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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TRANSITION

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Astrology, 238:of the problem is of no real usefulness. In this transition period through which the world is nowAstrology, 318:not easily detected. In Scorpio comes a point of transition, of change and of reorientation. ThatAstrology, 319:neither the soul nor the form - the stage of transition. Such is the way of the disciple. TheAstrology, 398:processes undergone in the great repeated transition from Scorpio to Taurus and from Taurus toAstrology, 409:five thousand years covers the complete cycle of transition until complete freedom to functionAstrology, 568:Cross has produced an effect in the subject is a transition in consciousness made from one Cross toAstrology, 568:made from one Cross to another - each transition marking a point of crisis, both in [569] theAstrology, 569:the form of a focused appeal. When the time of transition from the Mutable Cross on to the FixedAstrology, 569:in the consciousness of the man making the transition. He has exhausted material desire to a veryAstrology, 575:would be meaningless. Most of you are in the transition state wherein you are stabilizing yourAtom, 18:in the fact that we are in the midst of a transition period, and the plan is as yet imperfect; weAtom, 35:world. Everything is passing through a period of transition; the old order changeth; the old way ofAtom, 65:of flux; the old order changeth, and a period of transition is in progress; the old forms, in everyAtom, 68:of the atom has acquired something during the transition from form to form and from kingdom toAtom, 72:a limitation; and we must recollect that this transition period is the time of the greatest promiseAtom, 73:within that greater manifestation follow each transition, and are swept along from one stage toBethlehemcan bear testimony. We are passing through the transition period between the old age and the new,Bethlehem, 10:is now ready to have indicated to him his next transition, development or unfoldment. Of this he isBethlehem, 28:today proclaiming this. We are on that path of transition (can we call it the Path ofBethlehem, 36:Today mankind is being prepared for just such a transition, and for the refocusing of the humanBethlehem, 41:and is merely a word which we use to express the transition which man can make out of theBethlehem, 46:as a whole will stand ready to make the great transition into the kingdom of God. Man can now passBethlehem, 50:same unfoldment can be traced racially in the transition we have made through the various stagesBethlehem, 81:have made and will continue to make the great transition, proving the fact [82] of this experience.Bethlehem, 137:3rd Initiation Transfiguration Revelation Transition Quality 5th Initiation Resurrection CompletionBethlehem, 242:life; we can foster the awareness of our future transition, and live with the expectation of itsBethlehem, 242:is no denying the fact that it marks a definite transition from one state of consciousness intoBethlehem, 242:one believes in immortality and the soul, this transition may make for an intensification ofBethlehem, 252:to the life of unselfish love, the transition from the darkness of selfish individualism to theBethlehem, 280:the age of experience, and whether [280] this transition does not indicate that the race is rapidlyDestiny, 9:they are only transitory substitutes in this transition period between the Piscean and the AquarianDestiny, 146:work in this interim period and in this cycle of transition, with all its resultant outer chaos andDiscipleship1, XIV:He is obviously preparing them for that great transition. In closing, I would like to thank allDiscipleship1, 216:condition is beginning to change and during this transition period you suffer much. But you haveDiscipleship1, 216:much. But you have the task of making this transition and of embodying the love-wisdom force beforeDiscipleship1, 216:way. From the angle of the emotional body, this transition marks a vital change from personal toDiscipleship1, 216:From the angle of the etheric body, this soul transition or refocusing of energies from the soulDiscipleship1, 388:back into inertia until the final activity of transition engrosses the dual attention of your soulDiscipleship1, 551:purpose. Now your insistence upon making the transition out of the lower into the higher life, andDiscipleship1, 722:ever reveals. These are: The aspirant makes a transition in consciousness from the astral plane toDiscipleship1, 722:the world of fluid life. He makes the great transition and leaves the watery way behind. He walksDiscipleship1, 723:hand from light into a greater Light. "This is a Transition upon the lesser way, preparing for aDiscipleship1, 768:marks a new departure or beginning and a great transition. It is a stage which one enters throughDiscipleship2, 85:growth of the work will depend upon the smooth transition which can be made between the past andDiscipleship2, 86:disrupt the present smoothly working organism. A transition carried forward without any change orDiscipleship2, 122:it is of a sevenfold nature and the method of transition and of transference is dependent upon theDiscipleship2, 302:as have all Ashrams today, as they make their transition between the old and the new, emergingDiscipleship2, 365:the universal creative Aspect Formula 1. The transition from darkness to Light. Creation in theDiscipleship2, 365:to Light. Creation in the Light. Formula 2. Transition from the unreal to the Real. The nature ofDiscipleship2, 365:as understood in the three