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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TRANSLATED

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Astrology, 62:and soul achievement. Selfishness has ever to be translated into living active service, and desireAstrology, 190:call kama-manas, which is inadequately translated by the words, desire-mind. This dual forceAstrology, 314:which was then revealed. To these words, thus translated somewhat inaccurately in the ChristianAstrology, 400:mysterious yet powerful manner. Through desire translated into terms of spiritual will, the form isAstrology, 611:which is allied to all the above. This word is Translated, for when the "souls of just men are madeAtom, 56:which is the sequential result. The term Logos, translated as the Word, is frequently used in theAutobiography, 3:and constant circulation and which have been translated into many languages. I found myself theAutobiography, 51:"mind" or "the mind." One of my books was being translated into German and the question had arisen.Autobiography, 52:been told that when The New Testament was being translated into French, some decades ago, they cameAutobiography, 52:He says, "I am the water of life." Joyously they translated it as "eau de vie" and proceeded toAutobiography, 242:called Gerry by those of us who love him) translated for me. I watched him sometimes in aAutobiography, 242:Holland. Practically all his school papers were translated into Dutch and he himself handled aAutobiography, 260:have been also shown to Mrs. Bailey and roughly translated by her and corrected by the Tibetan. AAutobiography, 289:Dutch, Italian and Spanish and are now being translated into Polish, Greek, Roumanian and Armenian.Autobiography, 289:which is used by all the students daily has been translated into sixteen different languages. (ByBethlehem, 143:have passed through it." - The Bhagavad Gita, translated by Charles Johnston, p. 128. ThisBethlehem, 236:form or other, but they all rose again or were translated to glory. In the initiation ceremoniesDestiny, 58:of soul control. The soul pattern may be translated by the genius of the French intellect intoDiscipleship1, 116:in this life. That knowledge must, however, be translated into wisdom through the dynamic power ofDiscipleship1, 713:that the six stages above mentioned have been translated and paraphrased for occidentalDiscipleship1, 722:the probationary path. The rule can be roughly translated into modern English as follows: "The oneDiscipleship2, 510:thousands, through the radio and through the translated material of the teaching I have tried toExternalisation, 319:world. The third is freedom from want - which, translated into world terms, means economicExternalisation, 319:world. The fourth is freedom from fear - which, translated into world terms, means a worldwideExternalisation, 417:upon their accumulating evidence belief can be translated into knowledge. So many know the truthExternalisation, 481:which have been so inadequately and misleadingly translated - a translation based upon the memoryExternalisation, 609:a manner that the eternal will-to-good will be translated by humanity into goodwill and rightExternalisation, 619:aid because they remain platitudes and are not translated into action. I shall deal here with onlyFire, 596:and force, as love shown in brotherhood, love translated or transmuted from the astral to theFire, 1030:of Analogy, much will be noted as necessarily translated on to the higher plane, and to beGlamour, 131:be defined as the consequence of an idea (translated into ideal) being regarded as the entireHealing, 181:Spirit, the energy of the etheric vehicle - is translated "into Heaven," there (as the ChristianHealing, 182:the serpent of wisdom. The serpent of wisdom is translated and becomes the "dragon of livingHealing, 232:at their most ruthless height. This law can be translated into the following terms: "He who livesHealing, 385:faith (or rather that quality which is translated as faith in our Western Scriptures) He referredHercules, 17:the most celebrated labors, he should be translated to the gods." So he started off upon his careerHercules, 30:that if he fulfils the requirements he will be translated into the kingdom of the gods. He has beenInitiation, 74:between the sexes and its expression will be translated to a higher plane. Then, through the spokenInitiation, 75:through the lower or generating centers will be translated to the throat center. This is as yet butInitiation, 216:the occident as the Christ. This office might be translated as that of World Teacher. TheInitiation, 220:is the Logos of thought, hence it is