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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TRIANGLE

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Astrology, 24:of the three planets which produce an esoteric triangle of force. [25] Astrology, 61:of that basic combination of signs, that "triangle in the consciousness" of humanity: Cancer - MassAstrology, 76:whom the heart center is fully awakened and the triangle of force in the head (from the ajna centerAstrology, 88:Astrology - The Crosses and the Signs The pranic triangle. The shoulder center. The center near theAstrology, 88:from this that when the fire is centered in one triangle it is not demonstrating in others. OnceAstrology, 88:others. Once the fire has free passage along any triangle it flames continuously, but always thereAstrology, 88:it flames continuously, but always there is one triangle more radiant and luminous than the others,Astrology, 89:and when man has reached his goal, each triangle is a radiant path of fire, and each center a wheelAstrology, 195:also how Leo-Scorpio-Aquarius form a peculiar triangle of force, but of this I will later deal inAstrology, 197:Triangles. This I will later elaborate. Another triangle of energy also appears: Aries, Leo andAstrology, 200:and Humanity constitute a most interesting triangle of force. Alcyone is one of the seven PleiadesAstrology, 204:These three constellations, therefore, form a triangle of initiation of profound importance becauseAstrology, 219:thus creating the personality. They form a triangle of immense creative potency, upon which theme IAstrology, 246:of the Law of Supply, [246] and all these form a triangle with Libra at the apex and dominating.Astrology, 247:Libra and Aquarius constitute therefore another triangle of power which must later be considered;Astrology, 266:noted that: Leo-Libra-Capricorn - Constitute the triangle of the Father or will aspect; they markAstrology, 266:Cancer-Virgo-Pisces - Constitute the triangle of the Mother or matter aspect, conditioned byAstrology, 269:to our solar system, do we find another great triangle of energies, of which the focal points onAstrology, 269:the seven Spirits before the Throne. With this triangle we shall later deal; I simply want to referAstrology, 271:- Aries, Gemini, and Scorpio. Here again is a triangle of energies of great importance in the lifeAstrology, 276:triangles constitutes what [276] is called a triangle of humanity and - under the theories of theAstrology, 286:an effective manner and you have, therefore, the triangle of Leo-Scorpio-Capricorn involving [287]Astrology, 289:you have a significant and important zodiacal triangle as far as man is concerned and it isAstrology, 290:the gained knowledge a factor in service. This triangle expresses the life of humanity and itAstrology, 290:or consummation of the human way. Another triangle is of a somewhat similar nature,Astrology, 297:solar system, and hence the importance of the triangle which controls the man born under Leo - theAstrology, 298:you have the emergence of an interesting triangle of force which affects the Leo subject - the Sun,Astrology, 299:eight. You have, therefore, the formation of the triangle to which I earlier referred: Leo-Scorpio,Astrology, 301:the planet. I would touch here briefly upon one triangle: The Sun (second ray), Jupiter (secondAstrology, 301:of major importance, governed by Leo. It is a triangle to which H.P.B. refers in The SecretAstrology, 301:elucidate. So potent was the influence of this triangle that its effect upon the Moon was to denudeAstrology, 305:are in blue and have, above each point of the triangle, an esoteric symbol, standing for theAstrology, 320:degree is that of the five-pointed star with a triangle in the center; this is a reference to theAstrology, 320:this is a reference to the energy of the watery triangle with which we have just been concerned andAstrology, 321:to two other signs and these form a cosmic triangle. They are Cancer-Virgo-Aquarius. In thisAstrology, 347:the case of an initiate whose Sun is in Leo, the triangle of constellation energies determining theAstrology, 347:whose Sun is in Gemini itself, the conditioning triangle would be Gemini-Sagittarius and Pisces -Astrology, 347:and Pisces - the latter forming a part of this triangle because it marks both the end and theAstrology, 348:This will be more fully understood when the triangle of Gemini and two opposing signs is studied.Astrology, 348:of the Great Bear and the Pleiades, a cosmic triangle. This is the triangle of the cosmic ChristAstrology, 348:and the Pleiades, a cosmic triangle. This is the triangle of the cosmic Christ and is the esotericAstrology, 348:the cosmic Cross. There is ever the eternal triangle to be found behind the fourfold phenomenalAstrology, 348:words of the Old Commentary: "Upon the golden triangle, the cosmic Christ appeared; His head inAstrology, 351:Sun. Here again, you have a significant triangle of a cosmic nature, the energies of which areAstrology, 361:will see, therefore, the significance of that triangle of planets [362] (at which I hinted in AAstrology, 364:meet in Gemini and, for this reason, the double triangle or King Solomon's seal is one of theAstrology, 376:well to consider. It constitutes a major cosmic triangle at this time, conditioning much that isAstrology, 379:triplicity of Capricorn, Virgo and Taurus form a triangle of material expression which is ofAstrology, 381:the divine will, when recognized and sensed. The triangle of expression is one of potent energies:Astrology, 382:these three within himself. Man the essential triangle