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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TRAVERSE

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Astrology, 32:these interlocking energies which play through, traverse, return, stimulate and energize every partBethlehem, 50:of mind forces it always in some degree to traverse this road..." (The Value and Destiny of theDiscipleship1, 586:even when the novelty palls and you hanker to traverse new fields? Forget not that the HierarchyDiscipleship2, 66:upon all forms of physical existence. These must traverse or cut across the astral realm inExternalisation, 319:Seventh, such a peace should enable all men to traverse the high seas and oceans without hindrance;Externalisation, 531:for humanity and for the animal kingdom), to traverse this region of glamor and then toHercules, 156:within the marsh. Nor boat nor human feet could traverse the bog. Hercules paused. The words heHercules, 217:approximately two thousand and sixty years to traverse each sign." The Message of Aquaria, p. 23,byIntellect, 94:arduous height, For every painful step I trod, I traverse worlds on worlds of light And pierce someMagic, 223:serpent whose tail he holds, and by its radiance traverse the miry halls of maya." No glamor, noPsychology1, 227:by analogy - the long road that all sons of God traverse, governed by the same laws and unfoldingPsychology2, 65:there form a cross in the human body, as they traverse each other's lines of force. This is theRays, 524:which enabled Him entirely to complete and traverse the "rainbow bridge" and to "go to the Father"
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