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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TREES

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Astrology, 517:At present students cannot see the wood for the trees, as the proverb says, and that proverb isAutobiography, 16:Shakespeare got so many of his stories. Family trees and pedigrees have never seemed to me to be ofAutobiography, 70:beautiful buildings, dirt and degradation, palm trees and bamboos, lovely little children and womenAutobiography, 72:little vegetation in Baluchistan, except juniper trees, until the land is irrigated and thenAutobiography, 138:near them. It was safe ground for the children, trees to climb, gardening to do and no care to makeAutobiography, 144:The main streets were all lined with pepper trees and there was not the breathlessness, the madDiscipleship1, 528:Just outside are four beautiful spruce trees, two [529] on each side of the doorway, and firs andDiscipleship1, 529:twenty-five feet wide, including native mountain trees, and our dogwood and small oaks. There is aDiscipleship1, 530:into the corners of the two ends of the garden; trees are there, spruce, pine and Japanese yews;Discipleship1, 530:pagoda, with the woods behind it and the spruce trees to right and left, in front. Across theDiscipleship1, 530:looks towards the entrance gate, one sees fruit trees, en espalier on the wall to the right,Discipleship2, 447:part to play. I would remind you that very large trees can grow from very small seeds. Your seed isDiscipleship2, 447:many similar seeds which will bear many similar trees. You have a fluid mind and can do much ifDiscipleship2, 552:as follows: Picture to yourself a wood of pine trees, a purling brook a winding, mounting path, andFire, 496:of those devas who work with flowers, fruits, trees and herbs. Fire, 1171:hand path in Atlantean days were called "the Trees," (S. D., II, 519, 520, 521.) and were destroyedHealing, 245:come and gone; death has overtaken plants and trees, animals and the forms of human beings forHealing, 635:seen, creating thus the health aura in plants, trees, sea life, animals and man. Other energies andHercules, 97:lion. Upon the edge of a deep thicket of young trees it stood. Seeing an enemy draw near and oneHercules, 97:the lion roared, and with his roar the young trees shook, the Nemeans fled and Hercules stoodHercules, 205:is Science. Familiarity with the grass and trees, the insects and the infusoria, teaches us deeperMagic, 426:the carrying of the stones cease. The growing trees are seen; the buildings disappear. Let the sunPsychology1, 101:endeavor to reconstruct their forms. Flowers and trees that once covered the surface of our planetPsychology1, 211:reviews of troops and warships, in genealogical trees, and in rules of precedence. The bad type ofPsychology1, 234:and satisfaction of a mental kind. Divisions: Trees and shrubs. The flowering plants. The grassesPsychology1, 239:appearance, strength, size and nature of the trees upon our planet. Ray II - is the beneficentPsychology1, 424:and satisfaction of a mental kind. Divisions: Trees and shrubs. The flowering plants. The grassesPsychology2, 166:revealed. In ordered beauty live its flowers and trees. The murmur of the bees and insects on theirPsychology2, 166:the garden... Low lie the flowers. Bending, the trees are [167] devastated by the wind. DestructionPsychology2, 169:The sky was blue; the winds blew free; the trees and flowers opened themselves unto the sun. But in
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