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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TRANSLATE

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Astrologyto you an awakening of the intuition which will translate modern astrology into something of realAstrology, 144:the ancient archives and therefore difficult to translate: The Mutable Cross - The Cross ofAstrology, 250:of the life affects (I know not how else to translate the original phrases) and no upsetting of theAutobiography, 52:me then how intensely difficult a thing it is to translate correctly. Autobiography, 52:or what? When, therefore, you endeavor to translate a book as ancient as The New Testament intoDiscipleship1, 159:the work of the day. My brother, we can translate all the above into four stages [160] whichDiscipleship2, 149:the Plan on Earth. It has been difficult to translate into understandable and adequate phrases theDiscipleship2, 150:the Great Invocation. It is by no means easy to translate the words of this stanza in terms whichDiscipleship2, 186:(to which Patanjali refers) and later how to translate these contacted ideas into practical ideals.Discipleship2, 186:to recognize the new, emerging ideas and translate them into the concepts which will conditionDiscipleship2, 312:polarization and focus which will enable him to translate what has been revealed to him in termsDiscipleship2, 359:in the original wording, as nearly as I can translate it for you, or rather, transfer into wordsDiscipleship2, 396:ancient archives which, at times, I attempt to translate for you. Direction. Time. Space. WithEducation, 20:power to intuit ideas, to respond to impact, to translate, analyze, and to construct forms forExternalisation, 90:and here I will roughly paraphrase or freely translate it for you. "The seven - each on his own lotExternalisation, 91:find no better word than 'quality' wherewith to translate the ancient symbol). Some things are lostExternalisation, 103:called, though the word I am attempting to translate is more adequate than the above) becomeExternalisation, 489:Plan on Earth. [489] It has been difficult to translate into understandable and adequate phrases,Externalisation, 490:the Great Invocation. It is by no means easy to translate the words of this stanza in terms whichGlamour, 50:each. (I can find no other word, my brother, to translate the ancient word which designates theGlamour, 173:the mind correctly to register, to interpret or translate that which has been transmitted and it isHercules, 143:had to raise the monster into the air; that is, translate his problem into another dimension, inMagic, 320:all adepts work." It is almost impossible to translate these ancient formulas into adequate terms,Patanjali, 26:This is one of the most difficult sutras to translate so as to give its real significance. The ideaPatanjali, 124:student) one of the adepts, we have chosen to translate the word as "Ishvara," the one God in thePatanjali, 135:the basic idea so clearly that it is best to translate the sutra as above. These objects ofPatanjali, 190:without the other. It is often difficult to translate the ancient Sanskrit terms by one word orPsychology1, 62:so old that the writing is slowly fading. I now translate it into modern language though much isPsychology1, 107:a reservoir of thought, and his mind and brain translate these thoughts into words and phrases. InPsychology1, 327:souls pass from caste to caste as they "translate" [328] their bodies. The clue to the translationPsychology2, 103:becomes the "way of daily livingness" (to translate inadequately the occult and ancient phrase).Psychology2, 277:divine descent upon the Claiming Way." I cannot translate these terms more clearly, nor can I findRays, 55:that these symbols are an attempt on my part to translate ancient signatures in modern occidentalRays, 190:found in The Masters' Book of Rules and as I can translate them. Some are untranslatable: Focus theRays, 196:the Old Commentary, as far as it is possible to translate these archaic terms: "From above HeRays, 420:a multiplicity of goals." I know not how else to translate the archaic phrase which describes theRays, 526:teaching that the World Savior came to give, and translate into human equivalents as much of theRays, 733:of Shamballa." I am of course endeavoring to translate certain brief words and intricate symbolsReappearance, 31:of May is that of the Buddha. It was not easy to translate these ancient phrases (so ancient thatTelepathy, 46:by the active INTELLIGENCE of God; they translate this divine impression and step it down in two
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