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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TREASURES

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Discipleship1, 564:be your gift to others. 5th month - Certain treasures are too valuable and frail to be exposed toExternalisation, 124:civilization except for those few archeological treasures which intrigue and interest modernHercules, 131:may act like fools, and fools may stumble upon treasures; that the judgments of the world may beHercules, 187:let go in order to acquire what Christ calls "treasures in heaven". In almost any field of thoughtPsychology1, 312:of life; in man, God the Son has secreted the treasures of wisdom and of love; in man, God the HolyPsychology1, 396:selfish end in view, but to present the garnered treasures of the world, and thus shew their love.Psychology1, 396:the portal of the Path, grasping the garnered treasures of a thousand cycles. Naught did they wishPsychology1, 397:forth in sorrow and revolt, laden with their treasures, and thus the history of the wandering JewPsychology2, 167:light, the fire of right must burn the garnered treasures of the past, yet show their basicPsychology2, 170:the objects of his previous toil, sparing three treasures which he knew were good, and upon whichRays, 198:speaks of giving to the struggling aspirant "the treasures of darkness." The beauty of the
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