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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TREAD

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Astrology, 144:soul light and light substance and the urge to tread consciously the path of return, plus theAstrology, 220:the urge towards liberation and the desire to tread the Path of Return becomes so strong that theAstrology, 294:ground which all disciples and initiates must tread. The Leo subject treads this burning groundAstrology, 316:Those taking the first two initiations must tread the Path as it passes through the Burning Ground.Astrology, 466:of Sirian energy) enable the aspirant to tread the Path of Purification, of Probation. TheseAstrology, 571:at least some small progress in their attempt to tread the occult way. They are mentally focused inAutobiography, 193:work; but fools rush in where angels fear to tread, and I rushed. I could have done none of thisAutobiography, 194:teach people true meditation. It is difficult to tread the narrow, razor-edged path which leadsAutobiography, 239:kingdom of God and consciously endeavoring to tread the path of return. This has taken place onAutobiography, 241:of the soul and the way which the disciple must tread. He also gives the fourteen rules whichAutobiography, 252:of human freedom will themselves be free and tread the lighted Way. In the meantime, the entireAutobiography, 256:themselves (under the tuition of the Christ) to tread the way of the higher evolution, as it isAutobiography, 262:and purity, indicates to them the necessity to tread the Path and (usually) takes the place of theAutobiography, 264:teacher of the future will simply point the Way, tread the Way with the disciple, and emphasize theAutobiography, 264:with training disciples and preparing them to tread the Path of Discipleship and to come - at someAutobiography, 264:century will take disciples and prepare them to tread the Path of Initiation. We have thus oneAutobiography, 265:taking the needed training and learning to tread the Way correctly. Leaders and teachers in theAutobiography, 270:"Initiations." He then begins consciously to tread the Path of Initiation with which the esotericAutobiography, 288:under no compulsion to apply these rules or to tread the Path of Discipleship; our experience,Autobiography, 289:races and nations) which is banded together to tread the Path of Discipleship, to bring intoAutobiography, 291:Their only claim is that they are seeking to tread the Path of Discipleship. This is the onlyBethlehem, 80:is our Father," and His call goes out for us to tread the Path of holiness, and to achieve thatBethlehem, 102:anticipations of the path which He might have to tread must at times have entered His mind, but theBethlehem, 103:the illumination which comes when we decide to tread the Path of probation, and to prepareBethlehem, 111:The great souls are always lonely souls. They tread uncompanioned the most difficult parts of theBethlehem, 179:story, but Christ they know, and with Him they tread life's pathway. They may argue about whetherBethlehem, 206:of the indwelling Christ. Each one of us has to tread the way of the cross alone, and enter God'sBethlehem, 246:has gained significance, then he is ready to tread the path of purification and probation inBethlehem, 246:stage, through the processes of initiation, and tread the path of holiness. He can be "born inBethlehem, 270:are characteristic of the man who is ready to tread the Way and be born in Bethlehem. Then we shallBethlehem, 271:up to the portal of initiation, and then one can tread the Way that Christ trod from Bethlehem toBethlehem, 272:kingdom, and the strengthening of them as they tread the difficult path to the gate which admitsBethlehem, 272:and worked for and expressed by all who tread the Way. Initiation is nothing more than the processBethlehem, 273:Christ in their hearts, and are preparing to tread the Way of Initiation. The kingdom is notBethlehem, 282:ever has been strong enough) to enable a man to tread the fivefold way to the Center from which theBethlehem, 283:and in deed, illuminated for them: but can they tread that way without me? 'The unique perfectionBethlehem, 284:on the other, an everlasting way of life to tread to perfection of each, of all." - Eros andDestiny, 76:for France in the vision of the whole and so tread again more fully the Path of a World Savior?Discipleship1, XI:- consciously and with deliberate effort - to tread the Way to God. All are mystics, learning to beDiscipleship1, XV:such an impetus that many more will attempt to tread the Way and join the great number of aspirantsDiscipleship1, XV:of aspirants in every country who are seeking to tread the Path by becoming the Path Itself.Discipleship1, 21:The narrow path, which all disciples have to tread, requires obedience to the ancient rules forDiscipleship1, 79:let us together enter into the Light and tread the way to world peace and not to personalDiscipleship1, 128:query the steadfastness of your determination to tread the Path and to go forward towards yourDiscipleship1, 166:to your own soul. Walk carefully and guardedly. Tread fearlessly and joyously in the light of yourDiscipleship1, 195:or rock over which you might stumble as you tread the pathway towards the light. You have, as youDiscipleship1, 240:and our reactions to glamor, we learn to tread with confidence the Way of Light. By our fallingDiscipleship1, 261:endeavoring to work for the Tibetan and to tread the Path of Discipleship under his instruction.Discipleship1, 263:"way of the disciple", which the disciple has to tread, is known to you, but the cells of theDiscipleship1, 265:I cry to serve your need. Give me your hand and tread the Path with me." Your