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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TRANSMITTER

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Statement:read this article, and I must therefore act as a transmitter of the light, no matter what the cost.Astrology, 10:body, for it is itself the repository and the transmitter of energy from the various subjectiveAstrology, 33:can, therefore, be used as a focal point and a transmitter of the higher energies to our solarAstrology, 201:infant Christ. Aquarius - the World Server, the transmitter of energy which evokes magneticAstrology, 352:the average person, the etheric vehicle is the transmitter of psychic energy, galvanizing andAstrology, 352:to initiation, the etheric body becomes the transmitter of soul energy and not of personalityAstrology, 444:Order works through Uranus which is today the transmitter of Sirian force via Pisces to the [445]Astrology, 445:before the Hierarchy stands as a "mediating transmitter" between: 1 .Humanity and the will of God.Astrology, 482:these constellations is closely connected, as a transmitter of energy, with certain stars, lyingAstrology, 508:life. I might again point out that Mars is the transmitter of sixth ray force and it is this whichAstrology, 508:Sacred and the Non-Sacred Planets The Sun, the transmitter of the energy of the second ray, [509]Astrology, 621:This is why Saturn is so powerful a ruler and transmitter to the Earth of the dynamic quality ofAutobiography, 162:I am only a pen or pencil, a stenographer and a transmitter of teaching from one whom I revere andDiscipleship1, 68:myself, works from the angle of the mind of the transmitter and that of the recipient, establishingDiscipleship1, 337:plane. It enables you also to act as a force transmitter and distributor. The forces, therefore,Discipleship1, 505:come increasingly into control and become the transmitter of illumination as you hold steadily uponDiscipleship1, 640:which you will discover in yourself to be a transmitter of light and love to others. It is thisDiscipleship2, 72:in nature. This kingdom is destined to act as a transmitter of force, of energy and life and ofDiscipleship2, 143:the trained analyzer of ideas, and finally as a transmitter of that which has been received fromDiscipleship2, 144:Recognition Relationship Source Ashram Transmitter Expression Determination Seed Idea Attachment Discipleship2, 146:part of your very nature. [146] STAGE FIVE - The Transmitter of Ideas. As the disciple, you haveDiscipleship2, 146:of ideas lays on you the responsibility to be a transmitter to others. Ponder on this. Now take theDiscipleship2, 146:imagination and seeing yourself as a responsible transmitter, doing the work of the Ashram) breatheDiscipleship2, 148:the idea into the world of thought. OM. V. The Transmitter of Ideas: Dedication of yourself toDiscipleship2, 332:a new relationship and becoming a better transmitter of power. The sharing in the. results ofDiscipleship2, 719:The mind, when awake and active, is the great transmitter of the energies loosed by the SacredDiscipleship2, 750:light can dispel the evil [750] or act as a transmitter of the energy of the will-to-good. In theExternalisation, 155:enter into our solar system via Jupiter as the transmitter of divine energies from Virgo andExternalisation, 160:- invoke the Buddha, Who in His turn is the transmitter of still higher Forces. He is invoked by aExternalisation, 292:established thought-form acts increasingly as a transmitter of divine energy as it expresses aExternalisation, 681:mind as the interpreter, the analyzer and the transmitter. [682] Fire, 97:prana. It is the assimilator of prana. It is the transmitter of prana. 1. The Receiver of Prana TheFire, 101:- Division C - The Etheric Body and Prana 3. The Transmitter of Prana We have touched but little onFire, 165:a direct connection with the etheric, and is the transmitter of prana; they have been dealt withFire, 454:its function [454] as the receiver, storer, and transmitter of the vital fluids of the system. TheFire, 552:his material sheath, or sheaths, as adequate transmitter of such contact. The most easily studiedFire, follow:place in the economy of the system as the transmitter of the vital pranic fluid; the vegetableFire, 660:balanced, the astral body should become the transmitter from the buddhic plane, the fourth cosmicFire, 705:on, and His close connection therefore, as a transmitter of force within the Moon chain, the thirdFire, 715:of initiation, and his availability as a transmitter of spiritual energy to the world. EveryFire, 715:to the world. Every initiate is technically a transmitter of force and his work is consequentlyFire, 726:and protection of His aura, and He acts as a transmitter of electrical energy from the cosmicFire, 812:and the function of the physical brain as the transmitter of egoic intent is better comprehended,Fire, 921:Thought Elementals and Fire Elementals The great Transmitter of the Word on the physical plane,Fire, 921:of generating and transmitting energy. The transmitter of energy on the physical plane forms theFire, 921:in the body of Brahma, the third aspect. The transmitter of energy upon the astral plane forms theFire, 921:plane forms the heart center of Brahma. The transmitter of the Word on the mental plane forms theFire, 922:the lowest energy aspect of Brahma. [922] The Transmitter of the Word upon the buddhic plane formsFire, 922:form of a Heavenly Man or of a solar Logos. The Transmitter of energy upon the monadic plane formsFire, 922:heart center