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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TRIAL

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Astrology, 189:of balance before the strenuous testing and trial of Scorpio. Sagittarius marks another point ofAstrology, 206:The keynotes of this sign are, therefore, test, trial and triumph. They can also be calledAstrology, 278:- Movement - Cardinal Cross. Scorpio - Test - Trial - Fixed Cross. Sagittarius - Direction -Astrology, 360:and space a unique situation, for it incites to trial efforts or initiates a series of beginningsAstrology, 447:in spiritual Being" as a result of constant trial and testing. Finally he stands ready for theAstrology, 474:worlds to that of the probationer who is seeking trial upon the Path and is beginning to take hisAstrology, 486:This would necessarily be so because testing, trial, desire, illumination, matter, form andAstrology, 579:Now that the war is over, and that time of acute trial and tribulation has come to an end, a greatAutobiography, 156:I met him. I had dreaded and feared the divorce trial but nothing could have been simpler. TheAutobiography, 156:Mrs. John Weatherhead, went with me to the trial. I was sworn in; the judge asked me one or twoAutobiography, 156:to get a divorce and the rapidity of my divorce trial testifies to the rightness of my case and theBethlehem, 103:implied as a matter of course that through the trial of suffering he must become what God hadBethlehem, 107:the recovery of an ancient past of test and trial) our equal in all points - of sin, of weaknessBethlehem, 107:Jordan. The citizenship of this kingdom was on trial in the Person of Christ, and so He goes downBethlehem, 116:That the details of each difficulty, test and trial may differ is relatively immaterial. That theBethlehem, 116:general lifelong urge to divinity which is on trial. To the man who is but a little evolved theBethlehem, 249:and proceeds after death. Life in the flesh is a trial and a probation; death, the release and theDiscipleship1, 16:and in willingness to accept suggestion. It is a trial of the intuition and a test inDiscipleship1, 217:few months have constituted an intense period of trial, of testing and of suffering. From this youDiscipleship1, 342:which will be willing to give fair trial for an adequate time to those things which do not runDiscipleship1, 380:days of isolation lie behind. I stand alone when trial comes, for I am strong and need not drainDiscipleship1, 396:a new opportunity to "come clear," but the trial, testing and bewilderment are severe. He feelsDiscipleship1, 399:have I ever given the method of joy a fair trial? Or the work of the review a fair trial? WhatDiscipleship1, 399:a fair trial? Or the work of the review a fair trial? What basis can I find in my study that thisDiscipleship1, 444:I ever given the technique of observation a fair trial? Do I feel it now to be desirable? Why? WhatDiscipleship1, 572:of the group members to a more than adequate trial. Many among your co-disciples present peculiarDiscipleship1, 572:to subject that which I have to give you to due trial, and not to analysis, for at least one year.Discipleship1, 627:then much can be accomplished. All is yet in the trial stage with many of them and only the comingDiscipleship2, 30:so permit. I would remind you in this time of trial that I, your Master, love and guard you, forDiscipleship2, 81:It was therefore a year of peculiar testing and trial, and the more advanced the disciple theDiscipleship2, 243:to do more than live through the time of trial and, at the same time, to serve as best they can.Discipleship2, 523:has steadily protected you during this time of trial and of difficulty, as has the love of A.A.B.Discipleship2, 735:ray of testing, the energy which brings about trial. People struggle with ideas, with attaining theEducation, viii:Until this program has been given a fair trial, it is a waste of time to attempt to prejudge theEducation, 68:different approach until - through development, trial and experiment - the esotericist knows theseExternalisation, 212:at any time can crush it out; life, experience, trial, pain and instinctive human orientation leadExternalisation, 240:own issues and make progress by the method of trial and error, by the success of its own clearExternalisation, 332:in the Plan by the old and tried method of trial and error. The less evolved the disciple andExternalisation, 342:When the war is over, when this time of acute trial and tribulation has come to an end, a greatExternalisation, 443:implemented that tyranny must - through sore trial and right spiritual direction - be again led toExternalisation, 671:to take the needed action, even if it involves trial and error and a much slower process? Would youExternalisation, 688:- a definite process of testing out and of trial, prior to and preparatory to some of the higherGlamour, 249:of experiment and experience and institutes a trial and error, [250] a success and failure,Healing, 479:are found. Observation, experimentation, trial and error, success and failure have given to modernHealing, 537:everywhere. Thus, and also through the method of trial and error, much will be learnt. The healingHercules, 92:he treads the path of tribulation, of test and trial, wrestling by himself as an individual, fromHercules, 95:Hercules, resting from his labors, wot not the trial which lay just ahead. He felt his courageHercules, 185:Saturn, through spiritual exercises and trial, strengthens our spiritual muscles and enables us toHercules, 213:Cancer and Pisces). Quality: Conflict. Test. Trial. Triumph. Points of crisis. Moments ofHercules, 227:sign he passes successfully through his greatest trial and [228] thenceforth his problem changes.Initiation, 179:it works out on our planet as a vast period of trial or initiatory testing; it is, nevertheless,Intellect, 95:furnace, but the reward is commensurate with the trial. The significance of the second requirement,Magic, 7:an hypothesis worthy of his consideration and trial. No true investigator of the Ageless Wisdom isMagic, 347:- and rightly knowing - that it leads through trial and loneliness to the Feet of the Hierophant.Problems, 17:defeat? Can France emerge from this time of trial, purified and able to demonstrate a new capacityPsychology1, 114:embryonic condition as yet. It is a test and a trial effort, and may fail. The members of thesePsychology2, 598:Humanity has chosen to proceed by means of the "trial and error" method and it is in many ways aRays, 25:but are voluntarily accepted, and are put to trial in the belief that the witness of the past andReappearance, 99:that for centuries much experience, teaching, trial and testing would be needed before His realReappearance, 135:further enlarge. This field of experience and of trial is well known to all aspirants and is theTelepathy, 101:is the truism of learning through a system of trial and error proved more correct than it is in the
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