usefulness to myDiscipleship1, 303:golden Path and in the light of my own light I tread the Way: I enter through the door. I turn andDiscipleship1, 305:golden Path and in the light of my own light I tread that Way. I enter through the door. I turn andDiscipleship1, 365:major purpose. I, therefore, will to love and tread the Way of Love. 3rd month - The purpose of myDiscipleship1, 365:the power of God. That power am I. I, therefore, tread the Way unto the Burning Ground. ThereDiscipleship1, 365:to service and my Master's group. I, therefore, tread the Way of Service after the festival ofDiscipleship1, 392:'Lord of my life, grant me the strength to tread the path of revelation; to cross the sea of darkDiscipleship1, 392:the light which scatters every shadow. I seek to tread the lighted way which leads back to thyDiscipleship1, 393:1st month - Why, is strength needed to: a. Tread the Path of Revelation. [394] b. Cross the sea ofDiscipleship1, 394:earth. 2nd month - What should I do? I seek to tread the lighted Way which leads back to theDiscipleship1, 397:month - Why is happiness needed in order to: a. Tread the Path of Revelation. b. Meet the needs ofDiscipleship1, 401:spiritual values and a fixed determination to tread the Way which naught has been able to alter.Discipleship1, 411:following seed thoughts: First month - Love - "I tread the Way of Love. That Love irradiates myDiscipleship1, 411:- Service - "The sons of men must all be led to tread the Way of Love." Sixth month - The Plan -Discipleship1, 430:that divine indifference is the way for me to tread today? What basis for this do I find in myDiscipleship1, 442:you and send you forth as one who can prepare to tread the Path of the Revealer of Wisdom. I wouldDiscipleship1, 473:for her to measure up to your ideal force her to tread a way which is one that you desire. She alsoDiscipleship1, 475:and in truth. Peace be to you and strength to tread the Way. Discipleship1, 477:Nor will you. Years ago you pledged yourself to tread the Path; your pledge was noted and recorded.Discipleship1, 479:love them as a soul should love, you will not tread the Way of Liberation. There is hatred in yourDiscipleship1, 481:all souls in service. 5th month - Service. I tread the lighted Way into the hearts of men. I serveDiscipleship1, 510:glamor. Glamor is the powerful enemy of all who tread the Path of Discipleship. The whole world isDiscipleship1, 553:light and sufficient strength to enable you to tread the way of the disciple. You can count uponDiscipleship1, 561:I serve; I reap; I pray; I mount the cross; I tread the Way; I tread upon the work I do; I mountDiscipleship1, 561:I pray; I mount the cross; I tread the Way; I tread upon the work I do; I mount upon my slain self;Discipleship1, 603:the field of motives. Your life motive to tread the Path is sound, but e'en that motive is taintedDiscipleship1, 605:This is my life and this is the way that I will tread until the Day-be-with-us." Sound the WordDiscipleship1, 715:to in the following terms: "Before a man can tread the path, he must become that path himself."Discipleship1, 717:he becomes himself and seeks consciously to tread the ways of life and to become what he is. ThisDiscipleship1, 785:of human freedom will themselves be free and tread the Lighted Way. In the meantime, the entireDiscipleship1, 788:themselves (under the tuition of the Christ) to tread "the Way of the Higher Evolution," as it isDiscipleship2, 37:Stand in light. Om Tat Sat. Where art thou? Tread the Path. God guard thee. Enter into peace. LiftDiscipleship2, 38:and no way that is too long for you to tread it. You are a soul with all the powers of the soul andDiscipleship2, 48:must in the New Age govern those who seek to tread the Path of Discipleship and who are willing toDiscipleship2, 175:And thus I stand. And standing thus revolve And tread this way the ways of men, And know the waysDiscipleship2, 184:then becomes a Master; he is now ready to tread the Way of the higher Evolution. There is then aDiscipleship2, 216:aspect of the Path which humanity needs to tread, and its intent is to swing into creative activityDiscipleship2, 271:doing this, they themselves are preparing to tread the "Way of the Higher Evolution." What that WayDiscipleship2, 376:motivated and are consciously trying to tread the Path or - to express the idea in ChristianDiscipleship2, 409:to its own devices thus to learn the Way and tread the Path of Return through individual experimentDiscipleship2, 465:The decision rests with you, for those who tread the Way of a World Savior are left peculiarly freeDiscipleship2, 474:path which, as an initiate, you are choosing to tread. In this connection, forget not, brother ofDiscipleship2, 518:Those on the love aspect of the second ray tread one or other of the various paths, primarily thatDiscipleship2, 606:you not to backward look, my brother, but [606] tread with confidence the Lighted Way. It leads toDiscipleship2, 648:OM and say: "From darkness lead us to light. I tread the way of life and light because I am a soul.Discipleship2, 662:the will to dissipate the pain of those who tread the darker ways of earth. On these you do notDiscipleship2, 729:from pressures too great for it, and so begin to tread the way of liberation. Can you do this, myDiscipleship2, 767:not the easiest way, which is not to be found. Tread then the Way which leads through sorrow, painEducation, 7:of the occult aphorism that "before a man can tread the Path he must become that Path itself." TheEducation, 7:ourselves; it is that Way which we also find and tread. Education, 28:and have their being. Increasingly he learns to tread this path of consciousness, and thereby
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