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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TRANSFORMS

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Discipleship1, 571:and fails to take that decisive step which transforms an aspirant into a disciple. Discipleship2, 392:of the disciple (working with the Plan) transforms the basic idea (through mental modification)Discipleship2, 395:struggle, pain and [395] hard work, the aspirant transforms himself into the working disciple andFire, 501:the mental plane. The transmutative power which transforms the entire lower threefold man into aFire, 829:halls, and transmutes knowledge into wisdom, transforms the shadow of things seen into the energyMagic, 625:by the life of the soul as it permeates and transforms the daily life [626] and by the refusal ofPsychology2, 271:must be changed and renounced, and which thus transforms life by the light that God's nature poursRays, 278:the Path of Discipleship, in which the disciple transforms his lower threefold "appearance" orRays, 592:we give the name of "world thought." This energy transforms the divine ideas into human ideals,Rays, 646:Each great ray, as it comes into incarnation, transforms the speech of the cycle, enriches theRays, 683:quality of devotion. It is this quality which transforms the solar plexus center into the greatRays, 711:now illumined lower mind which, at this point, transforms them into ideals so that the divine ideasSoul, 35:at the same time, as transforming device, also transforms itself in terms of these and other,
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