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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TREATMENT

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Astrology, 591:the desire for right human relations and right treatment of all that is non-human. Of the will andBethlehem, 146:and a renewed incentive for the proper care and treatment of the physical body. We shall cherishDiscipleship1, 139:The problems of the etheric body will yield to treatment if the suggestions made to C. D. P. areDiscipleship1, 355:too well, and yet at times you alternate good treatment with periods when you treat your physicalDiscipleship1, 355:harshness. If you can bring about an evenness of treatment and a balanced method in your handlingDiscipleship2, 334:from the angle of the stability of its hold; his treatment of the aspirant is therefore based uponEducation, 45:seizure, followed frequently by wicked and cruel treatment of the inhabitants of the discoveredEducation, 75:caution, and one in which he receives courteous treatment at the hands of others, and is expectedEducation, 75:and is expected also to render equally courteous treatment in return. This is rare indeed to findFire, 475:will be revolutionized, and the slaughter, ill-treatment, and that form of cruelty called "sport,"Fire, 811:truer understanding of the physical body, of its treatment, and of its protection, and thusFire, 812:in medical circles, then will the right treatment of lunacy, of obsessions, and of wrong mentalHealing, 17:to combine psychology with the outer physical treatment is sound and right. Thirdly, the highestHealing, 105:seeking to aid. Do not discuss the patient under treatment even among yourselves. If this basicHealing, 222:has been trained and brought by scientific treatment and heavy feeding to the height of physicalHealing, 234:eventually be stamped out, not only by sound treatment and the discoveries of medical science, butHealing, 255:times too slow, but the case of the new mode of treatment or diagnosis must be rightly proven andHealing, 255:itself. The demands of the intangible and the treatment of the nebulous - if such [256] peculiarHealing, 273:The area of the body which has received surgical treatment, and particularly the center in closestHealing, 288:should not be taken into the healing group for treatment, except with ameliorative results in mind.Healing, 314:affected. As to the cure and the correct [314] treatment of fevers, much is known by the orthodoxHealing, 339:will disappear when the disease is under proper treatment. A person may be suffering from aHealing, 349:whether any specific case will yield to healing treatment or not. Therefore, the healer orHealing, 388:to receiving what he will regard as successful treatment, but it primarily concerns the effect ofHealing, 479:their pathology, give their cures or suggested treatment, indicate their direct causes and give, inHealing, 480:specific diseases, their symptoms or their treatment because that is fully covered in the textbooksHealing, 481:I am not concerned with the abolition of medical treatment, nor am I concerned with endorsing theHealing, 481:am I concerned with endorsing the newer modes of treatment - all of which are still in theHealing, 482:of his divine nature), of the newer aspects of treatment as formulated by [483] the many emergingHealing, 601:you will then have a new and much better treatment of the human vehicle than is now [602] the case.Healing, 605:has at this point to determine whether the treatment requires an expulsive technique or aHealing, 663:disease come to an end or yield easily to treatment. Meditation, 68:betwixt the higher and the lower. Groups for the treatment of obsessions and mental diseases.Meditation, 124:four in number and each responds to a different treatment: One cause is a definite weakness of theMeditation, 127:in quiet sanitariums. Coincident with this treatment will be the attempt to strengthen the mentalMeditation, 245:usually be located and eliminated by judicious treatment. But emotional trouble that is deep seatedProblems, 8:of security, by the sound psychological treatment of the differing nationalities, by their physicalProblems, 26:no ability to handle their own, as witness the treatment of the American Negroes and theProblems, 43:seizure, followed frequently by wicked and cruel treatment of the inhabitants of the discoveredProblems, 47:an atmosphere wherein he will receive courteous treatment and will be expected to be equallyProblems, 102:and ghastly story, only paralleled by the Jewish treatment of their enemies, as related in The OldProblems, 102:of cruelty, torture and wholesale murder and the treatment of the Jews down the ages is one of theProblems, 104:modern times, but culminating in the violent treatment of the Jews during the world war. It was,Problems, 104:Jews during the world war. It was, however, a treatment not uniquely theirs but meted out also toProblems, 111:opportunity and much racial discrimination. The treatment of the Negro in the southern states is aProblems, 113:find the Negro as responsive to good and fair treatment, equal opportunity and right livingProblems, 172:it is the unchristian and undemocratic treatment of the Negro peoples in the United States andPsychology1, 211:on extreme exactness in carrying out orthodox treatment of disease. On him the practices of yogaPsychology2, 419:vitaminous foods and exercise, plus correct treatment and balancing of the endocrine system. AlongPsychology2, 419:of etheric cleavage are rapidly yielding to treatment. Lack of vitality, immaturity, depressionPsychology2, 514:by the use of soporifics, and other forms of treatment, the patient will be taught methods ofSoul, 130:the subject from this standpoint and by a treatment of the human glands produce perfection of theSoul, 133:and these might be summarized as follows: A sane treatment of the physical body, utilizing the
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