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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TRAVEL

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Astrology, 20:way to go. Then onward I will move. I will not travel up and down the land nor turn in space. ButAstrology, 52:upon the wheel of life and begins consciously to travel back to his source. He then goes from AriesAstrology, 81:Pisces and - reversing himself - will begin to travel the path of light from Aries to Pisces, viaAstrology, 83:is not necessarily this ordered sequence of travel or the smooth passage from sign to sign as I mayAutobiography, 24:was one of great discipline. We had had lives of travel and change and I am sure the discipline wasAutobiography, 36:I could then be trusted and that I would travel all over the world and visit many countries, "doingAutobiography, 64:would probably be better than no one at all." Travel to India was expensive in those days and MissAutobiography, 100:it was to want financially for anything. I could travel where I wished in India and go back toAutobiography, 218:several years, or would you prefer to have them travel abroad? I will defray either expense, butAutobiography, 218:with Foster and we decided that foreign travel was much more useful and broadening for the girlsAutobiography, 218:can get a college degree but few people could travel widely. I suppose I was influenced in thisAutobiography, 229:intention are not enough. During these years of travel we met many types of occultism in theBethlehem, 51:happening comes at the end of a period of travel. The symbolism of this is apparent. "The treadingBethlehem, 51:search and movement towards a preordained goal. Travel by rail, by steamship and by airplane isBethlehem, 170:to the world as we study the life of Christ and travel with Him in our minds from one initiation toDestiny, 121:lines along which this first ray energy can travel and here again is another reason for itsDestiny, 132:be abrogated or discarded: just as men used to travel on the ancient highways on foot, conformingDestiny, 132:the requirement of their time and age, and today travel by rail or automobile (arriving at the sameDiscipleship1, 7:and give suggestions to you so that you may travel more rapidly along the Path and arrive atDiscipleship1, 170:been initiated will achieve its own momentum and travel towards its inevitable conclusion. I willDiscipleship1, 176:that light I see the light in others. I know I travel not alone. 3rd month - The Love of the SoulDiscipleship1, 277:for complications in your life, for now you travel not alone. Your life has been relatively free upDiscipleship1, 291:NOTE: This disciple decided for a while to travel alone upon the Way as far as affiliation with theDiscipleship1, 462:industry I work as doth the ant. With speed I travel as moves the hare upon its path. With joy IDiscipleship1, 583:which will be of real use. My brother, we travel not alone. For you, again, group love, groupDiscipleship1, 615:that you are in the Way of Service and that you travel not alone, but that a group of brothersDiscipleship1, 640:this not, but battle on, remembering that you travel not alone. Your astral body is on the secondDiscipleship1, 664:by the same desire to serve. This means that you travel not alone, but are supported and sustainedDiscipleship2, 72:is the magnetized line along which the fire may travel. You have preserved your interest and effortDiscipleship2, 479:the Past. The Path of Service which you seek to travel now, moving freely in and out of my Ashram.Discipleship2, 537:by what you do, and remember that (as you travel the Way of the Disciple) your sphere of influenceDiscipleship2, 561:whence it came. Thus, my brother and my friend, travel life's way; work in my Ashram; aid yourDiscipleship2, 565:a tenuous thread along which he can some day travel towards those sublime levels where theDiscipleship2, 665:and help. Let love speed your fingers and light travel between you and those you seek to serve.Discipleship2, 721:behind the door and wash away the stains of travel. Then face the Master, but only when the quietDiscipleship2, 759:the past few years upon the need for you to travel alone - spiritually and mentally speaking. FromDiscipleship2, 759:and mentally speaking. From other angles you travel not alone. The spiritual life is full ofExternalisation, 93:to which you are ordained, and this way you can travel rapidly and with eager feet or slowly andExternalisation, 106:such as the press, the radio and travel. The inner objective of all this was to bring human beingsExternalisation, 194:armies throughout the centuries, and modern travel have inextricably mixed and fused all the races.Fire, 494:or "path" along which the escaping life may travel into its new form. Many have