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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TRIPLE

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Fire, 1159:growing vibration of the force unit. Between the triple energy of the spinal column and the altaFire, 1159:exists that which must be bridged between the triple lower man and the egoic body, or between theFire, 1160:of force and corresponds interestingly to the triple form constructed by the ego in the threeFire, 1161:itself as the result of these dual streams of triple energy. This triangle transmits fiery energyFire, 1161:demonstrates on the cosmic mental plane as a triple flame working through seven tiers of petals,Fire, 1166:the organized world, the trib huvanam, the triple world. Because first manifested, therefore isFire, 1171:and therefore itself demonstrates as a triple law: The Law of Solar Heat - Knowledge petals. TheFire, 1182:from three cosmic centers, and, therefore, is triple during this particular cycle. From theFire, 1192:and one far beyond that of the Adept - have its triple simultaneous manifestation, and show forthFire, 1193:a great spiritual vibration and will perform the triple work which may (from the standpoint of theFire, 1194:Triad, the Ego and the Personality. This type of triple Avatar only makes its appearance under aFire, 1194:there are not many progressed enough to do this triple work; the Buddha and nine others being theFire, 1199:they hold in themselves the potencies [1199] of triple evolution, mental, psychical, and spiritual.Fire, 1199:and fire by friction. Each hierarchy manifests a triple energy or an aspect of each of the above,Fire, 1199:ninefold differentiation, for the two first are triple as is the third. It is the rejection of theFire, 1204:of our planet, the planetary Logos. It was this triple karma which brought in the "serpentFire, 1209:come as the following points are recognized: The triple nature of man. The distinctions between theFire, 1211:experiment with this objective in view. This triple responsibility above referred to exists for theFire, 1211:stage in the evolution of consciousness where a triple awareness is possible, - awareness ofFire, 1214:the Spirit aspect and the material. It is this triple group relation which makes the microcosm suchFire, 1220:united by a triangle of fire, thus picturing the triple interplay between all atomic structures.Fire, 1222:and that their interaction will, therefore, be triple. This must again be regarded as having: AFire, 1222:triple. This must again be regarded as having: A triple internal interplay. A triple externalFire, 1222:as having: A triple internal interplay. A triple external interaction. We might, therefore, takeFire, 1224:Two of the 7th Shakti. 3. The Triads or the Triple Flowers. 3 or 3 A triple Flame hovering over aFire, 1224:3. The Triads or the Triple Flowers. 3 or 3 A triple Flame hovering over a glowing altar. Three ofFire, 1252:of the Hall of Wisdom as a full adept. It is a triple burning-ground and is found "upon theFire, 1252:the subjective or consciousness aspect of his triple nature. When these three burning grounds areFire, 1268:of fire transmits a strong vibration from the triple Lhas unto a center in the Adept's head. This,Fire, 1269:the Master of the Fiery Heart a portion of the triple force which circulates within the planet'sFire, 1270:place where dwell the Sacred Lhas to Whom the triple Unity within our solar space tender TheirFire, 1273:* * * The third group is the strange mysterious triple group whose name must not be heard as yetFire, 1273:in through sapphire blue. Thus is the WAY of triple blue formed into one. This latter aspect of theFire, 1273:and in the treading of the Cosmic WAY weave triple force into that path which meets the need ofFire, 1280:cosmic action, and the gain of cosmic love. The triple All enters - from out of time and space -Fire, 1280:The Three retire within the point of peace. The triple ring-pass-not acteth no longer as a barrier.Fire, 1281:the aeons pass away; That which sounds forth the triple cyclic AUM, reserving yet another sound forGlamour, 79:world glamor lies hid in the thought that this triple differentiation veils the secret of creation.Glamour, 176:a revealing Group or Agency whose task is of a triple nature: To gauge the unfoldment of the humanGlamour, 181:humanity into what is esoterically called "the triple light of the intuition." This light is formedGlamour, 210:light of the astral plane disappears in this triple blended light just like a fire can be nearlyGlamour, 220:of thought. The naming of the glamor and the triple affirmation. The Act of Penetration. TheGlamour, 230:to visualize the process of blending the triple light which each contributes, into one sphere ofGlamour, 237:Formula Soul activity and the retention of the triple light. The generating and visualizing of theGlamour, 237:by thought. The naming of the glamor and the triple affirmation. The Act of Penetration. TheGlamour, 246:of that goodness. He has learnt that he is a triple reflection of a higher Trinity and that thisHealing, 145:Triad, of the threefold egoic lotus and of the triple personality, thus again making the nine ofHealing, 155:God, so the throat center symbolizes the triple nature of the divine expression. The dualisticHealing, 164:man. The important part of the body is that triple division, the head, upper and lower torso. A manHealing, 164:arms and legs. Each of these three parts is also triple from the physical side, making the analogyHealing, 