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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TRANSMIT

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Astrology, 13:the moon has no quality of her own and can transmit nothing to the Earth. Let me reiterate: TheAstrology, 363:are the Moon, Jupiter, Mars and Pluto. They transmit energies expressive of the fourth, second,Astrology, 421:They are: The Great Baer The Pleiades Sirius Transmit energy via: Leo Capricorn Pisces TheseAstrology, 421:Transmit energy via: Leo Capricorn Pisces These transmit energy via: Saturn Mercury Uranus ReachingAstrology, 449:because it is the destiny of humanity to transmit life to the subhuman kingdoms. With theseAstrology, 539:planetary rulers and the ray forces which these transmit will clarify the world issues in anAstrology, 555:Cross whose four energies blend with [555] and transmit the energies of the solar system itself.Astrology, 602:and planets are related to certain rays and transmit into the center which we call humanityAstrology, 604:Aspect The constellations in groups of three transmit the seven influences of the seven rays to ourAstrology, 612:of the seven Rays and see how they embody and transmit the three aspects of the will, via threeBethlehem, 132:rest until He had shown us the way. He had to transmit the great energy of the Love of God.Discipleship1, 12:of the personality. You can each learn to transmit your soul ray quality to a fellow disciple,Discipleship1, 39:and as illuminators of group thought. They transmit energy from one thought center to an other and,Discipleship1, 39:to an other and, above everything else, they transmit the energy of ideas. The world of ideas is aDiscipleship1, 140:which expresses itself in understanding. You can transmit that soul quality. Discipleship1, 419:itself in understanding; that quality you can transmit. Be of good courage, my brother, and loseDiscipleship1, 763:would be as follows: The sacrifice petals would transmit energy to the head center, via theDiscipleship1, 763:points of will-energy. The love petals similarly transmit love-energy to the heart center, via theDiscipleship1, 763:petals, again five in all. The knowledge petals transmit energy, the energy of intelligentDiscipleship2, 15:then the seven points of light within himself transmit the outward streaming light, and lo! theDiscipleship2, 144:the power to [144] meditate, relate, receive and transmit - provide the seed thoughts for twelveDiscipleship2, 223:the immediate, desired hierarchical activity, to transmit the needed energies from Shamballa to theDiscipleship2, 493:can appreciate. Appropriate it, my brother, and transmit the teaching to those you serve but be notDiscipleship2, 561:of time and space radiate light, create a light, transmit the light, and treading thus the LightedExternalisation, 34:culture) and at the same time to absorb and thus transmit knowledge, wisdom, force and light fromExternalisation, 162:then be contacted and that which They seek to transmit to humanity can be consciously appropriated.Externalisation, 222:await the appearance of an Avatar Who will transmit from God the needed world message or new typeExternalisation, 272:which He will wield and the energy which He will transmit from the Lords of Liberation willExternalisation, 275:[275] The Lords of Liberation will receive and transmit to the Hierarchy energy from the centerExternalisation, 287:the impact of the energy They wield and seek to transmit. It is this stepping down process whichExternalisation, 303:into outer expression and can thus step down and transmit the stimulation and quality of the forceExternalisation, 304:but no nearer than the mental plane. He will transmit a cosmic energy whose quality is Synthesis.Externalisation, 563:energizing Purpose. An increasing ability to transmit energy from Shamballa to the three worlds,Fire, 53:etheric which makes a man a healer, and able to transmit active heat. It is necessary toFire, 57:and heat which are secured from the sun, and to transmit them, via the spleen, to all parts of theFire, 90:development of man's etheric body, and who transmit to him solar and planetary radiation. TheFire, 92:to man's etheric substance, and because they transmit to him the magnetism of "Mother Earth" as itFire, 92:working in connection with man: Solar devas, who transmit the vital fluid which circulates in theFire, 92:who are allied to man's etheric body, and who transmit earth's prana, or the prana of whicheverFire, 96:due assimilation of the human radiation, they transmit it principally to the animal kingdom, thusFire, 102:and all parts receive, color, qualify and transmit. An endless circulation goes on that has neitherFire, 183:of the planetary Logos; the other six Kumaras transmit energy from the other six planetary schemes.Fire, 435:recipient of this fifth type of force and will transmit and circulate it to the other chains viaFire, 437:it through Their own centers (chains), and transmit it on to other schemes, coloring it with TheirFire, 438:in due course of time (when it may be safe to transmit information more freely anent the devas) itFire, 537:in due course of time pass into obscuration, and transmit their energy to the major three schemes.Fire, 542:a radiant point of light; its four spirillae transmit force with intense rapidity. The three higherFire, 664:definite names. It is possible, therefore, to transmit safely information of a characterFire, 715:to the force and able to receive and hold it. To transmit it as energy to the world which