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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TRIUMPH

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Fire, 706:serpent is imprisoned. The Christ principle will triumph for the remainder of the manvantara, andFire, 820:successive cycle. The solar Lords shine forth in triumph and consign the fourfold ones to fire, -Fire, 879:is consummated, and they are free to return in triumph. Fire, 1128:collision, with the indication of the eventual triumph of the "white" magic. Glamour, 118:and determined for, in this solar system, the triumph of the soul and its final dominance andHealing, 234:that this time the Great White Lodge will triumph. That was not the case in the earlier conflict.Healing, 301:lead - until understood and used as a means to triumph and progress - to a condition of constantHealing, 614:from elsewhere. Its achievement and its triumph is that it is an automaton. If you can grasp thisHealing, 671:the five initiations) concerns the progress and triumph of the Master Jesus; the story of the threeHercules, 15:of beauty rare and fine. He put it on, with triumph and with pride; exulting in his youth He had toHercules, 27:to me, reporting on the deed." With shouts of triumph Hercules rushed forth, running between theHercules, 89:rode into Jerusalem during his brief moment of triumph on Palm Sunday [90] seated on the back of anHercules, 99:God, named Hercules." Thus Hercules returned in triumph to the One Who sent him forth to test hisHercules, 153:In Scorpio I am tested as to which will triumph, the form or the Christ, the higher Self or theHercules, 213:and Pisces). Quality: Conflict. Test. Trial. Triumph. Points of crisis. Moments of reorientation.Initiation, 25:endeavor, and having in the long run led to triumph, can now be placed at the service of the race;Initiation, 137:The life within the form mounts up then in triumph to the bosom of its "Father in Heaven," just asIntellect, 4:glory and hope of the race and the outstanding triumph of science. We are now one people. TheMagic, 90:of their meditation work. The Sons of God will triumph on earth in full incarnated expression, andMagic, 355:go his way with serenity, sure of the ultimate triumph of good? Will he be overwhelmed by thePatanjali, 50:upon the pupil when he shows ability, The triumph of the pupil, The recognition of his triumph andPatanjali, 50:The triumph of the pupil, The recognition of his triumph and attainment by the guides of the race,Patanjali, xii:and lower [xii] nature become man, the victor, triumph over the world, the flesh and the devil? ItProblems, 66:obvious to all thinking people. Because of the triumph of science - the release of the energy ofPsychology1, 246:the body is "transfigured" as the indication of triumph. At the fourth initiation, Mercury andPsychology2, 159:however, steadily emerging, and must inevitably triumph. Once the aspirant upon the ProbationaryPsychology2, 234:than are those of humanity, and must eventually triumph, coming forth into full flower andRays, 48:force, the conditioning factors and the place of triumph - all these are indicated. We will, as isRays, 101:Master's Ashram and is preparing himself for the triumph of the fourth initiation. This is broughtRays, 146:good, however, is concentrating rapidly and will triumph. The "Lights that carry out the will ofRays, 193:working through the Master Jesus. But at the triumph over death and through the Great RenunciationRays, 194:perfected divine Men at the very moment of Their triumph. A fourth great rent still remains to beRays, 356:pass. Pentecost. This event does not portray the triumph of orthodox Christianity (as theRays, 387:not on the mental plane at all. This marks the triumph of the hierarchical work, because pureRays, 606:and therefore to a certain extent, of a coming triumph of Good. The balance is slowly, very slowly,Rays, 681:reasons. But the people hold the ultimate triumph in their hands, for the heart of the people inRays, 681:of the spiritual Hierarchy and mark a point of triumph of the forces of evil. I am emphasizing theRays, 710:whole process is in the nature of a culminating triumph of that innate sense of Deity which hasRays, 747:to divinity or (if the Forces of Light do not triumph) they can drive mankind deeper into the pitReappearance, 52:is the wonder of man's achievement, of his triumph over nature. The glory of scientific attainmentReappearance, 52:of which Christ spoke and here again is the triumph of the Christ within the human heart. Why thisReappearance, 52:of the Christ within the human heart. Why this triumph of the Christ consciousness must always beReappearance, 52:is very close at hand. 4. Finally, in the triumph of the Crucifixion or (as it is more accuratelyReappearance, 162:cessation to the world fight and usher in the triumph of the good? Why attempt anything now?" These
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