aptly translated by the "verbum" and the "word" in itsIntellect, 96:meaning of Patanjali when he uses the expression translated "spiritual reading." It reallyMagic, 440:the second it is consciously spoken by the soul. Translated into modern terms much is lost, but theMagic, 462:advanced of the sons of men to the formulas as translated and transmitted by the Knowers will beMagic, 580:Perhaps speed could be more correctly translated by the words "correct direction", for where thereMeditation, 351:the occident as the Christ. This office might be translated as that of World Teacher. TheMeditation, 355:is the [355] Logos of thought, hence it is aptly translated by the "verbum" and the "word" in itsPatanjali, 13:conveyed is more technical, and is usually translated as "not painful." Nevertheless, thePatanjali, 36:lie back of the words found in a later sutra as translated by Charles Johnston, which expressesPatanjali, 66:The attitude of mind dealt with here has been translated by some as "light-mindedness." It isPatanjali, 67:VI - Lack of dispassion This has been well translated by some as "addiction to objects." This isPatanjali, 69:Sutra 20.) The words "pure knowledge" have been translated "pure vision." This vision is thePatanjali, 100:translates purusha as soul, but it is usually translated spirit and refers to the first aspect. Patanjali, 102:employed in this sutra can only be adequately translated into clear terms by the use of certainPatanjali, 126:of the hindrances" (as it is sometimes translated), is a large and generic expression and HinduPatanjali, 127:specifically. By some commentators the word is translated distractions, and all three terms arePatanjali, 150:This concerns the present and [150] is sometimes translated - apprehensions. If the student willPatanjali, 187:infringement constitutes lawlessness. The word translated duty or obligation, could well bePatanjali, 210:One). This might perhaps more literally be translated as "the reading of symbols produces contactPatanjali, 218:is not breath, [218] though it is usually so translated. It is the sum total of the cosmic energy.Patanjali, 259:he will find that this one is [259] variously translated and most of the translations arePatanjali, 281:of energy sattvic, rajasic, or tamasic. That is translated as follows: Sattva rhythm spirit lifePatanjali, 408:in the perceiving consciousness. This has been translated most ably by Charles Johnston in thePatanjali, 425:of knowable things," as it has also been translated. Here we have, esoterically, and symbolicallyPsychology1, 222:Each kingdom has its key words, which can be translated, though most inadequately, as follows:Psychology1, 392:of egoic control. The soul pattern may be translated by the genius of the French intellect intoPsychology1, 393:and of personal desire. It is capable of being translated in terms of true benevolence. The mentalPsychology2, 172:of Soul or Group Life Such are some thoughts, translated from an ancient metrical arrangement,Psychology2, 331:and the nature of his desire life (which is only translated into terms of ambition later on in hisPsychology2, 589:of the body", as the ancient rule can be translated. The idea is that the average psychic regardsRays, 40:have any hold over him. He is being gradually translated into another divine aspect, taking withRays, 57:but a signal or sound of acceptance. It is translated in this Rule by the phrase: Accepted as aRays, 176:meaning of the ancient words, so inappropriately translated "isolated unity." To him, in theRays, 515:this lies behind the Masonic usage of the words, translated into English, "So mote it be," utteredRays, 538:of the modern aspirant. It can be inadequately translated as follows: "The light is seen, a tinyRays, 722:it. Their long connection with the Hierarchy is translated to a higher center and is transferred toReappearance, 31:Him and taken down by His disciples. It has been translated as follows: From the point of LightReappearance, 31:it day by day and many times a day; it is (1947) translated [32] into eighteen different languagesReappearance, 57:a manner that the eternal will-to-good will be translated by humanity into goodwill and rightSoul, 80:signify merely consciousness, but can usually be translated simply by 'life,' and similarly, inTelepathy, 15:by the Bhagavad Gita in the words which we have translated in the West by the terms: the Knower,Telepathy, 76:this time. Impressions from the soul, which are translated into concepts and written down by theTelepathy, 106:be involved. All impressions must necessarily be translated and interpreted in symbols, in word
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