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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TRIPLICITIES

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Astrology, 76:in the human body. This you know, but the four triplicities of orthodox astrology are only theAstrology, 202:one of the greatest and more important of the triplicities to be found in the heavens as far as weAstrology, 241:of the student as are all these major triplicities. Each of these signs is to be found in one orAstrology, 244:is no exception to this rule underlying all the triplicities which condition the processes ofAstrology, 380:the Christ life. The secret of the Triangles or triplicities in their fourfold expression is as yetAstrology, 407:- constellations. Triangles of Force - planetary triplicities. The Triangles and the Centers -Astrology, 414:There is a manifesting aspect in all these triplicities which is the result of, and conditioned by,Astrology, 415:total comprehension. Therefore, in all the many triplicities which we shall study, we shall findAstrology, 418:division of the twelve constellations into four triplicities, covered by such qualifying terms asAstrology, 429:manifestation of the zodiacal round, the cosmic triplicities or the tiny reflection of this divineAstrology, 459:and the formulation of a law under which all the triplicities of energy function in time and space.Astrology, 595:themselves through the seven rays just as all triplicities subdivide into septenates, yet preserveBethlehem, 154:Thus in the three friends, and in the various triplicities which we find in the Bible, we discoverDiscipleship2, 184:It presupposes the alignment of three different triplicities: The threefold Personality. The threeFire, 168:the one center) or three hundred and fifty-six triplicities. All these figures have an occultFire, 318:There is no need here to point out the different triplicities which can be built up on the basicFire, 1186:be changed. Things will be viewed as essential triplicities, men will be regarded as a combinationGlamour, 79:The moment a man differentiates his life into triplicities (as he inevitably must as he deals withHealing, 151:triangle of forces and in the following triplicities and their inevitable interrelations you have -Healing, 165:The threefold nervous system. Each of these triplicities corresponds to the three parts of man'sHealing, 187:will find it interesting to relate all these triplicities to the three major rays: [188] The firstHealing, 188:- centers in the head. These groups and triplicities are all related in time and space to theHealing, 200:of the third head center. All these triplicities, present within the circumference of the head,Healing, 430:The ajna center. In connection with all these triplicities there exists a dual relationship to theMagic, 21:underlying consciousness. In dealing with the triplicities so often used when speaking of deity,Magic, 21:of the one life, and that the more of these triplicities with which one can familiarize oneself theMagic, 43:The threefold nervous system. Each of these triplicities corresponds to the three parts of man'sMagic, 449:consequently face to face again with the eternal triplicities of spirit, soul and body. It shouldMeditation, 78:of 1068 petals in the two head centers, or 356 triplicities. All these figures have an occultPatanjali, 8:and man himself become that Path. The following triplicities may be found of value to the student,Patanjali, 56:and each can be applied to any of the known triplicities. The Master, the God within, is indeed thePatanjali, 96:their meditation with the work of separating the triplicities, so as to be able eventually toPatanjali, 152:he is the highest factor in the well-known triplicities: The Perceiver Perception That which isPatanjali, 156:of force-matter, The three potencies. These triplicities should be carefully studied as it isPatanjali, 224:time, and number." In these words the universal triplicities must be recognized, and right controlPatanjali, 270:to work out these analogies of the various triplicities, remembering that the third aspectPatanjali, 334:three planes of our normal experience. These two triplicities of God and man are connected by thePatanjali, 364:Sutras it has been made apparent that the divine triplicities are everywhere to be found, and thatPsychology1, 35:characteristic. We have always the subsidiary triplicities, which are only adjectival termsPsychology1, 159:The arbitrary tabulations, the divisions into triplicities and septenates, and the diversifiedPsychology2, 230:the Christian theology, embodying as they do the triplicities of all theologies, disappear alsoPsychology2, 231:of the transcendent Deity, divorced from the triplicities, the dualities and the multiplicity ofPsychology2, 271:Let us also ponder upon the following triplicities: Mass Consciousness - Self-consciousness -Telepathy, 61:in the three worlds is conscious of two inherent triplicities: The lower man - Physical body -
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