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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TRANSMISSION

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Magic, 291:system. These energies when stepped down for transmission differentiate into forces. Students mustMagic, 324:active in this work of contact and consequent transmission of energy; if therefore the vitality isMagic, 378:They brought in the new and necessary factors by transmission to their children. By the definiteMagic, 578:times made says: "The steel is needed for the transmission of the fire. When the force of the innerMeditation, 36:of the communicating channel, and at the transmission to the physical brain consciousness of theMeditation, 65:permitting the channel to be cleared for the transmission of teaching. A vacuum is created thatMeditation, 66:and the Brotherhood - in a triangle for the transmission of force. It has a definite effect on theMeditation, 80:of the inner fire, in its scientific culture and transmission, and instruct him in the orderMeditation, 122:so unusual a term) to be receptive and open to transmission from the causal or the abstract levelsMeditation, 194:the most direct way of forming a funnel for the transmission of power. If it is so effective in theMeditation, 198:Hierarchy forms itself into a channel for the transmission of power and blessing from the levels onMeditation, 221:to effect this merging and alignment before the transmission of the teaching to the dense physicalMeditation, 246:meditation, create the necessary funnel for the transmission of the healing forces of the higherPatanjali, 16:right use of the mind as an organ of vision and transmission. Patanjali says: "The seer is purePatanjali, 17:assent of the intuition and the reason. Right transmission to the physical brain of that which hasPatanjali, 134:of the realized contacts together and their transmission as information to the ego or knower, muchPatanjali, 220:of the physical vehicle form a unit. 3. The transmission of energy via the etheric body to allPatanjali, 253:synchronized with the soul. The time element in transmission recedes into the background and thePsychology1, 115:as a group entity, form a focal point for the transmission of spiritual force to a needy andPsychology2, 183:Thus there will emerge a group circulation or, transmission of energy which will be of real valuePsychology2, 190:[190] The work intended is the intelligent transmission of energy to various parts of the nature -Psychology2, 274:ensuring to us a positive focal point for the transmission of spiritual energy. Psychology2, 685:and to understand. In order to effect this transmission of force, a peculiar interchange of ideasPsychology2, 686:Group of World Servers to act as the medium of transmission and communication between the worldPsychology2, 686:to focus in their turn and act as a channel of transmission. We have also the unhappy andRays, 30:a direct contact with humanity (omitting the transmission via the Hierarchy, which has hithertoRays, 158:Triad and not with the distribution or the transmission of this energy to the three worlds in whichRays, 158:groups within the Hierarchy. In this work of transmission the seven centers of the initiate areRays, 158:therefore, is not the interrelated work of right transmission of energy within the septenaryRays, 161:are the custodians of the force, in process of transmission, which will be to the greater Life whatRays, 383:lesser Ashrams and also to a preparation for the transmission of more of the Will energy, throughRays, 486:not just self-conscious. They can then make this transmission possible, and it is done by means ofRays, 689:the Rod. He acts primarily as an agent for the transmission, for the stepping down and for theRays, 690:of the Hierarchy and is also a pure channel for transmission. The peculiar energy which isRays, 735:Every initiation is a process of energy transmission from a higher center of energy to a lower;Reappearance, 6:and arranged conscious linking and of the transmission of energy from one aspect of divineReappearance, 6:and sorrowing on earth. Everywhere this transmission is to be found; "I am come that they may haveReappearance, 9:or quality They can act as channels for its transmission from the center of all spiritual Life.Soul, 79:Speed, activity, vitality, transportation, the transmission of sound, electrical energy, and manyTelepathy, 9:work in telepathy is undertaken, the centers of transmission wherein high and consecrated feeling,Telepathy, 13:the movements of herds of animals, and the rapid transmission [14] of information among the savageTelepathy, 27:(not sentiment) to your brothers at the time of transmission or reception. [28] By capitalizing onTelepathy, 29:[29] when you are occupied with the task of transmission, and with active receptivity when you areTelepathy, 34:By an endeavor to understand: The medium of transmission. The method of transmission. The manner ofTelepathy, 34:The medium of transmission. The method of transmission. The manner of reception. The mode ofTelepathy, 151:body. All these centers and focal points for the transmission of energy are connected each withTelepathy, 193:agent for the purification, transmutation and transmission of the energies of all centers below the
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