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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TRIAD

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Fire, 244:The three manifested Persons of the logoic Triad seek full development by means of each other. TheFire, 259:or when the quaternary is merging into the triad, then man can be trusted with the [260] remainingFire, 260:Man, in essential essence, is the higher triad demonstrating through a gradually evolving form, theFire, 261:of perfect self-consciousness. Above the triad stands the Monad or the Father in Heaven - a pointFire, 261:The parallel is exact. The Monad. The threefold Triad, Atma-Buddhi-Manas, or spiritual will,Fire, 263:here that the three principles in terms of the Triad with the two synthesizing principles on theFire, 263:Vishnu aspect. On the plane of objectivity - The Triad: 3. Atma. 4. Buddhi. 5. Manas. 8 Kama-manasFire, 265:- Pure reason, wisdom. Manas - Pure mind. The Triad. The causal body. Lower mind. [266] Kama-manas.Fire, 271:is seeking consciousness on the Planes of the Triad - this in relation to all the cells in HisFire, 299:have an analogy between the quaternary and the Triad, carrying the interpretation up to a HeavenlyFire, 309:or the spiritual Ego on the side of the higher Triad, and the personality or the kamic ego on theFire, 326:to succeed in its effort to approximate the Triad. [327] This fourth ether in this fourth round andFire, 374:The Divine The Divine Septenary hanging from the Triad thus forming the Decad and its permutationsFire, 400:transmutation into the three, or the Spiritual Triad, made possible via the four, or the formlessFire, 401:effect of this action in time, and only as the Triad comes into play, via the esoteric four, areFire, 420:egoic consciousness, and to the planes of the Triad. It concerns a man's realization of his placeFire, 501:life. The transmutation or transference into the Triad of the life of the Ego as it functions inFire, 506:(the threefold personality and the threefold Triad merged and blended and perfectly producedFire, 507:of each of the three persons of the microcosmic triad, a reflection (in the three worlds of theFire, 508:man achieves the consciousness of the Spiritual Triad, and transfers his polarization into theFire, 525:who are developing the consciousness of the Triad from those who as yet are living the life of theFire, 526:unit is the first aspect of the personality triad, or of man functioning in the human kingdom onFire, 582:as a man becomes fit for the merging into the Triad, that causal body has to be discarded and doneFire, 582:on the second, when the man merges with the Triad, preparatory to the final merging with the Monad.Fire, 583:law is the basic law controlling the Spiritual Triad. Through this law, the force of evolutionFire, 584:all upward. It is the demonstration, in the Triad, of the Law of Attraction. On the path ofFire, 584:relation with the lower permanent atom of the Triad is the mainspring of the life of the Ego. OnFire, 585:is the same thing as demonstrated in the Triad. Sex expression, the coming together of two, becomesFire, 586:- love. On the second plane of the manifesting Triad, the Law of Magnetic Control - love. AgainFire, 591:personality), the buddhic vehicle (love in the Triad), and the Monads of Love. Later on, this willFire, 591:the evolving Monad - from the personality to the Triad, from the Triad to the Monad, from the MonadFire, 591:- from the personality to the Triad, from the Triad to the Monad, from the Monad back again to itsFire, 595:comes the powerful working out in the lower Triad, the Personality, of the Law of Love. On theFire, 599:and the point of contact between the Spiritual Triad and the Lower Quaternary. The fifth root raceFire, 650:atomic. Group B - The three worlds of the Triad - Spiritual evolution. Logoic etheric. Group C -Fire, 663:not be consciously one. In the planes of the Triad they are known as a unity, producing the DivineFire, 676:body, and who are the linking group between the Triad and the Quaternary, both in man and theFire, 695:from the standpoint of conscious energy. The Triad, for instance, is usually looked upon by ourFire, 698:Agnishvattas, produce the union of the spiritual Triad, or divine Self, and the Quaternary, orFire, 701:WORD sounded forth which produced desire in the Triad for self-expression, and when the sound ofFire, 744:as does the Logos through a septenate and a triad, making again a ten of perfection. Between TwoFire, 775:Fohat. The three-tongued flame that never dies - Triad. The four wicks - Quaternary. The thread ofFire, 775:upon: "...the divine Septenary hanging from the triad, thus forming the Decad and its permutations.Fire, 775:fivefold Lha. Who unites the higher Spiritual Triad and the lower self? The fivefold Gods of theFire, 788:In the schemes which concern the logoic Triad (or those of the three major Rays or Heavenly Men)Fire, 821:the esoteric terminology: The "outer knowledge" triad, or the lords of active wisdom. The middleFire, 821:or the lords of active wisdom. The middle "love" triad, or the lords of active love. The innerFire, 821:lords of active love. The inner "sacrificial" triad, or the lords of active will. The first is theFire, 822:relationships: I. The outer "knowledge" triad: Petal 1 - Knowledge on the physical plane. Colors:Fire, 822:circle is organized. II. The middle "love" triad: Petal 1 - Higher Knowledge