worlds. Formula 3. Transition from death to Immortality. The nature ofDiscipleship2, 365:The creative process and life energy. Formula 4. Transition from chaos to ordered Beauty. RelationDiscipleship2, 365:Progressive evolutionary creation. Formula 5. Transition from the individual consciousness to theDiscipleship2, 365:renunciation. The one Life. Formula 6. Transition from cyclic living into life itself. The PurposeDiscipleship2, 366:study of these three tabulations: Pattern and Transition. It is upon these two that I would ask youDiscipleship2, 383:the task of that Master is to prepare him for transition on to one of the major Rays of Aspect.Discipleship2, 489:quiescent and negative - able to make the Great Transition without concern or fear of the unknown.Discipleship2, 503:must not be permitted to disappear through the transition of death itself. It is through the [504]Discipleship2, 516:those conditions which would facilitate this transition and at the same time prepare you for theDiscipleship2, 522:you know by this time that when a definite transition is being made by the soul - as is the caseDiscipleship2, 609:there are focal points of transmutation, of transition and of transformation. It is towards thisDiscipleship2, 638:the sensible and happy realization of the future transition: The tendency to settle down and takeDiscipleship2, 665:and lead them on. Prepare them for the transition which they face when they step off theDiscipleship2, 696:do, and it is a normal reaction. Why not welcome Transition? Learn to glory in experience, which isDiscipleship2, 696:know well - in your highest moments - that that Transition means realization without any physicalEducation, 69:in the New Age - Chapter III - The Present Transition Period III. The Next Step in the MentalEducation, 69:the Mental Development of Humanity The Present Transition Period There are three immediate stepsEducation, 71:in the New Age - Chapter III - The Present Transition Period The time factor (from the angle ofEducation, 76:in the New Age - Chapter III - The Present Transition Period 2. An atmosphere of patience, whereinEducation, 81:in the New Age - Chapter III - The Present Transition Period Education is a process whereby theEducation, 84:in the New Age - Chapter III - The Present Transition Period Increasingly, education should beEducation, 89:in the New Age - Chapter III - The Present Transition Period It is bridging work which has now toEducation, 92:to bear in mind during this present period of transition: [93] 1. To reorient the knowledge, theEducation, 93:in the New Age - Chapter III - The Present Transition Period 2. To teach him that the life which heExternalisationSECTION ONE - INTRODUCTORY REMARKS The Period of Transition March 1934 One of the results of theExternalisationrefer are, primarily, three in number: This is a transition period between the passing out of theExternalisation, 18:in all occult schools that the yoga for this transition period is the yoga of one-pointed intent,Externalisation, 47:period wherein animal-man made the great transition into the human family and [48] humanity cameExternalisation, 115:Both of these produce the great and divine transition from the past into the future, and from theExternalisation, 503:some idea of the scheme of preparation for the transition period between the old age and the new asExternalisation, 667:entire human family to the point where a group transition will take place from the fourth into theFire, 119:of the physical etheric, is likewise a point of transition from out of a lower into a higher, andFire, 119:plane is in a very real sense the place of transition from off the egoic ray (whichever that rayFire, 284:type of cycle has not so much to do with the transition of the form through a certain location inFire, 445:Ray (fifth) ever manifests in a period of transition from one kingdom to another, and this holdsFire, 445:power and influence. In all periods of lesser transition of the life from [446] Globe to globe,Fire, 489:its being in an occult sense. The next transition stage ahead into the vegetable kingdom, or theFire, 589:in the lowest plane of all, the period of transition. In all such periods the seventh Ray comes inFire, 589:Disintegration and Death, for all periods of transition are periods of the destruction and buildingFire, 700:and this special group of Pitris effected a transition of the lower into the higher through aFire, 909:in order to safeguard the race during a transition period. These laws will not be along the line ofFire, 1025:he is in danger of occult drowning, and at the transition from etheric levels [1026] to the planesFire, 1088:books the development of consciousness and its transition through the kingdoms of nature are theFire, 1104:of high quality. It involves also more rapid transition of the various energies, or increasedFire, 1106:"laws of nature" and in the period of their transition from the lowest center to the throat centerFire, 1174:Higher Self). It is the law which governs the transition of the human atom into another and aFire, 1278:Father. All is One, and naught divides save in transition and through the agency of time. * * * TheHealing, 297:physical plane life or preparation for the great transition called death. But behind all wiseHealing, 351:through the universal fear of death - that great transition which we must all face - and throughHealing, 368:My work and the work of all the teachers in this transition period is to stimulate them andHealing, 385:to be healed or else be helped to make the great transition. A willingness to recognize that
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