of energy, man the square, man upon theAstrology, 382:history of the fourth kingdom in nature. The triangle and the star are subjective expressions of aAstrology, 386:force and you consequently have an esoteric triangle of energy - will, humanity and the mineralAstrology, 412:as the One Life stands to this lesser important triangle. It must also be remembered that thisAstrology, 415:in man; we shall find one line of the triangle embodying determining and dominating force and twoAstrology, 416:through Humanity. Connected with this major triangle and affecting powerfully our entire solarAstrology, 416:special and peculiar relation to humanity. This triangle of forces relates one of these majorAstrology, 416:sacred planets within our solar system. First Triangle: The Pleiades - Cancer - Venus. Humanity.Astrology, 416:The Pleiades - Cancer - Venus. Humanity. Second Triangle: The Great Bear - Aries - Pluto.Astrology, 417:Bear - Aries - Pluto. Shamballa. [417] Third Triangle: Sirius - Leo - Jupiter. Hierarchy. I wonderAstrology, 417:is concerned and only one point of the great triangle - as for instance one point of the Great BearAstrology, 417:series of triangles wherein each point of a triangle emanates three lines or streams of energyAstrology, 420:the cycle, the outstanding characteristic of the triangle. Such cosmic events are governed by aAstrology, 427:of the world of all grades. Through the great triangle of Shamballa, the Hierarchy and Humanity,Astrology, 427:these three become, in their turn, a macrocosmic triangle of energies in relation to the individualAstrology, 427:In this connection there is an interesting triangle of energy formed by: [429] The egoic lotus. TheAstrology, 429:The throat center. The sacral center. This triangle when functioning produces a subsidiary triangleAstrology, 429:triangle when functioning produces a subsidiary triangle of force which is formed by: The throatAstrology, 429:a veritable multiplicity of triangles. For the triangle is the basic geometric form of allAstrology, 435:between these again are to be found a zodiacal triangle of Leo, Pisces and Capricorn. For purposesAstrology, 435:Triangles - Triangles of Energy - Constellations Triangle Three depicts the interplay of threeAstrology, 436:is the major stream of force in this particular triangle at this time. Mercury brings in that quickAstrology, 437:Triangles - Triangles of Energy - Constellations Triangle Two has been called the "triangle of theAstrology, 437:Constellations Triangle Two has been called the "triangle of the advanced man"; it is associatedAstrology, 437:is this triplicity of forces which, playing on Triangle Three, attracts out of it those units ofAstrology, 438:penetrate into the wisdom of the Hierarchy. The triangle of Pisces-Uranus-Hierarchy is becomingAstrology, 438:is becoming magnetically attractive to the triangle of Humanity. Uranus and Mercury in combinationAstrology, 439:Triangles - Triangles of Energy - Constellations Triangle One is produced by the interrelation ofAstrology, 439:potency is naturally felt more directly in the triangle of the Hierarchy than in that of Humanity.Astrology, 439:center gradually so. This first or fundamental triangle is occult in the truest sense of the wordAstrology, 441:also emerge, as for instance the zodiacal triangle of Leo-Pisces-Capricorn and the allied planetaryAstrology, 441:of Leo-Pisces-Capricorn and the allied planetary triangle of Saturn-Uranus-Mercury. These twoAstrology, 441:time, vitalizing and stimulating the planetary triangle of Shamballa-Hierarchy-Humanity. BehindAstrology, 441:Behind these three stands a cosmic triangle, emanating three streams of energy which pour into andAstrology, 441:affecting every kingdom in nature. This cosmic triangle is that of the Great Bear - Sirius - theAstrology, 442:Hence its extreme potency today in the triangle of Humanity. Saturn breaks up existing conditionsAstrology, 448:all these events, the dim outline of a lesser triangle of energy can be seen; this is a blend ofAstrology, 449:nature, quality and influences which this great triangle (see page 435) expresses and through whichAstrology, 454:kingdoms in nature constitute in themselves a triangle of force and are essentially a reflection ofAstrology, 454:a reflection of a particular planetary triangle. It might be of service if I here briefly tabulatedAstrology, 459:in mind that there is always one point of the triangle which - in a particular crisis or "event inAstrology, 459:regarded esoterically as embodying forces. Every triangle is, therefore, the expression of oneAstrology, 460:Responsive mainly to the second point of the triangle. Source of a violent interplay between theAstrology, 461:of reception. Note: This leaves one side of the triangle as yet uncompleted. The three types ofAstrology, 461:activities: Evocative energizing of a secondary triangle. Pouring down one side of this reflectedAstrology, 461:Pouring down one side of this reflected triangle into the evoked expression on the physical plane.Astrology, 461:source or the highest point of the major triangle. This produces: The completion of the twoAstrology, 462:of force from the reflected or secondary triangle in the three worlds of human endeavor (or in theAstrology, 462:same focal point on the base line of the higher triangle which received the original emanatingAstrology, 462:two points of major importance in the higher triangle: The emanating point of positive conditioningAstrology, 462:This point is called the soul aspect of the triangle and is always the registering agent of
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