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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TRIANGLE

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Discipleship1, 439:imagination. Then see it next as a solid triangle of light and not just as an outline. The base ofDiscipleship1, 439:and not just as an outline. The base of the triangle is on the [440] mental plane where I work andDiscipleship1, 440:of your head. Then see, pouring down, via the triangle, a stream of light, golden in color and notDiscipleship1, 470:other in the closest relation. You can form a triangle of spiritual force which should be of realDiscipleship1, 659:Your problem is the linking up of this triangle of force (2.4.6) so that there is free interplayDiscipleship1, 659:your personality will become the center of the triangle, whereas there should be no center, but youDiscipleship1, 730:groups, their opportunity will emerge. This triangle of energy is held responsible by the greatDiscipleship1, 754:Hierarchy itself is only a great Ashram with a triangle at the center, composed of the Christ, theDiscipleship1, 754:and the Manu. Symbolically speaking, this triangle constitutes one radiant center, for theDiscipleship2, 38:of all that you may be asked to do is the Triangle work. In the subjective work, the New Group ofDiscipleship2, 62:to reach the Japanese along the lines of the Triangle work. I would like to point out that theDiscipleship2, 73:The equal four-armed cross. The open door. The triangle of fire. The golden way to God. The oceanDiscipleship2, 75:Many of you in this group are doing less for the Triangle work, the Goodwill work and theDiscipleship2, 84:What have you done as a group to aid the Triangle work or the Goodwill work, or to throw yourselvesDiscipleship2, 86:and meeting its needs as they arise. The Triangle work and the Goodwill work are in the hands ofDiscipleship2, 117:factors now constitute a definite and linked triangle of force. Then say with heartfelt intentDiscipleship2, 124:focus yourself in the heart, believing that a triangle of energy has been formed between the head,Discipleship2, 124:of the energy of light, something resembling a triangle of neon light. The color of this neon lightDiscipleship2, 133:of a most familiar symbol - that of the Triangle and the Square. This has hitherto signified to himDiscipleship2, 135:of man." In considering the higher point of the triangle, which is the Ashram, I would remind youDiscipleship2, 135:you that radiation from Shamballa enters the triangle at that point and that, through the Ashram,Discipleship2, 135:be said symbolically that "the point of the triangle is based in the courts of Heaven (Shamballa)Discipleship2, 137:need not further enlarge. The third point of the triangle (as far as your work in this meditationDiscipleship2, 141:I turn towards the field of service. I, the Triangle divine, work out that will Within the squareDiscipleship2, 142:as the "merging of the higher with the lower triangle and their fusion in the square." The MastersDiscipleship2, 168:is invoked by the daily work and attitude of the Triangle members; thus light can indeed "descendDiscipleship2, 170:though not with matter; the work to be done by Triangle members is consequently purely mental andDiscipleship2, 170:taught, and in the clearest language, to all Triangle members. The work of the [171] Triangles isDiscipleship2, 176:I turn towards the field of service. I, the Triangle divine, work out that will Within the squareDiscipleship2, 182:via the ajna center. The establishing of a triangle in the etheric body, composed of a line ofDiscipleship2, 182:and the heart center. This creates a peculiar triangle: This is in reality more in the nature of aDiscipleship2, 182:in the nature of a funnel of reception than a triangle. This is also the first esoteric triangle ofDiscipleship2, 182:than a triangle. This is also the first esoteric triangle of energy which the disciple creates.Discipleship2, 182:creates. Later comes the creation of a spiritual triangle in the head between: The ajna center andDiscipleship2, 183:the ajna center. You have, therefore, another triangle, of the following nature: Here you have,Discipleship2, 201:Hierarchy. Their major relationship is with the Triangle of the Buddhas of Activity, and it isDiscipleship2, 321:you are asked to concern yourselves but with the triangle created and the lines of force set inDiscipleship2, 321:the right word finds itself at the apex of the triangle. The clue to rightly orienting yourDiscipleship2, 329:made sacrifices and worked hard to further the Triangle work, to spread the Invocation and to helpDiscipleship2, 330:in every Ashram, with one at the apex of the triangle; he acts as the Master of the Ashram and isDiscipleship2, 393:the New Group of World Servers is working. This triangle of workers is enfolded on all sides by theDiscipleship2, 399:the initiate, standing upon the point within the triangle and not upon the square," sees (in aDiscipleship2, 400:This is the objective of the initiation, and the triangle of procedure, location and objective isDiscipleship2, 437:the first time a threefold "lighted relation": a triangle composed of the light of the SpiritualDiscipleship2, 460:depletes the other two points of the personality triangle. Your spiritual knowledge is so real thatDiscipleship2, 460:depletes the other two points of the personality triangle." Your problem this life has been theDiscipleship2, 478:in the head and the ajna center. Thus a lesser triangle of energy or of "lighted, living relation"Discipleship2, 478:devoted personality and the soul. Thus a greater triangle is established: soul, head and heart.Discipleship2, 490:towards the soul. These three directions form a triangle