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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TRANSFORMING

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Astrology, 611:Transmitting - The zodiacal constellations. Transforming - The Sun. The Soul. Transfiguring - TheAstrology, 617:than Shamballa itself. It knows Itself as the transforming will or that sustained, applied processAstrology, 618:the initiate can stand also at the center as the transforming will, he can then bring about theAstrology, 618:will-to-good of the transcending, transmitting, transforming will. Students would do well to shiftAstrology, 619:of the Transmitting One, and the activity of the Transforming One - all of Whom are but the One,Astrology, 619:plays in our human evolutionary process; His transforming ray is the second and that eventuallyAstrology, 621:type of achievement because it is in process of transforming from the stage of a "non-sacredAstrology, 626:the sexes. [626] It knows itself likewise as the transforming will because the entire evolutionaryAstrology, 631:Trinity in manifestation knows Itself to be the Transforming Agent and through the voice of theBethlehem, 71:furnace glows through and through with ruddy and transforming heat. He is in us as the sap in theDiscipleship2, 34:of spiritual import. They are potent in their transforming effect, if rightly used. I have not beenDiscipleship2, 143:[143] (almost unexpectedly) produce great and transforming results. The Masters waste not theirDiscipleship2, 197:that it is meditation which is responsible for transforming the desire of the ordinary human beingDiscipleship2, 357:following things to do: Deal with the constantly transforming changes in his own personality. AdaptDiscipleship2, 731:your lower fourfold nature would produce great transforming results. These must be brought about byFire, 402:and the final resolution; between the process of transforming the five elements, esotericallyFire, 995:purer tones of the spiritual man, and of transforming its normal chaotic vibration, and the "stormyGlamour, 132:of the divine faculty of touching the idea and transforming it into the ideal that the world isHealing, 157:God is shed abroad" in the human heart, and its transforming, magnetic and radiatory power isMagic, 252:perfects his technique he finds a transmuting, transforming power at work upon the energies whichPsychology1, 285:from the inflow of the Christ spirit, with its transforming power and regenerating force, and apartPsychology2, 213:is a pouring in of spiritual energy, vitalizing, transforming, and rendering humanity creative.Psychology2, 271:personalities of the disciples of the world, and transforming their spirit of aspiration into thePsychology2, 274:of the soul or the three Touches which are transforming or initiating agencies in the life of thePsychology2, 282:above, it is for us the most difficult and most transforming of the initiations. The acquiescenceRays, 260:great transformation. The cosmic secret of this transforming process is one that Sanat Kumara isRays, 262:nature into the higher and desire into love, of transforming personality purpose into groupRays, 281:This transformation has naught to do with the transforming of the personality, but is uniquelyRays, 373:only as a relating group, but also as a great transforming station, dowered later (though notRays, 597:of pure reason (the buddhic plane) through the transforming processes of the mind or the fifthRays, 598:the physical body has been accomplished; its transforming work with the emotional nature has beenRays, 598:first case is the lower or concrete mind; the transforming agent is the soul, whilst theRays, 602:the transmuting agent - the physical body As the transforming agent - the astral body As theRays, 669:and raised to the throat center, thereby transforming the physical creative act into the creativeRays, 683:distress. As a result of both of these, a great transforming agency is set in motion by the qualityRays, 690:directed outward into the world - after the transforming process brought about as the energySoul, 35:up in the following terms: "An organism is a transforming device which changes the incoming energySoul, 35:the muscles and glands and, at the same time, as transforming device, also transforms itself inTelepathy, 164:energies at this time pass. Thus the work of transforming the inherited etheric body was begun and
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