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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TRANSMUTATION

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Patanjali, 310:point might here be given. In the process of transmutation the student should remember that: ThePatanjali, 382:and the result. These words are, transfer, transmutation, and transformation. One of the basic lawsPatanjali, 382:an "instrument meet for use." This transfer, transmutation and eventual transformation is due toPsychology1, 222:are seen in their real values. The secrets of transmutation are the true secrets of this particularPsychology1, 222:the process and the secret are condensation and transmutation. Each kingdom has its key words,Psychology1, 222:Process Secret Objective 1. Mineral Condensation Transmutation Radiation. 2. Vegetable ConformationPsychology1, 223:natural scheme. Process: Condensation. Secret: Transmutation. The Treatise on Cosmic Fire definesPsychology1, 223:on Cosmic Fire defines this as follows: "Transmutation is the passage across from one state ofPsychology1, 224:consciousness aspect of the mineral world. The transmutation of forms by fire in that kingdom,Psychology1, 228:points, - condensation and its hidden secret, transmutation. From the standpoint of externalPsychology1, 229:psychic potencies will manifest in the eventual transmutation of the earth substance, and itsPsychology1, 229:radioactive substances. We are looking on at the transmutation process. The resolving agencies arePsychology1, 235:words, - Radiation, Magnetism, Experiment, Transmutation and Realization - and can understand thatPsychology1, 267:alchemically and magically. With that process of transmutation and of subsequent revelation IPsychology1, 289:the sacral energy to the throat center, or the transmutation of the process of physicalPsychology1, 413:III. Process Secret Purpose Mineral Condensation Transmutation Radiation. Vegetable ConformationPsychology1, 423:natural scheme. Process: Condensation. Secret: Transmutation. A Treatise on Cosmic Fire definesPsychology1, 423:on Cosmic Fire defines this as follows: "Transmutation is the passage across from one state ofPsychology2, 6:of form and quality to life Produce that inner transmutation which will bring [7] intoPsychology2, 275:consciously in the inevitable process of transmutation which takes place before the personality canPsychology2, 329:to regard aspiration as the consummation or the transmutation of desire. However, in the lastPsychology2, 358:The processes of substitution. The alchemy of transmutation. The fields of Service AvocationPsychology2, 381:by all of you if it were called the Technique of Transmutation, but it must be remembered that thePsychology2, 381:but it must be remembered that the transmutation referred to is not that of bad qualities into goodPsychology2, 381:definitely upon the Path of Probation) but the transmutation of the higher aspects of thePsychology2, 424:and appreciation. [424] The careful and slow transmutation of desire into aspiration. ReorientationPsychology2, 695:nature, it will give time for the processes of transmutation, for the dissipation of that whichRays, 5:for later work. A close study of the needed transmutation of astral and emotional energy into love,Rays, 14:stimulation; as they ascend, they produce transmutation and abstraction, and the one effect is asRays, 23:of magnetization make the second; the third is transmutation or the secret lost of alchemy; andRays, 23:Transfiguration follow Transformation and may Transmutation disappear. Let the OM be heard right atRays, 31:of by the well-trained but dense esotericist - transmutation and transformation. The result is theRays, 246:that Plan. All this will be done through the transmutation of desire into aspiration, and then intoRays, 247:Transfiguration follow Transformation, and may Transmutation disappear. Let the OM be heard rightRays, 247:of magnetization make the second; the third is transmutation or the secret lost of alchemy; andRays, 248:the Law of Attraction. He must comprehend what transmutation is and in which consists the secretRays, 248:Lost Word) of Alchemy. Esoterically speaking, transmutation is the mode whereby force is transmutedRays, 248:This means (where a disciple is concerned) the transmutation or changing or stepping up ofRays, 249:Transfiguration follow Transformation and may Transmutation disappear. Let the OM be heard right atRays, 260:changes through a process of transformation and transmutation, then a great Transfiguration willRays, 261:these processes: Radiation. Magnetization. Transmutation. Impartation. Let me very briefly indicateRays, 262:the world in Letters on Occult Meditation. Transmutation. This indicates here an achievement andRays, 262:which makes the entire process of transmutation no longer needed. But - and this is the point to beRays, 262:- because of this achievement, the art of transmutation is now the instrument which the initiateRays, 262:clear purpose further the ends of evolution. Transmutation "disappears" out of his own life, butRays, 277:Transfiguration follow Transformation, and may Transmutation disappear. [278] I would here remindRays, 278:to implement the will nature of the Monad. Transmutation - the method whereby that which is lowerRays, 279:of alignment play a large part in the process of transmutation. It is not, however, with theseRays, 280:different than they mean to a disciple, whilst Transmutation is now meaningless to him, for thereRays, 280:It might consequently be stated that: Transmutation concerns the expression of the life force uponRays, 280:added the fact that: The three lower planes of transmutation are the dense, liquid and gaseousRays, 281:and it is on this plane that the work of transmutation is completed - from the angle of theRays, 281:of the higher initiate. By then the processes of transmutation have dropped below the threshold ofRays, 281:is possible in an exoteric instruction, and "may transmutation disappear" for all disciples as timeRays, 285:most elevated comprehension. It concerns the transmutation of the OM into the originating Sound,Rays, 468:life is then upon the mental plane, because the transmutation process (with its stages ofRays, 651:to the creative arts. Next comes gradually the transmutation of all these ambitions into a steadilyRays, 670:is the ABC of your fundamental knowledge: the transmutation of sex. In that transmutative processRays, 670:for trouble for many incarnations ahead. True transmutation is in reality the achieving of aRays, 671:place, it must not be inferred that the task of transmutation going on between the lower and theRays, 671:slowly awakening head center) which brings the transmutation process to a successful conclusion andTelepathy, 117:focus the lower energies there, prior to their transmutation and elevation to the higher center,Telepathy, 193:the eyebrows. The agent for the purification, transmutation and transmission of the energies of all
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