heFire, 739:a knowledge of the type of force he is to transmit, and to manipulate from cosmic levels, and aFire, 890:These are the myriads of workers with force who transmit the impulse in their turn to the elementalFire, 919:Builders who are called esoterically "Those who transmit the Word." I have only dealt with the twoFire, 920:Group 2 comprises those great builders who transmit the Word on the three next systemic planes, theFire, 925:manifestation. All the etheric devas who transmit energy on the physical plane belong to the secondFire, 937:It sweeps into activity devas who proceed to transmit the sound. They utter a word. It reaches theFire, 963:prior to the third Initiation) or is able to transmit, coupled with, That much of the fire of theFire, 963:or the egoic aspect which the Ego is able to transmit. This is but little in average man, a goodFire, 1023:it with the forces of his own body, and then transmit it to the thought form which he is in processFire, 1042:have upon it, and whose wave lengths it will not transmit, whose rays of light do not pierce (if itFire, 1164:has sometimes been called "the inner round" and transmit their force through those greater centersGlamour, 19:can constitute a working, mediating body, and transmit the new knowledge and teaching for the race;Glamour, 174:to register accurately, to [174] interpret and transmit knowledge coming from the world ofHealing, 82:etheric body of the planet does not yet freely transmit and circulate the forces which are seekingHealing, 107:that is not functioning properly and does not transmit prana sufficiently, and when you have anHealing, 131:note of the soul and of the ray, and failure to transmit. The secret of constituting a pure channelHealing, 173:light of their own; the light which they will transmit will come to them from collective sources onHealing, 190:or emotional body and the mind body; they also transmit the force of the personality ray or theHealing, 208:others are prematurely developed and transmit too much force to the areas they govern. In esotericHealing, 458:but the knowledge of this is too dangerous to transmit as yet and can only later be given. I wouldHealing, 557:which compose it or which it does or can transmit, of the subtle constitution of man and of theHealing, 571:head center. This eye of the soul can and does transmit energy to the ajna center and is itself theHealing, 617:a secretion of hormones, and this the glands transmit directly into the blood stream. It is not myHealing, 691:there is nothing more to relate, to report or to transmit, and - as the Sound reverberates - theInitiation, 23:- Chapter III - The Work of the Hierarchy To transmit the Will of the Planetary Logos They act asInitiation, 43:about accomplishment, and through a capacity to transmit creative and destructive energy to thoseInitiation, 133:They again, by an act of will, prepare to transmit it to that center in the body of the InitiateInitiation, 133:wills of the Hierarchy are blended in order to transmit that force which the Rod has put intoIntellect, 104:between the soul and the brain and to transmit to the brain that of which the man, as a soul, hasIntellect, 242:what he has seen and contacted, and later transmit it correctly and accurately to the attentive andMagic, 11:which his particular organism can respond to, transmit and utilize. He ceases to obstruct andMagic, 61:as light itself, and walk in that light and transmit it likewise to others. It is perhaps well toMagic, 90:their contact and the results of the force they transmit will be felt in all the kingdoms ofMagic, 99:a functioning channel. Humanity's function is to transmit and handle force. This is done in theMagic, 133:have some measure of soul contact, They seek to transmit as much of the plan as possible. TheyMagic, 176:they need to know and the teachings they should transmit. Many methods are tried, suited to theMagic, 279:builders, who constitute the subjective form and transmit the vitalizing life. Let him rememberMagic, 285:of self-consciousness in man. Third, to transmit spiritual energy and sweep the entire man into aMagic, 290:its capacity to appropriate, to utilize, and to transmit are dependent upon the condition of theMagic, 291:speaking, the work of the human kingdom is to transmit energy to the lower kingdoms in Nature,Magic, 291:in its relation to the human kingdom, is to transmit energies from the spiritual realm, from otherMagic, 422:so that it can rightly register and correctly transmit the soul impressions and the group purposesMagic, 506:but the knowledge of this is too dangerous to transmit yet and can only later be given. I wouldMagic, 527:can be recorded, and it becomes possible to transmit to the phenomenal form, upon the physicalMagic, 528:and the clearer the light which they reflect and transmit, the more rapidly will the present inertMagic, 572:the Plan, it may be his privilege to utilize or transmit. Through a close study of [573] hisMagic, 576:of the forces in the different centers, how to transmit and unify them and then by an act of theMagic, 577:and others from right to left. Certain centers transmit their energies via the right hand andMagic, 578:much good even though at times the energy they transmit serves to stimulate wrongly. As regards theMeditation, 33:its relationship to the Master, and seeks to transmit that consciousness to the Personality. TheMeditation, 99:levels somewhat, the Ego can partially transmit power from on high, but as the alignment is
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