of projected sensitivity. Then sound theDiscipleship2, 497:"forms of thought." Discriminate. There is a triangle of force with which you should remain inDiscipleship2, 499:action in cooperation with A.A.B. and F.B. The triangle of force thus formed is strengthened by itsDiscipleship2, 508:You thus, through the imagination, create a triangle of energy: [509] As familiarity with thisDiscipleship2, 579:ask three of you... to form the inner central triangle, and together and in constant consultationDiscipleship2, 579:upon the Network of Light with your two Triangle members will provide you with adequate focalDiscipleship2, 658:an interesting and somewhat unbalanced triangle of energy, for the sixth ray personality is quickDiscipleship2, 695:soul, and remember that you three form an inner triangle which has certain spiritual activities forDiscipleship2, 697:Life purpose, persistent ever. Friendship. The triangle: yourself, D.H.B., J.S.P. EternalDiscipleship2, 743:which you easily understand, "the lighted triangle of soul and mind and head will awaken the centerExternalisation, 153:be the forming or constitution of a planetary triangle or recognizable triad which will be theExternalisation, 154:relationship with Shamballa. The resultant triangle of force-relationship will promote theExternalisation, 287:and to make this appearance possible, a living Triangle of Energy is created and focused throughExternalisation, 303:be focused through the chosen Coming One. Thus a triangle of loving, purposeful energy will beExternalisation, 329:a group effort. 2. Press forward with the Triangle work in every possible way and in every countryExternalisation, 331:Move rapidly and as a united group with the Triangle work. It is basic in its usefulness and mustExternalisation, 384:people of like mind with you to form a goodwill triangle of light and spiritual interplay. Each ofExternalisation, 441:and with the Lord of the World. This great Triangle of Potencies - the Lord of Will or Power, theExternalisation, 442:by those words) in the hearts of men. When this Triangle of Energies has synchronized its efforts,Externalisation, 448:at Yalta. There, three men, constituting a basic triangle, met with goodwill to all and endeavoredExternalisation, 448:cycles in world affairs have at their center a triangle through which energy can flow and certainExternalisation, 449:disagreement, as have the decisions of the Yalta triangle of workers. But they are so constitutedExternalisation, 449:to understanding. These are the things which the triangle at Yalta attempted to do. These they mayExternalisation, 464:and for this I beg you to mobilize. A great Triangle of Force will be called into play during,Externalisation, 564:which the three Leaders have unitedly acted as a Triangle of transmission between the CouncilExternalisation, 642:the Buddha and the Lord of the World created a Triangle of Light at the time of the Wesak Festival,Externalisation, 663:Christ, the Manu and the Master Morya - create a triangle of energies into which (and throughExternalisation, 665:the third ray Ashram, and Who is also one of the Triangle of Forces which controls the greaterExternalisation, 678:I do not mean that it will be a center of the Triangle work, but that the concentrated meditativeExternalisation, 678:meditative activity of the people engaged in the Triangle activities will magnetically draw outFire, 7:When the lower point vibrates, when the sacred triangle glows, when the point, the middle center,Fire, 30:the plane whereon the Pilgrim stood. The lesser triangle within the lower auric egg became theFire, 70:the light in ordered sequence until the lower triangle was entirely illumined. EventuallyFire, 70:out of the three permanent atoms of the lower triangle. The physical permanent atom is transcendedFire, 97:and that the link between the two is formed by a triangle in a circle, representing the individualFire, 97:soul of man - the reincarnating ego. Here the triangle is contributed by the third outpouring andFire, 98:make, if one could but see it, a radiant etheric triangle, which triangle is the originatingFire, 98:but see it, a radiant etheric triangle, which triangle is the originating impulse for the laterFire, 99:mentioned, which make - with the spleen - a triangle of activity. The etheric web of the solarFire, 99:process of assimilation is carried on in this triangle, and the prana which enters into eitherFire, 99:either center, circulates three times around the triangle before being transmitted to all parts ofFire, 107:too soft, and has lost its resilience. The inner triangle transmits the pranic emanations with tooFire, 123:received, and circulated three times around the triangle, thence being distributed to the peripheryFire, 124:spine and the fire circulating along the pranic triangle. It will be remembered how one point ofFire, 124:It will be remembered how one point of this triangle originates there. When the threefold basicFire, 124:between them as was effected in the pranic triangle. From being three centers that react faintly toFire, 124:linked by a chain of fire till there is a triangle of fire through which the kundalini and pranicFire, 126:and therefore of the proper geometrical form of triangle that is [127] the correct method ofFire, 135:and the three Triangles The fire energizing the triangle in the head is the higher correspondenceFire, 135:in the head is the higher correspondence to the triangle of prana, midway in the body, and itsFire, 135:unit three important triangles: In the head: The triangle of the three major centers, The pinealFire, 135:body, The alta major center. In the body: The triangle of prana, Between the shoulders, Above the
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