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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TRAVELLING

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Atomthe enlarged life toward which all mankind is travelling. They thus were intended to serve as anAutobiography, 53:did not want to live alone, or to spend any time travelling about and amusing myself. I did not,Autobiography, 65:weeks voyage to Bombay. I have always loved travelling (as do all Gemini people) and being also atAutobiography, 67:age and I am damned if I would like to have her travelling alone in India. Whether you like it orAutobiography, 67:is your compartment. I want to look over your travelling companion and you can make the best of myAutobiography, 82:looking after me with the most meticulous care, travelling everywhere with me, caring for my roomAutobiography, 109:about a year old, was very heavy to carry. I was travelling on a Cook's Tourist ticket [110] andAutobiography, 217:board and lodging to all of us, but not our travelling expenses. We naturally could make no suddenAutobiography, 217:of 1931. There were many problems involved. The travelling expenses of five people were no lightAutobiography, 220:we all had the right clothes, besides paying all travelling expenses. We chose one of the smallerBethlehem, 51:the whole world is on the move. Everybody is travelling and journeying - a process symbolic of anDiscipleship1, 302:plane, with D. H. B. as he and you make good travelling companions. This is but a suggestion and aDiscipleship2, 605:as one dynamic outbreathing; see these energies travelling down the spine to their respectiveFire, 687:becoming dominant, and through that vibration, travelling via the fourth cosmic ether (whereon asGlamour, 47:that he is. He will discover many others who are travelling the same way with [48] him, and theirHercules, 58:found. There came a day when, worn with fear and travelling, he heard a rumor from a passingHercules, 98:On every hand he sought; on every way he passed, travelling from point to point upon the narrow wayPsychology2, 355:them to the center and moving forward with the travelling points towards that great Center wherePsychology2, 357:next to be followed. A vision of those who are travelling the same way. A glimpse of the "GuardianRays, 492:and "projected on the upward way, providing safe travelling for the pilgrim's weary feet" (as theRays, 711:ideas, coming to him from the abstract mind and travelling along the antahkarana; these make
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