of Vishnu, the second aspect. The Transmitter of force upon the atmic plane forms theFire, 922:rightly grasped, will clarify the others. The Transmitter of the Word on the first plane of Adi isFire, 946:conditions. He becomes a ruler, a builder, and a transmitter, until the time comes when he is oneFire, 984:has become plain Mister. But the Latin is only a transmitter of words. We can equally follow up theFire, 1071:The planetary egoic center is, of course, the transmitter to all the others, and it should be borneFire, 1103:stages of evolution, the mental body becomes a transmitter for force currents from the egoic mind,Fire, 1103:mental body is simply that it should become a transmitter of the thoughts and wishes of the solarFire, 1115:the life force of Vishnu or the Son, Who is the transmitter and representative of a still greaterFire, 1122:body especially is to be noticed as it is a transmitter at this stage of the purest type of prana,Fire, 1213:also the development of the power to act as the transmitter of energies from greater lives than hisFire, 1248:purified lower nature which can act as a perfect transmitter. He has learnt also the secret ofGlamour, 160:by the light which shines from the Angel, the transmitter of energy from the PRESENCE. And so theyGlamour, 175:of the higher mind and, later, its use as the transmitter of the intuition and of the higherHealing, 26:other cases, the healer should seek to be only a transmitter of pranic energy to the etheric bodyHealing, 71:through the etheric body. The etheric body is a transmitter of all energies to the physical body,Healing, 81:in the subtler vehicles. It is essentially a transmitter and not an originator and it is only theHealing, 85:a close relation between: The etheric body as a transmitter of a vast aggregate of energies andHealing, 88:due to the fact that the mental body is the transmitter (when active and rightly aligned) of soulHealing, 107:paramount importance. Up to date it has been the transmitter primarily of astral energy to theHealing, 328:average unintelligent healer is usually simply a transmitter of prana itself, which is the energyHealing, 580:body is quiescent and the mind is active as a transmitter of soul energy to the three head centers,Healing, 590:and concrete mind (or the illuminator and the transmitter of illumination). These correspondencesHercules, 198:human being, en rapport with his soul, becomes a transmitter of light to the sons of men, so we canInitiation, 23:the Will of the Planetary Logos They act as the transmitter to men and devas or angels, of the willInitiation, 98:cosmic center via Sirius. Sirius acts as the transmitter, or the focalizing center, whence emanateInitiation, 98:of the Rod of Initiation (acting as a subsidiary transmitter and as a powerful magnet) this energyInitiation, 101:The brain will become ever more rapidly an acute transmitter of the inner impulses. This fact is ofInitiation, 178:mental body so that it may be an explainer and transmitter, and not a hindering factor as now. HeMagic, 45:which responds to the environment but is the transmitter (from inner sources) of certain types ofMagic, 130:the lower concrete mind will be nothing but a transmitter or an interpreter. Even abstract orMagic, 131:of men. To the disciple who is an organizer and transmitter of the Plan falls the work of fillingMagic, 175:sufficiently appreciated; the terms used by the transmitter being dependent upon his educationalMagic, 178:(that is, [178] the mind and the brain) of the transmitter. In these cases, the form of words andMagic, 178:of interests hold the clue to the choice of a transmitter. [179] Note that I say; similarity ofMagic, 280:character and equipment enable him to act as a transmitter of the greater life energies and toMagic, 292:from: The physical Sun. The Sun, acting as a transmitter of cosmic Rays. [293] Magic, 372:etheric body. This etheric body is not only the transmitter of prana but is the medium for all theMagic, 538:or an animal, or a flower. He will act as a transmitter of light in the darkness. He will dispelMeditation, 6:so that it may act as a direct receiver and transmitter of the imparted teaching, and may reflectMeditation, 156:subplanes, is clear and sensitive, an accurate transmitter, and which [157] is characterized by aMeditation, 245:the etheric body in two ways, either as a transmitter of prana, the life force, vitality orMeditation, 321:body must be in good condition and be a good transmitter of prana, and there must be no physicalPatanjali, 289:organ of vision into the higher worlds and as a transmitter or intermediary between the soul andPatanjali, 350:by the same term [350] for it has become a transmitter of the inner light or radiance. The termPatanjali, 354:different manner. The mind will be utilized as a transmitter to the brain of the wishes, and plansPatanjali, 417:above and of that which lies below." It is the transmitter of the knowledge of the self to thePatanjali, 417:brain of the man in incarnation, and the transmitter also of all that which the self knows andPsychology1, 241:esoterically that the vegetable kingdom is the transmitter and the transformer of the vital pranicPsychology1, 413:Fire, p. 588.) The Vegetable Kingdom is... The transmitter of the vital pranic fluid. [414] APsychology2, 112:obedience to this law, humanity will act as a transmitter of light, energy and spiritual potency toPsychology2, 181:for service. Each person will be regarded as a transmitter of the type of energy which is the
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