164:The sex organs The sumtotal of the body is also triple: The skin and bony structure. [165] TheHealing, 165:In the upper body we have an analogy to the triple soul nature. The throat, corresponding to theHealing, 166:to spirit. In the lower torso again we have this triple system carried out. The sex organs, theHealing, 185:him. He, and he alone, can safely raise this triple fire from the base of the spine to the headHealing, 187:centers in the head are also related to this triple channel: The medulla oblongata area (the altaHealing, 188:are all related in time and space to the triple spinal cord. There is also - again in relation toHealing, 200:then, and the sign of his achievement, was this triple integration. Today, the goal is that of aHealing, 294:that was seen and all that was unseen within the triple ring. (The three lower worlds. A.A.B.) TheHealing, 333:of the network and underlie every part of the triple nervous system. They are found in theirHealing, 467:As the race of men progresses and develops, this triple struggle will become much rarer; desire forHealing, 501:of the soul with its vehicle, the lower triple man. The bodies become then steadily more refined;Healing, 608:astral and mental elementals. These, in their triple totality, compose the personality. They areHealing, 671:forced the exponent of evil to retreat. This triple episode is symbolically related, but is factualHealing, 676:even some of the earliest phases of this triple achievement, they will find that they can applyHercules, 108:to be a highly evolved individual. With the triple aspects of the lower personal self fused andHercules, 115:Another unique feature of Virgo is that it has a triple symbol, which only one other sign, Scorpio,Hercules, 151:not be stamped out; it is to be recognized as a triple channel of expression for three divineHercules, 151:aspects. All depends upon whether we use that triple personality for selfish or divine ends. TheHercules, 171:response, Hercules proceeded. Soon he saw the triple-headed dog, and heard its piercing bark.Hercules, 228:portrays the elevation of the personality, the triple matter aspect, into Heaven. Thus heInitiation, 23:its particular type of force, demonstrated in a triple manner, producing thus universally the threeInitiation, 29:and those Beings who are the outcome of the triple nature of the Planetary Logos. If one might soInitiation, 48:energy emanating from the Planetary Logos. The triple division has first been given, as ever inInitiation, 48:then the seven, these seven showing again as a triple differentiation and a septenary. StudentsInitiation, 115:revelations shine forth before the initiate in a triple manner: As a radiant angelic existence.Initiation, 117:itself on the mental plane through the Ego in a triple fashion, but now all aspects of the mind, asInitiation, 147:he has been brought into contact. This is a triple oath to retain complete silence as to the trueInitiation, 148:work of administration. In this way energy of a triple nature becomes available according to theInitiation, 151:on an infinitesimally small scale the cosmic triple sound whereby creation was made possible. TheInitiation, 151:The Words of Power of all degrees have a triple sequence. First. They are sounded by some fullyInitiation, 152:fourth creative Hierarchy) was produced by a triple AUM sounded in a particular key by the threeInitiation, 158:at the final ones) chant then for him the triple Word which blends the seven, and again he sees itInitiation, 158:each Word is directly connected with the triple AUM, and therefore with the Brahma, Vishnu, orInitiation, 160:nature of its great ensouling Life, that of the triple Logos, is active, intelligent Love. 9. TheInitiation, 160:form the logoic Word which we only know in its triple form as AUM, are revealed at the sevenInitiation, 161:human evolution. At the seventh initiation the triple AUM, in its true character, is revealed toInitiation, 162:that at the eighth initiation the duality of the triple AUM is brought out, and at the ninth theInitiation, 169:for modern science. The fact that it is triple is demonstrated to the initiate at the firstInitiation, 170:then the mystery of the threefold body of the triple Logos is his, and the why of the phenomena ofInitiation, 171:This secret of electricity, which is essentially triple in its nature, deals with the Brahma orInitiation, 171:Storehouse. The Light that Guides through the triple caves of Darkness. The Clue to the EnergyInitiation, 172:is now in a position to understand his own triple lower nature, and therefore to balance it inInitiation, 174:sums up all the cycles of manifestation. The triple nature of fire, and the effect of the greatInitiation, 193:Rule 2 When application has been made in triple form, then let the disciple withdraw thatInitiation, 194:- Chapter XIX - Rules for Applicants Rule 3 Triple the call must be, and long it takes to sound itInitiation, 195:lives which, in their sum total, compose his triple body of manifestation. Thus is evolutionInitiation, 215:and Surya, and also all the three, as he is the triple aspect of fire; fire is the essence of theIntellect, 161:Illuminanda, page 19. [161] These results on the triple instrument - mental, sensory and physical -Magic, 30:This life principle in man manifests ill a triple manner: As the directional will, purpose, basicMagic, 42:man. The important part of the body is that triple division, the head, upper and lower torso. A man
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