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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TRIED

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Healing, 584:is the energy of the soul, which for aeons has tried to grasp effectively its point ofHealing, 664:for humanity that the rapid hard way was to be tried. Since that time three factors have beenHercules, 42:They were drastic in their application and tried out every part of the aspirant's nature. The keyHercules, 156:many means he sought to find a way. At first he tried to kill them with a quiverful of arrows. TheHercules, 167:birds arose out of the marsh into the air and tried to fly away; then he mounted on his wingedHercules, 179:"Christianity has not failed: it has never been tried." Are we now, after two thousand years,Hercules, 229:His character and nature have been tested and tried until the qualities which characterize the formInitiation, 70:for a brief period. The experiment is being tried of intensifying the teaching, and of subjectingInitiation, 96:the great experiment of initiation is being tried are the Earth, Venus, and one other. Venus wasIntellect, 77:whereby a man finds God. It is a system, well-tried out and much used, which unfailingly revealsIntellect, 124:in Meditation We have outlined a method, old and tried, whereby it is claimed the mind can beMagic, 172:with which to get en rapport. With old and tried disciples, the contacts are more frequent, beingMagic, 176:teachings they should transmit. Many methods are tried, suited to the nature of the [177] aspirantMagic, 231:is no defeat nor turning back. They are the tried warriors, scarred and tired, yet knowing thatMagic, 277:and so strain beyond endurance the sorely tried fabric of humanity. All new manifestations in allMagic, 349:not move to stem the tide of sorrow? Picked and tried souls are being trained all over the world atMagic, 368:will revel in the light of fruition; the joy of tried and tested companionship will be yours, forMagic, 584:of his Father. He is what he is because he has tried all lesser ways and found them wanting, andMeditation, 117:church workers among the orthodox (beginners are tried out here); it may be in social work such asMeditation, 272:no contrary vibration to the group. He has been tried and not been found wanting. His life ofMeditation, 281:some discoveries for himself. Lastly we have tried to bring the Masters and Their reality nearer toMeditation, 332:not that, as a rule, a man (when tested and tried) forms the best tool, because he comprehendsPsychology1, 115:in the individual. In this experiment a man is tried out to see his fitness. He will be testedPsychology2, 170:beauty, a person like himself. And thus he tried. He wearied of his search; he whipped himself toPsychology2, 179:this method of raising the race can begin to be tried. Those who have entered upon the Path ofPsychology2, 179:passed upon the Path of Discipleship have also tried and failed. Those who have themselves [180]Psychology2, 186:part of the new groups will be tested and tried and subjected to much pressure. This will bePsychology2, 647:in a few years' time, but could be effectively tried in 1942. This is a forgiveness which is basedPsychology2, 674:activity. Such old methods have long been tried and have failed to bring peace on earth. ThePsychology2, 704:of emotional fatigue and mental futility which tried many to the utmost. It is wise to rememberRays, 25:are, however, different. They are the result of tried experience and of agelong undertakings and -Rays, 26:I said that these rules are the result of tried experience, and my use of the word "new" in thisRays, 38:approach, under regulated and imposed and well-tried rules, of the entering one towards a visionedRays, 38:This involves conformity to that which has been tried, known and demonstrated by all previousRays, 148:first seven rules have been occupied, and I have tried to help you to see their significanceRays, 208:as yet, to do this. Group after group has been tried and tested out by different Masters in variousRays, 231:problem and new modes of work will have to be tried; experiment with the incoming forces willRays, 239:for all determined aspirants where they can be tried out and where their motives and persistenceRays, 240:as substituting for Judas Iscariot. The Buddha tried the same system, but the relation of His groupRays, 302:sad. This is my self, my lower self, my ancient tried appearance upon the ways of earth. These twoRays, 631:a great experiment in free government is being tried out; this gives complete internal freedom andRays, 670:which were not of divine intent. They have tried - at the other extreme - to exhaust normal sexualReappearance, 56:resources will be needed, and will have to be tried out to the uttermost. The generally acceptedReappearance, 181:a rallying point for all who are willing to be tried out, and a place where their motives andReappearance, 181:as substituting for Judas Iscariot. The Buddha tried the same system but the [182] relation of HisSoul, 104:Science has for a hundred years unsuccessfully tried to explain nervous energy as a form ofTelepathy, 38:and upset the rhythm of the soul's endeavor. A tried and [39] experienced disciple will not letTelepathy, 85:of giving mankind the Great Invocation was tried and is proving successful, though much yet remains
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