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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TRANSITIONAL

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Astrology, 133:and can study successfully this complicated transitional astrology. And yet, is it any moreBethlehem, 18:Christianity [18] is the religion of that transitional period which links the era of self-consciousDiscipleship2, 155:world period, such as the present difficult and transitional era. [156] You will see from the aboveDiscipleship2, 397:of the three worlds. Now he faces that great transitional initiation and is confronted with theDiscipleship2, 405:etheric levels; it is therefore a plane of "transitional ejection - a level from which the new andDiscipleship2, 517:be added the difficulties always entailed in a transitional life wherein a major transfer must beEducation, 14:hiatus between facts and known species. In transitional periods some of the bridging forms haveEducation, 14:We are passing through one of the great natural transitional periods at this time. We are layingEducation, 91:All the work being done now is definitely transitional work and therefore most difficult. It infersEducation, 99:and carry the world through the most difficult transitional period which it has ever seen. CertainFire, 95:a pale color as to be almost grey; they are in a transitional state, and merge with a puzzlingFire, 562:stage in the history of the system - that vast transitional stage between dense physical life andFire, follow:Third Duality 6. Etheric Vegetable Spleen Second Transitional 7. Dense Mineral None First Unity IfFire, 1145:each unit, and its place in the great group of transitional points. These latter units are thoseFire, 1208:in a threefold manner, and view it also in its transitional state, as the negative blends andHealing, 116:mystic or occultist. This is a definite transitional cycle between the mystical attitude and thatHealing, 286:I would suggest as essential to success in this transitional period: The patient to be healed (orHealing, 340:today is due to three major causes: The transitional period of today producing a clash between theHealing, 351:is referred to as an episode, and as a transitional point in a vast series of transitions. WhenHealing, 507:selfish in nature and very individualistic. A transitional phase wherein a conflict rages betweenHealing, 667:evil is entirely true, but this indicates only transitional techniques and a temporary phase; it isInitiation, 197:the ideal is seldom attainable in the present transitional period. In this connection two thingsIntellect, 15:to be that reality itself. It is with this transitional process and with this work of educating theIntellect, 21:out will be found. Like everything else in this transitional period, our educational systems are inMagic, 385:with the form, and recognizes (during this transitional period) that he is a duality. The mind,Magic, 417:cultured and widely read, for in these difficult transitional times they have to cultivate a worldMagic, 420:will enable the aspirant to live through this transitional period which is now with us, so thatProblems, 32:they are of small importance in any effective, transitional enterprise unless there is a grasp ofProblems, 49:are the prune requirements in the most difficult transitional period with which we are faced. AnPsychology1, 28:of both. Christianity is the religion of the transitional period which links the era ofPsychology1, 40:composed of those who are on their way to a transitional accomplishment. The work before allRays, 133:of initiation and of preparation for that great transitional experience) it is necessary toRays, 183:form generation and activity, and embody in the transitional, ephemeral, present moment theRays, 185:of manifestation. Love concerns itself with transitional, evolutionary fundamentals, whilstTelepathy, 168:emanating sources, its mode of transfer or its transitional processes, and its anchorage within the
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