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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TRANSMUTATIVE

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Astrology, 200:found in the word desire, leading, through the transmutative processes of life experience, toDiscipleship2, 702:when you retire at night, will be more potent in transmutative effect than anything else that youFire, 282:of [282] Spirit from form, then only will the transmutative process be comprehended, then only willFire, 405:of manifestation up to the beginning of the transmutative process. They build incessantly theFire, 475:Human Factor 3. Manas in the Final Rounds a. The Transmutative Process Transmutation is a subjectFire, 476:recognizes the psychic quality of this transmutative power, and frequently speaks in the sacredFire, 481:it is not permissible here to give out the transmutative formulas, or the mantrams that manipulateFire, 484:the great Devas, concern Themselves with this transmutative process, and each department might beFire, 487:mind in himself dominate, can he work with the transmutative processes of the third order, or withFire, 490:of method between the two schools. In the transmutative process as carried on by the Brotherhood,Fire, 494:and seeks a new form. This is the aim of the transmutative process and the fact that hithertoFire, 495:inner spiritual ear. When this is the ease, the transmutative processes of the grosser kind (suchFire, 495:tone, and the mantric sounds, which concern any transmutative process within that kingdom, willFire, 496:what constitutes one of the stages [496] of the transmutative process, and this they cannot doFire, 497:the builders or devas in any other kingdom. The transmutative process is effected more easily inFire, 499:activity, the adaptability nature, and the transmutative power of manas, I would like to point outFire, 500:as it affects the physical form and atoms. The transmutative power, inherent in man though as yetFire, 500:matter, and to ensure its translucence. The transmutative inherent power which transmutes, orFire, 501:Impulse emanates from the mental plane. The transmutative power which transforms the entire lowerFire, 503:discrimination, adaptability, purpose and transmutative power it is needless to enlarge. All theseFire, 832:made; it is the laboratory period wherein enough transmutative force is generated by the discipleFire, 903:to the vegetable and animal kingdoms, and in the transmutative fires all that holds them on theFire, 995:purity and the higher mental responsiveness and transmutative power may equally be available. EveryFire, 1065:the Plane of Mind It was in connection with this transmutative process that the alchemists of oldFire, 1069:The moon is an interesting instance of the transmutative or liberating process practicallyMagic, 287:astral forces, and also the main center of the transmutative work. To Be Silent. This phrasePatanjali, 311:together, grows out of an understanding of the transmutative process and the transference which isRays, 262:spiritual energy begin now to have a dynamic transmutative effect in the world of forms wherein heRays, 648:world thinking and lead to a new type of transmutative process, as far as man is concerned. It mustRays, 670:knowledge: the transmutation of sex. In that transmutative process men have greatly erred and haveRays, 671:in the sacral and throat centers, as the transmutative process proceeds and the energies of the
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