applied through loveFire, 822:third remains shielded. The inner "sacrificial" triad: Petal 1 - The Will to sacrifice throughFire, 884:Heaven," which is brought down from the higher triad through the agency of the electrical rod. Fire, 923:a comprehension of his own nature as a spiritual triad, an egoic body and a threefold lower man. HeFire, 959:ease the antahkarana (or bridge between the Triad and the personality) then we have a powerfulFire, 959:build the antahkarana, or the bridge between the Triad and the Personality. The power of the EgoFire, 959:employing them as a unit. The power of the Triad begins to pour through, thus energizing all humanFire, 1000:of the One are the three persons of the lower Triad, the mental body, the astral body, and theFire, 1059:three groups are related to the logoic Spiritual Triad, atma-buddhi-manas, and their influence isFire, 1085:plane of a lower four dominated over by a higher triad, we get form, food, rain and yagna as theFire, 1085:karma, Veda and eternal substance as the higher triad. The eternal substance that pervades allFire, 1101:itself, the focal point of energy in the Upper Triad. This concerns the Self, the highest aspect ofFire, 1103:solar Angel, and should act as the agent for the Triad. The goal for the astral body is that itFire, 1110:petals which represent the lowest aspect of the Triad and are responsive to the lowest forms ofFire, 1110:a. One stream of energy emanates from the lower triad of permanent atoms, particularly the physicalFire, 1112:atom. The permanent atoms of the Spiritual Triad, as well as the bodies which are built aroundFire, 1159:Though we are told that the permanent atomic triad is enclosed in the [1160] causal periphery,Fire, 1160:the plane of the Ego and the lowest point of the Triad, the manasic permanent atom. When man hasFire, 1160:worlds and center his attention in the Spiritual Triad, thus recapitulating on a higher turn of theFire, 1194:and during evolution) demonstrating forth as the Triad, the Ego and the Personality. This type ofGlamour, 81:mind, and is a faculty latent in the Spiritual Triad; it is the power of pure reason, an expressionGlamour, 194:but only with the perceptions of the Spiritual Triad and with the world of ideas. The intuition isGlamour, 195:is the expression of the threefold Spiritual Triad, placing it in relation to the higher levels ofGlamour, 195:the soul or to the intuitional perception of the Triad. They will then come to the point where theyGlamour, 195:to the identification tendency of the Triad. But these concepts are beyond the grasp of the averageGlamour, 256:will and, therefore, the will of the Spiritual Triad. Any disciple who is in process of buildingGlamour, 256:his mind and the will aspect of the Spiritual Triad; in other words, the negative receptor ofGlamour, 256:the agent of the will (the mind), and the Triad itself, have to be brought into contact with eachGlamour, 264:later from a point of tension in the Spiritual Triad. In all cases, however, once within theHealing, 144:aspects of the personality and the Spiritual Triad and their dual active relationship. In thisHealing, 145:this means the energies of the Spiritual Triad, of the threefold egoic lotus and of the tripleHealing, 148:The ajna center relates the Spiritual Triad (the expression of the monad in the formless worlds) toHealing, 150:the threefold soul and the Spiritual Triad), to Shamballa and to the totality of manifested Lives.Healing, 151:the mechanism through which the Spiritual Triad, the soul and the personality work. [152] The keyHealing, 159:the three aspects of the [159] Spiritual Triad will each find a point of contact within the ethericHealing, 160:at the base of the spine. As the Spiritual Triad becomes active through the medium of theHealing, 168:- the three centers through which the Spiritual Triad must eventually work, and the syntheticHealing, 173:by an act of the will of the Spiritual Triad. Then "the light generated in Lemuria" (the sacralHealing, 175:- under direct control of the Spiritual Triad. The processes involved in these three greatHealing, 511:mind is the lowest aspect of the Spiritual Triad. Once integration has taken place between theHealing, 511:bring about between itself and the Spiritual Triad. Accomplishment [512] upon a lower level everHealing, 524:the capacity to make contact with the Spiritual Triad. [525] Therefore, the antahkarana must beHealing, 528:developing the consciousness of the Spiritual Triad - a very rare thing as yet. Healing, 546:numbers of men are controlled by the Spiritual Triad, have built the antahkarana and can thereforeHealing, 547:of the monadic life and will, via the Spiritual Triad, will always be successful healers; they willHealing, 571:initiation) of the energy of the Spiritual Triad. This esoteric relationship is only set up whenHealing, 571:The eye of the soul - agent of the Spiritual Triad - Will. The third eye - agent of the soul -Healing, 586:in relation to the personality and the Spiritual Triad, are being studied by a few students in theHealing, 589:higher aspects and become part of the Spiritual Triad. The vortex of forces established under theHealing, 671:aspect, as expressed through the [671] Spiritual Triad) are all fused into one dynamic energy of aHealing, 673:adaptability to the rhythm of the Spiritual Triad; nevertheless, the earlier type of poise must
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