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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TRANSMISSION

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Astrology, 10:more localized fields, provides the medium of transmission for all the energies which play upon andAstrology, 10:motion - an eternal medium for the exchange and transmission of energies. Astrology, 10:aspect. It is likewise the medium for the transmission of force to all parts of the human frame andAstrology, 266:of the astrological sciences is the emanation, transmission and reception of energies and theirAstrology, 427:quality but carrying also that of the center of transmission. In the transit of energy from a majorAstrology, 427:You have, therefore, the following lines of transmission of force: Shamballa - Head center - BaseAstrology, 461:and its consequent qualification. [461] Its transmission to and its evocative effect upon a secondAstrology, 462:of the antahkarana by the initiate. [462] The transmission of force from the reflected or secondaryAstrology, 488:which of the triangles is the focal point of transmission, because in this way it will beAstrology, 492:Aquarius is not today the active point for the transmission of the energy of Ray V. However,Astrology, 595:is embodied in one great process of: Transmission. Reception. Absorption. Relation and LivingAstrology, 604:the nature of the etheric web through which all transmission of energies takes place. The lines ofAstrology, 618:would find it useful to work at the process of transmission, knowing themselves to be agents forAstrology, 618:knowing themselves to be agents for the transmission of the will-to-good of the Transcendent One.Astrology, 669:(C. F. 378) "Saturn is the focal point for the transmission of cosmic mind to our entire sevenAutobiography, 247:which together we have developed as a medium for transmission of the ideas which it is my Dharma toDiscipleship1, 37:The work to be done is that of the intelligent transmission of energy to various parts of theDiscipleship1, 357:or small - one can act as a channel for its transmission from the greater center. This is the basisDiscipleship1, 357:The gift of Being and the gift of deliberate Transmission of qualified powers must be betterDiscipleship1, 369:and to brood deeply upon the work of thought transmission in world service. The occult phrasesDiscipleship1, 573:beams. Then imagine yourself acting as a lens or transmission point through which the "light ofDiscipleship1, 756:vibratory radiation of the other four points of transmission. You will note from a study of theDiscipleship1, 779:which together we have developed as a medium for transmission of the ideas which it is my dharma toDiscipleship2, 19:realizations which are essential for the right transmission of force upon the physical plane - oneDiscipleship2, 20:crisis, and an interlude, prior to a process of transmission. [21] Ponder on these words. TheDiscipleship2, 147:judge could be a seed for useful distribution or transmission. At the close of the year send inDiscipleship2, 154:must not remain forever dependent upon the transmission of the divine thought to him by those moreDiscipleship2, 303:teaching may be recognized and absorbed. The transmission of ideas in some form or another to theEducation, 57:these is growing every day - whilst the means of transmission and of communication have practicallyExternalisation, 108:as [108] has hitherto been the case, through transmission via the Hierarchy of Masters. This changeExternalisation, 287:May Full Moon, and it is brought to a "focus of transmission" by the massed intent of the HierarchyExternalisation, 534:Action Energy Distribution Forces Direction Transmission Reception Head Heart Throat It will beExternalisation, 536:carrying energy direct to Humanity, without any transmission and consequent modifying of impact, asExternalisation, 564:Leaders have unitedly acted as a Triangle of transmission between the Council Chamber of the LordExternalisation, 692:This is done so as to make available the transmission of energies there stored. In the cycle whichFire, 80:the etheric body. It is all one vast system of transmission and of interdependence within theFire, 210:serious hurt, but in triangular formation transmission comes safely. The two Masters Who thusFire, 378:latter, Saturn, being the focal point for the transmission of cosmic manas to the entire sevenFire, 439:need, and not so much therefore is available for transmission. When the cycle is drawing to a closeFire, 473:this seventh Ray force have much to do with the transmission of prana to units of the three higherFire, 473:three higher kingdoms of nature, and this easier transmission (from the etheric levels of theFire, 473:plane) will parallel a correspondingly easier transmission of spiritual or psychical force from theFire, 473:the buddhic plane. The results of this pranic transmission will be more healthy physical bodiesFire, 643:and which therefore is the channel for the transmission of the life from out of the lower humanFire, 657:far as we are concerned just now will involve a transmission of life force through the atomicFire, 778:constant circulation transpires, and a constant transmission of energy, and of force unitsFire, 778:goes on throughout the entire system. This transmission becomes possible in any scheme when theFire, 779:the lowest of the three deal primarily with the transmission of force or energy to the threeFire, 797:elapses, the true study of heredity and esoteric transmission