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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TRANSFORMED

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Astrology, 117:be learned. He goes on learning until he has transformed servitude into service. He alternatesAstrology, 120:is dominated and relinquished is held firmly and transformed." Gemini - The man upon the reversingAstrology, 144:Desire becomes aspiration, and selfishness is transformed into selflessness. The Cardinal Cross -Astrology, 317:of the land; it is also the symbol of the transformed Crab and the result of the evolutionaryAstrology, 317:the dangerous nature of the man who is not transformed and is therefore harmful and hurtful toAstrology, 646:Chohans of the esoteric doctrine and have been transformed into the archangels and the Spirits ofAstrology, 667:Fire "Saturn, the father of the Gods, has been transformed from Eternal Duration into the limitedBethlehem, 147:of great significance. The caterpillar becomes transformed into the butterfly. Deep in man liesBethlehem, 149:has veiled and hidden it dissolves, or is so transformed that only the inner reality is registered.Bethlehem, 150:their Master, but the familiar Presence had been transformed, and they stood before The Presence.Bethlehem, 154:physical form, which, at the Transfiguration, is transformed by the glory of God, so that the outerDestiny, 58:is the pattern of its personality ray) can be transformed by her soul ray of love into just andDestiny, 146:drunk, the magic of the waters works. He stands transformed. The Lion disappears and he who bearsDiscipleship1, 120:but this can be most easily transferred and transformed under the influence of the second Ray ofDiscipleship1, 283:tendency, my brother, for it is when tendency is transformed into habit and dynamic daily rhythmDiscipleship1, 460:is the task performed. Thus is a man of earth transformed into a Son of God." Give the comingDiscipleship1, 559:is the task performed. Thus is a man of earth transformed into a Son of God. In summarizing the rayDiscipleship2, 168:livingness into the hearts of men; thus they are transformed in their lives and the era of rightDiscipleship2, 174:Initiation into the Kingdom of God, but will be transformed into the Angel of the Presence.Discipleship2, 185:disciple or an initiate must be blended with his transformed personality life, until gradually "theDiscipleship2, 186:and receptive minds the presented ideas are transformed into ideals and then are brought to theDiscipleship2, 377:employ) and therefore as something which must be transformed. Two things consequently emerge in hisDiscipleship2, 394:and that knowledge - when acquired - is transformed eventually into wisdom. He then becomes aExternalisation, 410:the human kingdom into the spiritual; they have transformed their human consciousness into divineExternalisation, 418:of the knowers. In this way humanity will be transformed and spiritualized. [419] Then will begin,Externalisation, 606:become the goodwill of the Kingdom of God and be transformed into right human relations byExternalisation, 643:reception and distribution, [643] it has been transformed into the energy of goodwill and into thatExternalisation, 643:Wisdom, the Disciples of the Christ. It is then transformed or transmuted by them so as to meetFire, 311:fire, which distinguished the first plane, is transformed into the akasha, or burning ethericFire, 863:energy currents so that his own nature is transformed. He will then become a channel for the lightGlamour, 174:grasped and apprehended) they have steadily transformed man's way of living, revealed to him hisHealing, 117:into unity and the sense of search to be transformed into the effort to become what he essentiallyHealing, 182:serpent of matter lies coiled. This serpent is transformed into the serpent of wisdom. The serpentHealing, 216:with great potency; emotional reactions are transformed into aspiration and service; selfishHealing, 216:and service; selfish individual love is transformed into group love, and then divinity rules theHealing, 548:or as the withholder of these energies when transformed into forces; I deal with the state ofHercules, 116:to zodiacal energies, that our earth will be transformed into a sacred planet." (Editor's italics.)Hercules, 131:of the terrifying experiences of life may be transformed by a beneficent sense of humor. Much ofHercules, 146:In physical science, the energy of motion can be transformed into electricity, and that of heatHercules, 148:to sacrifice. The harsh, self-centered will is transformed into a distributing agent of beneficentIntellect, 80:and force its way upward, will eventually be transformed into the domination of the higher orMagic, 90:on earth; the physical plane will thereby be transformed and that peculiar period, presentedMagic, 98:orb rises from the center to the summit, and is transformed into a radiant sun of light. When theseMagic, 629:Transmuted into divine investigation and transformed by the application of the light of the soul inPatanjali, 12:no modifications to be felt, until the forms are transformed, their activities quieted, and theirPatanjali, 30:of men. Devachanic experience must, however, be transformed eventually into nirvanic realization.Patanjali, 382:Paul become therefore clear: "Be ye therefore transformed by the renewing of your mind." ChangeProblems, 160:the knowers. In this way the mass of men will be transformed and spiritualized, and the two greatPsychology1, 392:is the pattern of its personality ray) can be transformed and transmuted by her egoic ray of lovePsychology2, 51:been "occultly saved", and matter has thus been transformed, transmuted and symbolically "raised upPsychology2, 134:this planet - of those men whose lives are being transformed through soul contact and creativePsychology2, 333:soul. We see the ambition of the conscious man transformed at first into the spiritual ambition ofPsychology2, 529:these forces must all be understood, transmuted, transformed and transferred. It is interesting toPsychology2, 602:and the sense of duality must eventually be transformed into a realized mental clarity; dualismPsychology2, 604:that the power to personalize aspiration must be transformed into the power to depersonalizeRays, 7:until eventually the entire lower man will be transformed, his sheaths will be refined, controlledRays, 278:sentiency. The mind, in due course, is equally transformed by impression from the higher mind, asRays, 288:The "listening" of the aspirant has now been transformed into the effectual recognition of thatRays, 442:a mechanism of transformation, desire being transformed into aspiration and aspiration itself beingRays, 442:into aspiration and aspiration itself being transformed [443] into a growing and expressiveRays, 582:for the second initiation, these tendencies are transformed into spiritual devotion to humanRays, 584:mass idealism. [584] These tendencies are later transformed into spiritual devotion to humanRays, 588:potent as the conveyor of ideas; these are transformed by the initiate into ideals for the serviceRays, 699:and His consciousness is transcended and transformed into a type of awareness of which those whoReappearance, 53:become the goodwill of the Kingdom of God and be transformed into right human relations byReappearance, 153:knowers. In this way, the mass of men will be transformed and spiritualized, and the two greatSoul, 34:central power house of our brain, and are then transformed in some mysterious way into information.Telepathy, 94:This is at first purely ashramic, but is later transformed into total hierarchical impression byTelepathy, 165:the etheric body possesses seven triangles or transformed points. From the angle of Shamballa the
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