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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TRITE

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Autobiography, 83:all died unsaved and gone to hell? I knew the trite argument that Christ, during the three daysAutobiography, 87:fabric of my life and my attitude towards the trite theology of my co-workers was shaken to theAutobiography, 126:up to the basic issues; they fall back upon the trite statement that, "God said." But perhaps HeDiscipleship1, 184:which is the higher spiritual connotation of the trite words "give and take." What do you give theDiscipleship2, 359:This sounds relatively simple and to be a rather trite statement, and that is because it gives inDiscipleship2, 416:to arrive at the hidden significance of this trite statement. Can you arrive at it in any quickerDiscipleship2, 650:is so; he must perforce then take refuge in the trite platitudes that suffering humanity hasExternalisation, 493:wrong. You might here fall back on the trite religious platitude that the innate good in humanityGlamour, 24:The Lord's Prayer. It has many meanings and the trite and usual Christian significance is not forInitiation, 196:the second. This rule might be summed up in the trite instruction to each disciple that he beMagic, 476:to embody the concepts of campaigners in trite and apposite phrases are part of the growingRays, 26:are not what they appear to be on the surface - trite truisms and spiritual platitudes; but theyRays, 124:One Life is so prevalent, and so customary and trite an unrealized truth, that it registers on earsRays, 300:one; that there is nothing but unity. That is a trite formulation of a very ancient truth, and oneRays, 350:and [350] to the loving Will of God (to use a trite Christian phrase) the black brother cannot
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