succeeded inFire, 674:under His control. The deva evolution has far to travel. If this idea be extended to the solarFire, 711:As his name implies, he is a king whose car can travel in ten directions, or taking the occultFire, 894:the triple channel along which that fire will travel in due course of evolution, and finally weFire, 995:thinker, and the point from which he can travel onwards to higher realms of comprehension. It isGlamour, 48:as he progresses. The rule of interplay, of travel, and of group recognition and work and serviceGlamour, 48:governing their activities. As he learns to travel with them upon the Road, their governingGlamour, 97:have one-pointed activity and a determination to travel in a specific direction. There follows theHealing, 222:bloods for hundreds of years - due to migration, travel, education and mental unity - has led toHercules, 2:him from me to return the other way and then to travel round the circle. Then will he find theHercules, 2:to render unto God and man, and willingness to travel the Way to God. He stood before the greatHercules, 14:me, besides the skill of those who can afford to travel and know men. I know myself as one whoHercules, 79:wise? The doe is mine; mine by long search and travel, and mine likewise because I hold the doeHercules, 97:questioning later, as they saw the manner of his travel; no arms, small knowledge of the ways ofHercules, 170:Gate the tenth. Downward, ever downward, did he travel into the binding worlds of form. TheIntellect, 184:on the Way. From this point of junction, they travel the same way, and employ the same methods, andMagic, 223:of vision to the gate of Deliverance. He may travel sometimes in the dark (and the illusion ofMagic, 223:the illusion of darkness is very real); he may travel sometimes in a light so dazzling andMagic, 229:the instrument of choice in choosing the way of travel on the physical plane and has besides aMagic, 267:hand way are alike up to a certain point; they travel the same progressive stages and at one timeMagic, 552:is to produce thinkers. Education, books, travel, in its many and varied forms, enunciations ofPatanjali, 90:as the infinitely great. It is as far a road to travel to embrace the consciousness of the minutestPatanjali, 234:out of matter (the three worlds) and power to travel in space is gained. 43. When that which veilsPatanjali, 338:out of matter (the three worlds) and power to travel in space is gained. The akasha is everywhere.Problems, 6:of a few short days; the early slow modes of travel by foot, on horseback or by chariot have givenProblems, 72:a wage that real comfort, leisure, culture and travel are impossible. The above is a terribleProblems, 111:when a few more years of education, study and travel have played their part, the problem of AfricaProblems, 177:greed and competition. There must be freedom to travel everywhere in any direction and in anyPsychology1, 50:The radio, telephone, telegraph and the power to travel. Lower Expression: The use and spread ofPsychology1, 236:out of matter (the three worlds) and power to travel in space is gained." - Patanjali: III.42. (ThePsychology1, 236:the relation between body and akasha. Power to travel in space - human kingdom the goal of thePsychology1, 370:ray energy as the path along which they can travel to our planet and thus be revealed. It is manyPsychology1, 388:ultimate achieving of it, but the incidents of travel cannot be revealed, but lie hid in the racialPsychology1, 396:the world of men and enter into light, they ever travel free. They hold not what they have. ReleasePsychology1, 425:the relation between body and akasha. Power to travel in space human kingdom - the goal of theRays, 136:chain of Hierarchy only a life line, along which travel the love and life of God, from Him to usRays, 344:should affiliate himself and with whom he must travel upon the Path of Initiation - a veryRays, 465:a spider spins a thread [465] along which it can travel. Each of his three divine aspectsRays, 494:along which the life of soul and body can travel. The Father (Monad), working through the thread,Rays, 749:the newspapers, through books, magazines and travel, through lectures and forums and simplifiedSoul, 43:The youth, who daily farther from the East Must travel, still is Nature's priest, And by the visionSoul, 133:the medium of literature, the spoken word and travel, the time has come when a fusion is, for theTelepathy, 19:on Earth: Instinctual telepathy - train travel, stations everywhere - telegraph Mental telepathy -Telepathy, 19:everywhere - telegraph Mental telepathy - ocean travel, ports on the periphery of all lands -Telepathy, 19:lands - telephone Intuitional telepathy - air travel, landing place - radio That which is going on
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