said:Bethlehem, 136:God, God is made manifest in the flesh. At the Transfiguration we have the quality of God revealedBethlehem, 137:- Chapter Four - The Third Initiation - The Transfiguration These three major initiations, theBethlehem, 137:Initiation Beginning Appearance 3rd Initiation Transfiguration Revelation Transition Quality 5thBethlehem, 138:the magnitude of Christ's achievement. Transfiguration is not possible until these unificationsBethlehem, 139:it was this "new man" which shone forth at the Transfiguration before the startled gaze of theBethlehem, 140:mankind today. This is what was revealed at the Transfiguration. Bethlehem, 140:- Chapter Four - The Third Initiation - The Transfiguration However, it is useful to remember thatBethlehem, 141:close relation. This, Christ demonstrated in the Transfiguration, when, through the medium of aBethlehem, 142:this which the three Apostles recognized at the Transfiguration, and which led to their submissionBethlehem, 142:to them Divinity. Christ, therefore, at the Transfiguration, unified in Himself God and Man, HisBethlehem, 143:which we cannot grasp, unless for us the Transfiguration is a reality and not a goal. [144] It isBethlehem, 144:in the appearance with Him upon the Mount of Transfiguration of Moses and Elias, theBethlehem, 144:light which Christ radiated upon the mount of Transfiguration. The past met in Him and wasBethlehem, 144:- Chapter Four - The Third Initiation - The Transfiguration Elias, whose name means "the strengthBethlehem, 145:fifth kingdom in nature. When considering the Transfiguration it is necessary to realize that itBethlehem, 146:revelation of this is God's gift to us at the Transfiguration. Christ was "very God of very God,"Bethlehem, 146:day when we, too, shall stand upon the Mount of Transfiguration, revealing the glory of the LordBethlehem, 147:[147] as an ultimate statement concerning the transfiguration of the whole world: "Nor is there anyBethlehem, 147:- Chapter Four - The Third Initiation - The Transfiguration The life of the indwelling ChristBethlehem, 148:was the distinguishing characteristic of the Transfiguration initiation. "Radiation isBethlehem, 149:gaze of His three friends upon the Mount of Transfiguration. In one of the ancient scriptures ofBethlehem, 149:that divine essential Spirit manifested at the Transfiguration: "Finer than the fine yet am IBethlehem, 149:in an attempt to portray the wonder of the transfiguration and the vision of God, is an outstandingBethlehem, 150:and recognition, they were permitted to see the Transfiguration. "When the mind," says St.Bethlehem, 150:- Chapter Four - The Third Initiation - The Transfiguration II. "After six days Jesus taketh Peter,Bethlehem, 152:the activities of the six days which precede the transfiguration experience. Bethlehem, 152:- Chapter Four - The Third Initiation - The Transfiguration It is important here to study brieflyBethlehem, 153:cradle in Bethlehem; the three disciples at the Transfiguration; the three Crosses on Calvary! WhatBethlehem, 154:aspect, the outer physical form, which, at the Transfiguration, is transformed by the glory of God,Bethlehem, 155:focused and consecrated personality that the transfiguration made its impact and producedBethlehem, 156:- Chapter Four - The Third Initiation - The Transfiguration III. The Transfiguration scene was theBethlehem, 156:Third Initiation - The Transfiguration III. The Transfiguration scene was the meeting-ground ofBethlehem, 157:of their ever having done so. The meaning of the Transfiguration is something which has to beBethlehem, 158:developed soul which has climbed the Mountain of Transfiguration, and there seen and met with GodBethlehem, 158:of the Crucifixion. We have looked on at the Transfiguration, but have not attempted to becomeBethlehem, 158:must some day happen to us, and only after the Transfiguration can we dare to climb Mount Golgotha.Bethlehem, 160:- Chapter Four - The Third Initiation - The Transfiguration "There is in fact an inward connectionBethlehem, 160:an inward connection between the Baptism and the Transfiguration. In both cases a condition ofBethlehem, 163:- Chapter Four - The Third Initiation - The Transfiguration We shall see later that upon theBethlehem, 163:who has understood something of the value of the Transfiguration initiation and the nature of theBethlehem, 166:- Chapter Four - The Third Initiation - The Transfiguration The second phase of the test lay in HisBethlehem, 169:- Chapter Four - The Third Initiation - The Transfiguration It is of supreme value for us toBethlehem, 170:and who aims eventually at climbing the Mount of Transfiguration, service leads inevitably toBethlehem, 170:which carried Him in triumph from the Mount of Transfiguration down into the valley of duty and ofBethlehem, 190:His steps. But we in the West have forgotten the Transfiguration and lost touch with divinity, andBethlehem, 201:must go - from the cave of Birth to the mount of Transfiguration, and on to the agony of theBethlehem, 215:He had passed through the third initiation, the Transfiguration; when we too are transfigured (forBethlehem, 217:of the soul, reaches its consummation at the Transfiguration. Though Christ was "acquainted withBethlehem, 218:reference to the third initiation, that of the Transfiguration. Thus in His first three Words fromBethlehem, 219:all the climaxing episodes of adjustment. The Transfiguration experience was only just over. Let usBethlehem, 219:and had testified to that consummation in the Transfiguration. Suddenly He discovered [220] thatBethlehem, 221:which constitutes the darkness. The light of the Transfiguration is suddenly obliterated; andBethlehem, 246:of purification, and attain the mountain-top of transfiguration where that which is of worth shinesBethlehem, 254:in which divinity can express itself through the transfiguration of mankind. That which is of valueBethlehem, 282:whilst a few are valiantly climbing the Mount of Transfiguration. One here and there may beDiscipleship2, 267:instinct signifies preparedness for the Transfiguration, the third initiation. 2. By the use ofDiscipleship2, 284:which - at the third initiation - produces the transfiguration which comes when the Eternal Now isDiscipleship2, 383:all the rays until after the third Initiation of Transfiguration. Then and only then does theDiscipleship2, 397:a major step toward the third Initiation of the Transfiguration. This connotes the transfigurationDiscipleship2, 397:of the Transfiguration. This connotes the transfiguration of the personality and its liberationDiscipleship2, 398:may assume control. At the third Initiation of Transfiguration, the control of the personality inDiscipleship2, 469:- to the ajna center, and the complete racial "transfiguration" will take place. The process willDiscipleship2, 626:story of Sublimation, of Purification, and of Transfiguration is hidden [627] in this relationship.Education, 62:who have not yet taken the Initiation of Transfiguration, the higher realms of awareness and theExternalisation, 58:place after the third initiation - that of the Transfiguration. [59] A study of the Plan, as itExternalisation, 360:an appreciation of the meaning of the words "transfiguration of a human being" is gained, theExternalisation, 473:initiations of the new birth, the baptism, the transfiguration, the final crucifixion and theExternalisation, 604:IV - Stages in the Externalization 3. At the Transfiguration, Christ revealed the glory which isExternalisation, 605:in every department of human activity, and the Transfiguration of those who are on the crest of theGlamour, 168:an appreciation of the meaning of the words "transfiguration of a human being" is gained, theGlamour, 171:goal. The intuition is the applied power of transfiguration. This technique is related to theGlamour, 175:and of the higher revelation, will produce the transfiguration of the three worlds of phenomena in
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