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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TREADS

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Astrology, 84:man steps off the ordinary path of evolution and treads the path of discipleship or - after theAstrology, 143:becomes focused upon spiritual attainment. He treads the Path of Discipleship. In Leo - TheAstrology, 294:and initiates must tread. The Leo subject treads this burning ground with will and self-effacement.Astrology, 294:has attained personality effectiveness, then he treads it - undeterred by pain. Bethlehem, 24:which one will assuredly be confronted as one treads the path Christ trod, takes courage of theDiscipleship1, 87:quiescent in its higher aspects until a man treads the Path of Discipleship.... You might ask, myDiscipleship1, 727:this period. The chela in the Light is one who treads the way of what is called "the lesserDiscipleship2, 338:to the seven phases of that cosmic vision, he treads one or other of the seven Paths. For thisFire, 71:the mental unit is only felt when the aspirant treads the Path, or after he has taken the firstFire, 530:to transcend them as he nears the Path and treads it. From the standpoint of average man inFire, 861:period in human evolution, that in which man treads the path. The Logos is now treading the cosmicFire, 962:ability to create in mental matter grows as he treads the Path. He needs to remember that (from theFire, 1120:commence their revolution. Finally, when the man treads the Path and his purpose is intensified,Fire, 1241:knows not what shall be revealed to him as he treads the cosmic Path which is his choice, surely itFire, 1248:work have been mastered by the adept who treads this second Path. He has mastered (in the threeFire, 1260:out that the quality gained by the adept who treads this path may not be revealed. He comes underFire, 1264:The quality which the adept develops as he treads this Path can only be given in the words of theFire, 1269:wider Door... His eye of vision opens... He treads the first great path, yet knows it not. The noteFire, 1271:Word, the sacred OM, the fire of God, He treads the burning-ground, and blazes forth to those whoGlamour, 47:Path to the goal, forgetting however that he treads the Path in unison with others, and that hereGlamour, 204:goes on continually from the time a disciple treads the Path of Accepted Discipleship until theHercules, 92:on the lonely way of all disciples. Then he treads the path of tribulation, of test and trial,Hercules, 153:of this man. He seizes it with both hands and treads on its heart, which is the red star of desire.Hercules, 175:desolate one", and the path that every disciple treads is necessarily a lonely one. The path of theInitiation, 82:always must this sacrifice be voluntary. He who treads the Probationary Path and the Path ofMagic, 225:between these pairs which the aspirant finds and treads, turning neither to the right nor to theMeditation, 115:growth finds expression in group service the man treads a dangerous road. Meditation, 156:matter will accomplish. The aim of the pupil who treads the Path is to build an emotional body thatPatanjali, 15:who thus solves the mystery of the "Makara" and treads the Way of the Kumaras. Herein lies a hintProblems, 27:unto itself today. If it attempts to do so it treads the way of death and that is the true horrorPsychology2, 47:of glamor. The Path stands clear. The One who treads the path and stops to fight, who wrestlesRays, 350:but their goals emerge as widely different; one treads the broad way which leads ever deeper intoRays, 467:Putting it in other words, the disciple treads the path of return, builds the antahkarana, crossesRays, 522:somewhat cumbersome name) the initiate-disciple treads the Way of Antahkarana and the Way of theRays, 651:and consciously spiritual aspiration. The man treads then the Probationary Path and eventually theRays, 703:[703] of the aspirant; however, as he treads the path, and likewise the Path of Discipleship, heReappearance, 26:the Way of the Higher Evolution. This Way He treads today and He began to tread it in Palestine twoTelepathy, 101:This ability develops steadily as the aspirant treads the Path of Discipleship; it is frequently
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