will open up, and the whole fabric ofFire, 850:the establishing of egoic relationships and the transmission of thought substance between Units andFire, 851:of magnetic interaction and the conscious transmission of energy out of the body of the planetaryFire, 862:or will. The understanding of force, of force transmission, and of the effects of liberated forceFire, 885:work is done) it is possible to have a direct transmission of force from the higher planes to theFire, 885:have here put very briefly the process of force transmission from the Monad to man on the physicalFire, 905:Logos, and it is through their activity that the transmission of sound through the air becomesFire, 941:and of the nature of his "psyche," or Ego. The transmission of this note by the solar Angel, andFire, 960:two things are realized: Direct alignment. The transmission of the egoic energy or will to one orFire, 962:conserves all energy while in process of transmission, and augments it with the energy contacted.Fire, 963:a previous division, we dealt somewhat with the transmission of the will of the Ego to the physicalFire, 963:awakened, was the will of the Ego capable of transmission. In the other cases, such as the averageFire, 964:triangle is in full process of circulatory transmission, and the whole life of the Personality isFire, 967:The circulatory action of the triangular transmission of force. These factors are again dependentFire, 983:stable vibrations, which will permit of the transmission without hindrance to the physical planeFire, 983:sheath itself. We will take up the work of force transmission on the physical plane via the ethericFire, 997:will deal with the physical plane, with the transmission of force: Through the centers, Through theFire, 1005:The nature of the physical vehicle. The transmission of force from the next highest plane. ProvidedFire, 1098:to causal impression. This will lead to the transmission of egoic instruction to the man on theFire, 1116:the Will Aspect of the Monad, and thus (through transmission) from the first Aspect of theFire, 1124:functioning with due adjustment) result in the transmission of energy in the first case from theFire, 1145:of energy from the moon chain. It concerns the transmission of energy to another planetary scheme,Fire, 1153:be noted here that when we are considering the transmission of energy through alignment and throughFire, 1153:energy of the first aspect. It deals with the transmission of electric fire. It is important toGlamour, 172:by God." Inspiration is the applied power of transmission. Healing, 76:both cases of absorption, chemicalisation, and transmission. There is no symbol so relativelyHealing, 87:which is transmitted. The effectiveness of the transmission and the resultant physical activityHealing, 162:presenting free channels for the inflow and the transmission of the three major divine energies andHealing, 281:the father or the mother is responsible for the transmission. Such is not the case. The subject inHealing, 516:form. That form is now incapable of such transmission. The second reaction of the soul, once thisHealing, 530:of the etheric body, of the centers, and of the transmission and circulation of certain controlledHealing, 615:and arranged conscious linking, and of the transmission of energy from one aspect of divineHealing, 615:and through everything is circulation, transmission, and modes of passing energy from one form toHealing, 616:every form is itself a structure for the transmission of energies coming from some source orHealing, 616:energy emanates and finds anchorage, prior to transmission into the [617] etheric body. There willHealing, 617:energies, in its turn produces a "structure for transmission" and automatically repeats theHealing, 697:be most successful if the healer's channel of transmission is that body also. A triangle ofHercules, 122:of the astrological sciences is the emanation, transmission, and reception of energies and theirInitiation, 128:the Rod without serious hurt, but in triangular transmission comes safety. We need to remember hereInitiation, 142:of economy wherever there is an application or a transmission of force from one force center toInitiation, 170:creative process of thought form building. The transmission of energy from the Ego to the physicalIntellect, 160:and which has resulted in [160] the past in the transmission of the inspired utterances of theIntellect, 242:two ideas of right interpretation and right transmission, and of right use of energy, the wholeMagic, 96:channel up the spine. This will occur as the transmission of light and truth to the physical brain,Magic, 100:worlds and in all kingdoms of nature. 3. The transmission of energy. The clue to the significanceMagic, 177:thoughts on paper - the accuracy of the transmission being dependent upon the receptivity of theMagic, 179:egoic. It utilizes the mind as the medium of transmission to the brain of that which the soulMagic, 180:and, when this is the case, great accuracy of transmission is found. Occasionally again, as in theMagic, 180:intuitional levels; in the second case you have transmission from the causal body, from the higherMagic, 180:will be employed which will facilitate the transmission of truth from the inner side to the outerMagic, 246:the vital body and becomes a focal point for the transmission of divine energy and hence a builderMagic, 289:system, and is therefore the medium for the transmission of solar energies, of planetary forces,
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